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15 Best Travel Gadgets for your next trip

15 Best Travel Gadgets for your next trip

Travel Gadgets and accessories can improve your travel experience a lot. I’ve been traveling the world for several years now, and have tried various gadgets during this period.

Here are 15 of the best travel gadgets that will make your life as a traveler better and more convenient. Some of them are really smart yet lightweight and can fit into any style of travel. 

Packing cubes

My packing routine changed completely when I discovered packing cubes for the first time. Since then, it has been a lot easier to organize and fit all of my clothes in a smaller suitcase. These compression bags will squeeze out the air and thus take up less space. 

I use packing cubes from Eagle Creek and can definitely recommend them. Furthermore, I can advise that you get packing cubes in various sizes, which makes it easier to organize your clothes.

Packing Cubes


A spork is a very useful travel gadget that I think every traveler should have. It’s one-in-all cutlery with a fork, knife, and spoon. This means that you don’t have to worry about cutlery ever again while traveling.

This is perfect for those who travel on a budget and like to buy ready-made meals from the supermarket, or if you’re going on a hiking trip. A spork is also great if you bring fruits or snacks to the beach or when having a picnic.


Tile Sticker – Bluetooth tracker

Tile Sticker is a smart travel gadget that ensures that you will always find important stuff such as keys and wallets. It’s a Bluetooth tracker that you stick to the item that you want to track. 

And whenever you can’t find it, just turn on the app and you’ll hear a sound until you find the item. If you’re not sure where you lost it, you can also see the latest location in the app.

Tile Sticker

Sand-free Beach Mat

If you’re going on a beach vacation, you’ll likely spend some time at the beach. With a sand-free beach mat, you don’t have to worry about getting sand all over your stuff. The beach mat is available in sizes from small to large.  

sandfri strandmatta


Pee-Buddy is a smart and innovative travel gadget for females who like to travel. You don’t have to worry about disgusting toilets again or the lack of toilets while traveling. 

The Pee-buddy lets you do like the guys do and pee standing. I know several females that uses this on their trips, and they can all vouch for it. Pee-Buddy is sold in packs of 5 and after using one, simply discard it.

Peebuddy Resetillbehör

Travel Pillow

Bus rides, train rides and long-haul flights that last for more than a few hours can quickly become uncomfortable, especially if traveling in economy class. With a travel pillow, you’ll get support for your neck and instantly get more comfortable. 

I’ve tried many travel pillows throughout the year, but I still haven’t found an option that can compare to the Cabeau Evolution Pillow. It is sold worldwide at airports and is well worth the premium price. 

Contrary to cheap and inflatable travel pillows, this one is durable and you can even wash the case. I’ve had mine for several years now, and it’s just as good as when I bought it.

Travel Pillow

Luggage Scale

With a luggage scale, you don’t have to worry about overweight while traveling, which can often be expensive if you’re forced to pay for overweight or check-in your hand luggage. There are various luggage scales on the market, and they are more or less the same. 

It’s a cheap travel gadget that every traveler should have. A luggage scale is also great to bring on your trip to make sure that you won’t have any overweight on your way back home, after purchasing souvenirs and other products. 

A lot of airlines have also become stricter with their limits for hand luggage, so it’s a good idea to double-check the weight before you get to the airport in order to avoid penalty fees. 

Travel Adapter

A travel adapter is one of the essential travel gadgets that will make your life as a traveler much easier. There are lots of different electrical plugs around the world, but with a travel adapter, you can charge your electronics in various power sockets. 

The travel adapter has different handles that you can change depending on the electrical plugs you need. It works in most countries around the world. 

Travel Adapter worldwide

Noise-canceling Headphones

A pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great way to block sounds that you don’t want to hear, for example screaming kids or loud engine sounds. I recommend Sony wh-1000xm3, which has an amazing sound quality and blocks noise really well. 

Keychain Backpack

This is a tiny backpack for day trips from Sea to Summit that can carry up to 20 liters despite its small size at 8 x 6 cm. It’s made with the durable Cordura with silicon, which makes it water-resistant as well. 

It’s so small that you can fit it on your keychain, but still have enough room in the daypack to carry stuff for day trips or from the grocery store. 

Keychain backpack

Microfiber Towel

Every traveler should have a travel towel with microfiber material. It’s lightweight and dries quickly. I especially recommend this to backpackers and travelers who like to stay in hostels since towels often cost extra.

It’s also useful for camping trips, hiking or a day on the beach. The microfiber towel is easy to fold as well. 

Portable Charger

In today’s society, we use our phones for almost everything, not least for using Google Maps to find places, but also other travel apps. A portable charger will make sure that you won’t run out of batteries.

There are various types of portable chargers, but the most important thing to look out for is the number of mAh, which shows the power of the charger. A higher number equals more charges before it needs to be charged. 

I use a power bank with solar cells that has 16 000 mAh, and it lasts for several charges of my phone. The power bank from Sandberg is also available with 24 000 mAh. In addition to charging the portable charger in the sun, you can also use a regular electrical plug.

Portable charger with solar cells

Water bottle with filter

Purchasing plastic water bottles from the store is bad from an environmental standpoint as well as for your wallet. There are also many reports showing that plastic bottles contain harmful substances.

Unfortunately, tap water isn’t safe to drink in many countries around the world, and you’re forced to buy water bottles with purified water. However, there is a smart solution to this problem, which is both cheaper and more environmental friendly.

Get a water bottle with a filter that purifies the water. I use Clearlyfiltered, which removes up to 99,9% of all bacterias as well as chemicals and heavy metals.

Water bottle with filter

Travel gadgets to keep you safe

Lifeventure Travel Door Lock

This is a lock for the door that you set up from the inside, which can be very useful when staying in a budget hostel or hotel room with lower security and questionable locks. 

When you have installed the travel door lock, you can’t open the door from outside, even if you got a key. This will protect you from intruders that try to enter the room while you’re sleeping.

travel door lock

Hidden Pocket

If you’re traveling to a destination where pickpocketing is common, it might be a good idea to carry one of these hidden pockets. It’s easy to attach to your belt and keeps your valuables safe.

I use the hidden pocket from Eagle Creek, and it’s convenient to attach and has enough room for a wallet, cellphone or money. Pickpocketers can’t access this hidden pocket, so it’s great if you’re visiting a crowded area.

hidden pocket

Secure luggage tag

Some luggage tags have the information clearly visible, which can be a safety risk. That’s why I always recommend having a secure luggage tag that protects your information. Your address will only be displayed if someone opens the luggage tag. 


You might already have a flashlight on your phone, but when it’s really dark outside, it might not be enough to illuminate properly. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry a small but strong flashlight. I use Led Lenser P7, which is lightweight and very bright.

Travel Gadgets that I always bring on my trips

Depending on what trip I’m going on and where in the world, I will bring different travel gadgets. However, no matter the destination or type of trip, I always carry these travel gadgets while traveling.

  • Power bank with solar cells
  • Luggage scale
  • Spork
  • Travel adapter
  • Noise-canceling headphones

Travel gadgets that I use

Travel Accessories that I always bring on my trips

I use all of the mentioned travel accessories from time to time, but there are only a few that I bring on all my trips. These are the essential travel accessories that I think that every traveler should have. 

  • Travel pillows
  • Sleeping mask
  • Passport cover
  • TSA-lock
  • Packing cubes
  • Microfiber towel
  • Small refill bottles
  • Secure luggage tag

Travel accessories

For the flight and longer journeys

If you got several documents to keep in order, it’s a good idea to get yourself a travel wallet or organizer. If you buy one with RFID-protection, you don’t have to worry about getting sensitive information compromised. 

A luggage scale is another travel gadget that will make your contact with airlines a lot smoother. This will ensure that you don’t have too much weight in your checked luggage or hand luggage.

When you’ve checked in and are ready to depart, there are various situations that can occur. For example, a screaming baby might sit next to you, or the cabin might be illuminated when you want to sleep. That’s when earplugs and a sleeping mask comes handy along with a comfortable travel pillow.

  • Luggage tag
  • Travel wallet with RFID-protection
  • Passport cover
  • Organizer (cables, headphones)
  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs (Earplanes)
  • Compression socks
  • Travel pillow (Cabeau Evolution Pillow)
  • Secure luggage tag
  • TSA-lock
  • Small refill bottles
  • Travel blanket
Travel gadgets for the flight

Photo: Skycolors/Shutterstock

For Backpackers

As a backpacker, you want to keep the number of travel gadgets to a minimum. It’s best to travel as light as possible and it’s typically better to buy fewer but smarter travel gadgets for your backpacker adventures. 

  • Passport cover
  • Packing cubes
  • Travel adapter
  • Portable charger
  • Travel pillow
  • Sleeping mask
  • Earplugs
  • Microfiber towel
  • Bed bug sheet
  • Spork
  • Sachets of detergent
  • Raincover for the backpack
  • Waterproof bag
Best travel gadgets for backpackers

Photo: Worawee Meepian/Shutterstock

Where can you buy travel gadgets?

There are various online stores that sell travel accessories and gadgets. Many of them are available on Amazon, but some are also sold in local retail stores. 

Which are your favorite travel gadgets? Leave a comment below!

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Another idea for a travel towel; I brought a turkish towel on my last trip which included a wide range of temperatures, it is great because it dries quickly, can be used as a scarf, a beach wrap, a sarong, and a light blanket.