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17 Reasons why I love Spain

17 Reasons why I love Spain

I love Spain and have chosen it as my new home country. Spain is visited by millions of tourists each year, and many of them return again and again. It is easy to understand why, and there is something for everyone, despite age or personal interests. 

This list can be made much longer, but here are 17 reasons why I love Spain!


Spanish cuisine is famous around the world for its well-cooked dishes and amazing flavors. While there are many delicious dishes from Spain, eating Tapas has been a long-time favorite among locals and foreigners. 

Tapas is not a single dish, but basically small dishes that are shared. It’s common to order 5-6 tapas dishes for two people. Gambas al ajillo, Pimientos de Padrón, Patatas Bravas, Dátiles bacon, croquettes and Calamari are some famous tapas dishes. 

Gambas al ajillo

Beautiful nature

There are lots of mesmerizing places to visit in Spain, both cities and national parks. Picos de Europa is one of the most famous national parks in Spain with beautiful lakes and majestic mountains.

In the southern part, one can visit Sierra Nevada, where you can go skiing during the winter. In Extremadura, one can visit Monfragüe, which is known for its large variety of bird species. In this national park, you can also spot the rare Iberian lynx. 

Picos de Europa

Fantastic wines

Spain is one of the largest producers of wine in the world. And there is something for everyone, no matter if you prefer red, white, rosé or even sweet wines. The Spanish wines also come in various price ranges, and you can easily find a nice Rioja-wine for less than 10 Euro. 

Spain is also the place where Cava is produced, which is a form of sparkling wine. The Spanish geography is well-suited to produce all kinds of wines, and the tradition of wine-making goes back hundreds of years. 

Spanish wine

Lovely weather and climate

Spain is one of the countries in Europe that sees the most sun during the winter. The sun is shining more than 300 days on average in the southern part as well as on the Canary islands. Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have a lovely climate with lots of sun all year round. 

Many cities have impressive architecture

Spain is also a country that is rich in history, which is reflected by the fantastic architecture that can be found in the cities of Spain. There is an abundance of old towns dating back to the Medieval period. And several of the churches and cathedrals are recognized as some of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world. 

It is estimated that some 10 000 castles were built in Spain during the Middle ages. Some 2500 still exist today. The country is also home to some of the world’s most spectacular palace buildings, such as Alhambra in Granada, Alcazar in Seville, and Palacio del Oriente in Madrid.


The locals

The majority of Spainards are friendly with great hospitality. Above all, many of them enjoy socializing. Speaking with a stranger is completely normal according to Spanish customs – compared to my own country Sweden, where you might get weird looks if you approach someone that you don’t know. 

However, it’s a great advantage if you can speak Spanish, or at least learn a few phrases in Spanish. But don’t worry, even if you can’t speak Spanish, you’ll be met with kindness anyway as long as you’re respectful. 

Manchego cheese

When it comes to Spanish cheese, Manchego is definitely the most famous one, even though there are several cheeses that are very nice. Manchego is made from sheep milk, which is cured for at least 2 months and up to 2 years.

It is produced in La Mancha and is one of the many reasons why I love Spain. Manchego can be enjoyed on its own or paired with wine. It’s often served as tapas as well. 

Manchego ost

Beautiful beaches

The Spanish beaches are known for being some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and they are famous worldwide. Millions of tourists come here for the sun and beaches every year. 

Some of the best beaches in Spain can be found along the coast near Barcelona, but there are plenty of playas on the Balearic islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera, and Ibiza) and the Canary islands as well. 

And we shouldn’t forget about the Cies islands, which is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Anyway, you’ll find fantastic beaches along the coasts, both on the mainland and the Spanish islands

Rodas Beach

The music

There are various types of Spanish music and many genres have evolved from the Spanish music culture. And just like food, each region has their own musical styles.

Traditional Spanish music often features elements of guitar and often comprises of Flamenco, Copla, Bolero, or Bulerias. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something wonderful about Spanish music that just makes me happy. It also invites people to dance. 

Spanish dances

In addition to music, dancing is a big part of the cultural heritage of Spain, and many popular dance styles have Spanish origins. Some of the most famous spanish dances include Flamenco and Pasodoble. 

Both the music and dances are full of passion. It’s truly a piece of live art when you see talented dancers perform. 

flamenco dans

Traveling by train is fast and efficient

From Málaga to Madrid, it’s only 2,5 hours by train. The same distance with car takes about 5,5 hours on a distance of circa 530 km. The Spanish trains are run by Renfe, and the train routes are expanded and improved every year. 

snabbtåg i Spanien

There are hiking trails all over the country

If you like hiking, Spain is a country for you. There are thousands of old walking routes which are more or less connecting every city and town on the Iberian peninsula. Some of the most famous hiking routes include Camino de Santiago, Caminito del Rey, and Ruta del Cares.

Spanska vandringsleder

Olive oil and olives

Did you know that Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world? There are more than 300 million olive trees in the country, wheras most of them can be found in Andalucia. This is one of many interesting facts about Spain

Olive oil

The social life

Spainards often meet and socialize at restaurants and bars. This happens both during the weekdays and weekends. Sundays are mostly dedicated for the family, where they gather for the “mandatory” family dinner. 

During weekdays, you can see the locals chitchat into the early hours. In the morning, many locals go to cafés and have a cup of coffee and eat breakfast between 8 and 10. 

Social life in Spain

Photo: Sergio TB /


Chorizo is one of many reasons why I love Spain. But what is Chorizo you might wonder? It’s a type of sausage, which is made from pork and various herbs and spices. The iconic red color comes from red paprika. 


The language

The Spanish language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world if you ask me. It’s also not impossible to learn Spanish, especially not if you’re already speaking a similar language. Even some words in Swedish have similarites with Spanish words

When you can speak Spanish, you can also travel to Spanish speaking countries and get around much easier. And you can pride yourself on speaking one of the most spoken languages in the world. Italian and French might be the languages of love, but Spanish is much more beautiful to my ears. 

Moreover, there are also regional dialects of Spanish, and some autonomous regions have their own languages, such as Catalan in Catalunya or Basque, which is spoken in the Basque country. Also, you can express yourself in many ways using Spanish that aren’t possible in English. 

Spanska ord

Thousands of “Fiestas”

Spaniards sure know how to celebrate and arrange parties. Every year, thousands of festivals “fiestas” are held across the country. This is yet another reason why I love Spain so much, there is always something fun happening. 

Whenever it’s time for a fiesta, the whole town will come out and join the celebrations. And there is no shortage of dedication, with plenty of people wearing traditional folk costumes. There will also be lots of decorations and fun activities for the whole family. 

Las Fallas de Valencia, Semana Santa, Feria de Abril, Semana Grande, and Feria de Málaga are some of the biggest Spanish festivals of the year. But each region will have annual festivals, and most towns will also have at least one local fiesta on a fixed date. 

Spanish festivals

Photo: Pecold /

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