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Why you never should go for a horse carriage ride

Why you never should go for a horse carriage ride

It’s 2018, and it scares me that an article like this one is needed. For me, it is quite obvious that animals shouldn’t be exploited or used for human entertainment and work.

Unfortunately, the horse carriages have become something normal in our society, and most don’t even consider a small thought that it might be wrong to go for a horse carriage ride. If you ask me, it should be illegal; because it is nothing other than slavery.

Do you still think horse-drawn carriages are romantic, fun or something that you are considering doing? Then I think you should continue reading the following reasons why you never should go for a ride in a horse carriage. 

Horses are meant to run free, not to be stuck in traffic

Except the fact that they should be allowed to live freely in nature and not be stuck in traffic, noisy environments + horses are not a good combination. Horses are animals that easily get scared, and they do not like to be in urban settings.

Trolley equipment causing bruises and discomfort

Imagine what it would feel like if you were forced to have carriage equipment tensely fitted to your body and mouth every day for the rest of your life. I don’t think that you’d appreciate it very much, so it does not make for the horses either. In fact, it is not rare that they get blisters or feel discomfort.

It’s easy to see how sad and uncomfortable they are when they are in their stands, awaiting the tourists.

Injuries and fatal accidents occur

As previously pointed out, they don’t enjoy loud and busy environments, like city traffic. Many accidents happen when a horse is frightened and start to panic.

Besides that, there is also the risk that irresponsible drivers are running into the horse.

The horse’s lungs damaged by gasses

In addition to not feeling comfortable in traffic, their lungs also don’t cope well with all of the exhaust gasses they are forced to inhale. Studies have shown that carriage horses get more cancer than normal and in many cases get lungs similar to a smoker.

How does 9 hours day, 7 days a week sound?

That’s how long as the horses are forced to work, every day.. Until they become too old or injured.

Horses are not created to carry around your lazy ass

What would you think if you had to carry around a cart that weighs twice or triple than you and is full of people? Pardon my French, but horses are not created to carry around on your lazy ass!

Take a taxi or even better use your own legs (exercise is good you know), and most importantly DON’T use an animal for transportation.

They “sleep” in tiny stables

You might think that they at least get to go home to large green fields after a long day’s work? Well, guess again, the horses will be driven to their stables, which are often crowded and does not provide sufficient space for the horse even to be able to lie down comfortably.

Would you enjoy a tiny home where you can’t even take a comfortable rest?

And no it’s not romantic

Torture is not romantic, and just because movies portrays horse carriage rides as romantic, it doesn’t mean it’s true in reality.

In my world, something that hurt someone else could never be romantic because romance is all about love. And I promise that these horses get everything except love.

They are whipped and mistreated if they are not doing their “job”

So first of all, the driver is forcing the horses to perform a job they can’t do themselves, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they have the guts to use the whip and punish the horses if they don’t obey.

Is this something that you want to support?

When they become too old or damaged, they are being sent to the slaughterhouse

Not even when the horses are too old or damaged, they may well care or freedom. Usually, they sell them the quickest way to a slaughterhouse directly or via auction.

Horses deserve better than slavery

All animals deserve better than being slaves to humans. Just because we have the power to enslave (by weapon), it doesn’t mean that it’s okay. It was a long time since law forbade slavery among people, and it really is about time to put an end to animal slavery!

What you can do as an individual to help

  • Inform family and friends about why they shouldn’t go by horse and carriage
  • Never ever go for a horse carriage ride
  • Write to local authorities (If we are enough people, it will be banned)
  • Give your support to animal rights organizations
  • Spread this information on social media