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AirBnB Guide

AirBnB Guide

AirBnB has since its start 2008 become one of the biggest platforms for finding accommodation around the world. But even if more and more people are discovering this awesome website, there are still many who haven’t heard about it or used the service.

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about AirBnB and why you should start using it for booking accommodation on your next trip.

What is AirBnb?

AirBnB is a booking site where you can find all kinds of accommodation, such as apartments, houses, shared rooms and even more unusual types like a tree house or mud house in Africa. There are currently listings available in 190 countries around the world and over 2 million listings to choose from in different price ranges.

It gives you an option to rent a home when you travel, instead of a normal hotel room. The listings are rented out by private hosts and companies (mostly individuals).

How Does it Work?

AirBnB is the middleman between you and the host. They manage the payment and if there should be something wrong with the listing they will find you a new one (if you contact them).

The platform let you search through all listings on and adapt the search results with different filters. You can choose between a whole home, your own room or shared room. If you choose “whole home” you’ll be guaranteed to have your own accommodation without other guests and host. A whole home is like having your own hotel room or apartment.

A shared home often means that you will share the space with the host or other guests, but you will have your own room. Shared room means exactly what it says, you will get a shared room, like a hostel.

Most of the listings on AirBnB are either a whole home or own room.

You can also adjust filters to show only listings with Wi-Fi, kitchen, balcony and many other amenities. You can also sort results based on price and how many bedroom and bathroom the listing has.

Is it safe to rent through AirBnB?

Yes, it’s very safe. Every host and guest must verify with a valid ID before being able to rent out or rent on Airbnb.

What happens if a listing is not as promised?

Contacting Airbnb within 24 hours is possible, and if you have an issue or the accommodation is not as promised, they’ll offer you a new place to stay.

How to choose a good listing

Before you decide which accommodation you’ll book it’s possible to check reviews from previous guests. If the host has great reviews from lots of other guests it will likely be a great renting experience.

Always be sure to check reviews before you go through with the booking. Most hosts are great on Airbnb, but like other booking sites and hotels there will always be exceptions where the host is bad.

What if the host doesn’t have any reviews?

Well, it’s still safe to rent and it will most likely be a good experience. Every host and guest must verify with a valid ID before being able to rent out or rent on Airbnb.

You can also contact the host before you book and ask some questions.

Why you should use AirBnB

It’s easy, often cheaper and give you an opportunity to get a local experience. If you’re traveling longer it’s perfect, because it will feel like you’re home and you will be able to cook and have stable Wi-Fi. For shorter trips, it’s also great, since you can avoid staying in expensive hotel rooms and small hotel rooms where you can’t cook.

  • Easy
  • Local Experience
  • You get a real home
  • Often Cheaper
  • Possible to make friends

Get €41 discount on your first booking

Is this the first time you’re using and booking a trip through AirBnB? If you sign up via the link below, you will get 41 euros in discount when you book your first trip.

Yes, I would like €41 in discount on my first booking


Megan Langston

Sunday 24th of September 2017

Thank you for the info, Alex. We're planning a trip to Paris in the spring, and we usually stay in hotels. I am definitely going to look into an Airbnb. We've never stayed in one before.

Alexander Waltner

Monday 25th of September 2017

You're welcome. It's actually really convenient, and in some places where hotels are quite expensive, you might just get a better deal and more value via Airbnb.