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About Swedish Nomad – Alexander Waltner

About Swedish Nomad – Alexander Waltner

Hello, My name is Alexander Waltner, also known as Swedish Nomad. I’m a Professional Travel Blogger and Photographer who travel the world with my girlfriend Christine.

My work and photos have been featured by some of the major publications around the world, including BBC, CNN, HuffPost, Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, and Travel + Leisure just to mention a few. 

Since starting this blog, it has quickly become one of the most popular travel blogs in the world with more than 7 million unique readers annually. Furthermore, I have become a recognized travel expert after visiting more than five years of traveling the world. 

My vision with is to share my passion for traveling as well as to inspire and help others to travel more and better. We only have one world, and it’s far too beautiful and interesting to miss out on. Let’s explore the world together!

Alexander Waltner DNA Test - Momondo dna journey

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My travel guides & articles

The travel guides that you read on are written from my own experiences and research while traveling. They are structured in an easy-to-read format with a focus on details that matters. 

I write them in a way that is helpful to as many people as possible, without being too personal. The articles are frequently updated to ensure that the information is still correct and up-to-date.

What to expect from me as a Travel Blogger?

I don’t accept sponsored trips unless it’s a once in a lifetime experience. This sets me apart from travel magazines and many other travel bloggers who mostly attend press trips where everything is paid for.

When it comes to my experiences I will always stay 100% honest, and I will never beautify a destination, hotel or restaurant. Usually, I’m traveling like a flashpacker, which means that I often stay in a medium-range hotel and travel lightly. 

Occasionally, I do splurge and stay in luxury hotels, and that is what you can expect from me as a travel blogger. Real travel experiences from a regular tourist that just happen to enjoy sharing travel tips with others. 

Additionally, I love history, facts, and culture, so you’ll also be able to learn a lot more about the countries that I’m visiting. 

What kind of destinations do I go to?

Beyond classic and obvious tourist attractions/places, I often visit places off the beaten path and mix my travels from budget to luxury. There is no country or destination that I couldn’t imagine exploring.

I leave politics outside my travels, and try to interact with locals as much as possible to learn about their culture and traditions without prejudice. 

Traveling locally is a lot of fun and I would rather eat at a local place or a unique restaurant than just sit down at a touristy one. I also love homestays where you get to stay at a local family’s house, eat with them and hang out together.


7 random facts about me

  • To play with a local flute band in Peru is something that I’ve decided that I want to do before I die
  • I did a DNA-test, and it showed that I’m actually 2% Irish and 1% Central Asian. You can read about the full DNA-test here
  • Before I started to travel, I had never ever held a DSLR in my hands. Nowadays I can call myself a professional photographer.
  • I have a need for being alone every now and then. Even if I’m with family or friends, there will be a limit where I would rather be by myself and just be. I love to philosophize, just as much as I love to meet new lovely people.
  • As a kid, my biggest dream was to become an archeologist and dig out dinosaurs and mummies
  • I love animals, even spiders (they are super cute if you watch them closely), but I have a special connection with cats.
  • Few things in the world make me as happy as cookies. When I was a kid my mom gave me cookies or crackers, and after that, I was happy for hours. If you want to make a good impression on me, Offer Cookies! 

What’s all about?

This is a travel website/blog where I share my adventures and travel tips from all over the world from my own experiences. Here you’ll find practical travel tips and guides who will help you to travel cheaper, better and longer as well as finding hidden gems and new exciting destinations! is a travel website for everyone. Even though you can divide travelers into different categories I always try to include tips and tricks that will be helpful no matter if you like to budget, luxury or something in-between.

My website is made for travelers that are forever curious to explore the world, just like me. Our world is far too fascinating to stay in one place.  


All reviews on this website are from my own experiences. They are not sponsored in any way unless otherwise stated. Hotel reviews, airline reviews, and restaurant reviews are written to help others to make better choices. 

Reading reviews is important before making a decision to buy or book a trip, and getting the most value for the money. 

Photography School & Inspiration

When I started to travel full-time, I quickly fell in love with Photography. It was something that was completely new to me, and I learned everything about photography and cameras from scratch. 

Nowadays, I can proudly call myself a professional photographer that is self-taught. On this blog, I’m sharing tips on how to take better photos, no matter if you have a PRO-camera or a simple cellphone.

Life as a Digital Nomad

These days, being a digital nomad is not that unusual anymore. When I started, it was unheard of in Sweden although it was becoming more common in countries like the U.S and the UK. 

I’m sharing tips about the Digital Nomad lifestyle as well as how to start your own travel blog. There are many opportunities to be location independent these days, and the number of ways to make money online is ever-increasing. 

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is another topic that lies close to my heart. It’s a subject that definitely deserves more attention, and thus I’m striving to enlighten others about the dark sides of animal tourism as well as how to be a responsible traveler. 

Awareness and education are the first steps to improve ourselves, and by writing about this, I’m hoping that I can make others think one more extra time before they act. 

"Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone"

“Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone”


I’m happy to help out and connect with fellow travelers, and I love to meet new people, so don’t be afraid to ask if you got any questions.

Work With me

If you’re interested in working with me, fill out this contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’m very selective about my partners and only work with companies that align with my brand and values.