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Destinations and Travel Guides

Here is a big collection of all my articles and travel guides that I’ve written about the destinations I’ve visited. Scroll down and browse continent by continent and countries in alphabetical order.

My travel guides focus on being structured and detailed without nonsense. My vision is to give you everything you need to enable you to travel more, better, and longer!

As a reader, you will get a unique mixture of budget, culture, luxury, beautiful photos, responsible travel, and travel tips from my personal experiences. If you’re looking for something specific, make a search below via the search form.


Cambodia Nepal
China Philippines
India Russia
Indonesia Singapore
Israel South Korea
Japan Sri Lanka
Laos Thailand
Malaysia Turkey
Maldives Vietnam


Albania Latvia
Austria Malta
Belgium North Macedonia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Norway
Bulgaria Poland
Croatia Portugal
Cyprus Romania
Czech Republic Russia
Denmark Slovakia
Estonia Slovenia
Finland Spain
France Sweden
Germany Switzerland
Greece Turkey
Hungary Ukraine
Iceland United Kingdom