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Traveling is wonderful, but sometimes it can also be frustrating and time-consuming to find and know how to get around to different places. The language barrier can be a problem and it can be tricky to know which restaurants and hotel that offers value for money.

Luckily, there is a solution to all these problems and frustration that can arise while traveling and the actual planning of the trip. The answer is Travel Apps, something that can revolutionize your travel and let you enjoy your travels even more.

Here I have listed the top 10 travel apps that I use myself when I plan my travels and in my travels.

Google Maps

With Google Maps on your phone, you’ll never get lost if you don’t want to, whether you have wifi or not. Nowadays there is also the opportunity to download most maps offline, allowing you to zoom into the other places that you do not put the pins on.

With Google Maps, it’s super easy to explore destinations like a local. You do not have to rely on guides and large maps that scream tourist. The only thing you need to do is to look at your phone now and then. Google Maps shows how the streets look like and it’s easy to see how to walk by following the blue dot.

A must for all travelers who like to venture beyond assistance and classic tourism.

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You may be using this already. A really great app and website that allows guests to leave reviews on restaurants, attractions, hotels and more. This way you avoid bad restaurants and rogue operators and hotels with poor service and standard.

However, I would not say that one should rely completely on TripAdvisor because it is incredibly fun and exciting to find your own pearls. With that said, TripAdvisor is still one of the best travel apps.


Best search engine for airline tickets in general. It is seldom that any other flight search engine can compete with Skyscanner. Sure, I compare to others, but it’s almost always Skyscanner showing and find the cheapest flight tickets around the world.

Skyscanner also has a very useful feature where you can choose to fly from a specific destination to everywhere in the world, without setting a specific date.

Skyscanner then lists all the destinations that are possible to go from that particular destination, both direct and stopover.


Keep track of your budget with Trailwallet. A budget app that was created by travelers for travelers. Admittedly, this App is a paid app, but on the other hand, you’ll get a hawks eye on your finances and can easily avoid spending too much.

Trailwallet is currently only for iPhone (IOS), but another good option for Android users could be Spending Tracker.


This App helps you to find hidden airline tickets. In other words, it finds the flight with a stopover at the destination you want to go. For example, you want to go to New York from Stockholm. Direct Flights cost 250 USD. Skiplagged then tries to find a flight with a different final destination with a stopover in New York.

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You will then jump off at the stopover, and simply not going onwards to the final destination.

For example, say that there is a flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles with a stopover in New York. The price of this ticket is 200 USD. 50 Dollars cheaper and you still have direct flights to New York, because that’s where the stopover takes place in the example before the flight continues to Los Angeles. Pretty nifty little App, right?

The only drawback is that you can not have checked baggage, only hand luggage.


More and more people skip hotels for alternative accommodation. On Airbnb, you can find everything from apartments and rooms to treehouses and mobile homes individuals rent out. Most often it’s also cheaper and give better value for money compared with a hotel.

If you register through this link you will receive 31 Euro discount on your first booking with Airbnb

Google Translate

The world’s best translator that allows you to be understood and to understand other languages. To learn a few local phrases takes you quite a long way, but Google Translate helps even more (although it is far from perfect).

Google Translate works both online and offline.


Speaking of local phrases, Duolingo is an App to remember if you like to travel. Here you can learn the basics and simple phrases and expressions of the main languages in the world. Best of all? Duolingo is completely free!

Duolingo is available for both iPhone and Android.


Wondering how to get from one place to another, or even via another destination? Rome2Rio has the answer for almost any route possible. This clever search engine even allows you to see which transportation ways that are available between destinations.

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Moreover, one can often see who is performing the service as well and click through directly to their website.

Lounge Buddy

Improve your airport experiences with Lounge Buddy. An App that makes it possible to book and browse airport lounges around the world in just minutes. The travel app Lounge Buddy also shows which are available at the airport they are at.

If you’re not a member of a VIP or loyalty program, No problem, many lounges have a lump sum to pay for use of their services.

Have you used these Travel Apps? Or do you have tips for more great apps on the trip?

Please share here in the comments section below. It’s always fun to find new ways to improve and simplify travel.

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