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26 amazing places to visit in Prague

26 amazing places to visit in Prague

What to do in Prague? That’s a great question. To make it easier for you, I’ve listed my favorites in the Czech capital. There are lots of tourist attractions and things to do, and here is a list of 26 Amazing places to visit in Prague!

I liked Prague a lot, and it’s a city full of architecture and charm. 

Astronomical clock

Perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Prague. An old astronomical clocktower (Czech: Staroměstský orloj)  in the middle of the big square in old town. The history of it goes way back, to 14010 to be precise where Maester Mikulas of Kadan built it together with Jan Ondrejuv.

The clocktower was built after astronomical and mathematical principles. The highlight that thousands of tourists witness and admire each day, is when the clock turns its own watch, and the 12 apostles are coming.

astronomical clock prague

Charles Bridge

Another classic spot in Prague – Charles Bridge, or Karluv Most in Czech. IF you’ve seen postcards from Prague, you have probably seen the view here. The bridge is built in the 14th century by Kaiser Karl IV, and it’s about 520 meters long.

Along the bridge, you can also see some beautiful sculptures that were finished in the 1700s-1800s.

Prague Castle

To visit the castle is among the most popular things to do in Prague, and the castle is visited by thousands of tourists each day. The easiest way to get here is by tram or if you want some exercise, you can also walk uphills from the old town.

Another fun fact: The castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world with an area of 45 hectares.

Vysehrad castle

Saint Vitus Cathedral

One of the most important churches in the Czech Republic, also located in the castle area of the Prague castle. It’s a spectacular church with beautiful details. The highest tower is a whopping 94 meters high, and the church is 124 meters long. The church was finished 1929, and today you can, for example, admire the famous Saint Wenzel crown (Svatováclavská koruna).

The Dancing house

A building with a new and modern styled architecture that has gotten big attention in social media. But despite that, not everyone who visits Prague knows about this incredible building. If you like unique buildings, then this is a great place to visit in Prague!

dancing house

Stare Mesto – Old town

Visiting the old town is, of course, one of the must things to do in Prague when you go here for the first time. It’s always interesting to see the old houses, cobblestoned streets and feel the vibe. Many of the places to visit in Prague are located nearby as well.

To stroll around in Old town is definitely something I recommend!

Nightlife in Prague

The younger crowd who come here mostly do it because of the nightlife, which is said to be one of the best. Here you’ll find clubs that are open all night, and there are plenty of bars to choose from. On top of that, alcohol is cheap too, so it’s no wonder that the nightlife is one of the top things to do in Prague.

When it comes to music, you can find lots of variations as well, with everything from rock bars to nightclubs playing EDM.

However, you should be wary about walking into shady clubs, or more in general strip clubs. It’s not something I have personal experience from, but I know others who have been tricked or even worse assaulted if they didn’t pay money.  This is not the norm, so you don’t have to worry, just be cautious of entering clubs in strange alleys.

The Town Hall view

Above the clocktower, there is a viewpoint with an amazing 360-degrees view over the city. From here you can enjoy some of the best photo spots in Prague. We went here about 30 minutes before sunset and got some great photos.

old town prague

places to visit in prague

Christmas Market

Every christmas there is a big christmas market spread out in Prague, and we visited this last winter. It was really nice to stroll around with some Glühwein, drinking beer, eating some sausages and pastries. There are lots of handicrafts as well.

The proximity to Germany makes it a great destination to combine with if you also want to visit some German Christmas markets.

Try local specialties

Czech food may not be world famous, but there are a couple of dishes that may be worth trying. After all, it is fun and interesting to try out local food.

Czech dishes to try: Svíčková na smetaně, Guláš, Schnitzel, Karbanátek, Kulajda, Dumplings. For dessert, you can order a traditional Kremrole. A beverage that may be interesting is Becherovka.

Czech beer and beer spa

If you’re a beer fan, you’ve come just right. The Czech Republic is a heavenly place for the beer lovers, and in Prague, you will find almost every one of the Czech varieties. Some of the most famous are Plzensky Prazdroj, Gambrinus, Krusovice, Radegast, Staropramen and Velkopopovicky kozel.

If you want to take it all to the next level, you can also go to a beer spa, which means that you will be bathed in beer and herbs, while there are taps you fill up your glass with beer. One of the more different and fun things to do in Prague as a tourist!

Mala Strana

A cozy area on the other side of the bridge with lots of nice alleys, souvenir shops, restaurants and old houses. Here you can stroll around for hours without any problems, and if you like to photograph, there’s a lot of great photo spots.

Mala Strana

Museum in Prague

There are lots of museums in Prague and here below is a list of the more famous ones.

Det finns flera museer att besöka i staden och nedan har du några av de mest kända museerna.

  • National museum in Prague
  • National gallery in Prague (art museum)
  • National Technical Museum
  • Museum of communism
  • Jewish museum
  • Speculum Alchemiae Museum
  • Franz Kafka Museum
  • Czech musical museum
  • Gingerbread Museum

Other attractions and things to do in Prague

Boat tour along the river

This is not something I usually go to, but I know it’s a popular thing to do in Prague, so I’m listing it. With that said, it can always be nice to see a city from the water.

Tyn church (Týnský Chrám)

A magnificent church with gothic towers and a rich past.

Jewish Quarters

These neighborhoods have existed since the Middle Ages, but today they are called Josefov, after Joseph II. He improved the living conditions for the Jews in the late 1700s. Around 1850, large parts of the area were erected, but there were some preserved, including the Jewish cemetery and the new-old synagogue.

New old Synagogue

The oldest preserved synagogue in Europe, already built in 1270. The synagogue is constructed in Gothic style and is still used as a center among the Jews of the city. A relatively popular place to visit in Prague!

Spanish Synagogue

One of Prague’s most famous sights and with its morish details, this synagogue is a delight to the eye.

Opera house

Classical music has been a popular feature among the Czechs, and although it might not be the same class as Italy or Austria, you can still go on affordable opera here.

Escape Games

Virtually all cities have these escape room games, which can be fun if you travel to Prague with children.

Bicycle tours

Biking through the city’s various districts and tourists attractions is perfect if you want to get some exercise while meeting other travelers. It’s usually nice and guide is included. Of course, you can rent a bike on your own as well.

Skeleton Church

If you want to see something different, then I can recommend a visit to the Skeleton Church, which is about 1 hour outside of Prague, in the town of Sedlec. If you only see the church from the outside, it may not make any special impression, but on the inside, it is all decorated with real skulls and skeletons

Sex Machines Museum

Just as the name suggests, this museum is dedicated to different types of sex machines. It is the world’s first museum of its kind, and although, according to me, this is not one of the highlights of places to visit in Prague, maybe you will think it’s interesting.

If nothing else then it’s one of the unique things to do in Prague as a tourist!

Day trips

Cesky Krumlow

A beautiful old town in the southern Czech Republic with many buildings in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style. If you like history and architecture and have more than 2 days in Prague, I think you should go on a day trip to Cesky Krumlow.

Karlovy Vary

For those who like to pamper themselves in a Spa, Karlovy Vary is something to look closer at. Here, royals from all over Europe have pilgrimaged through the years to take care of their body and mind. Even today it is a popular spa resort.


Unfortunately, more famous as Theresienstadt and one of Hitler’s concentration camps, which was mainly used for keeping Jews as prisoners. However, there were more than 77,000 Jews who died here and today you can go on guided tours survivors from the Ghetto.

Top Places to visit in Prague?

Okay, if you’re only visiting for a short time, and have a few hours of sightseeing, I recommend these places to visit in Prague.

  • Astronomical clock
  • The view from the tower
  • Mala Strana
  • Charles Bridge
  • The dancing house (if you like cool architecture)

Hotel in Prague

Do you have more tips on what to do in Prague or places to visit in Prague? Leave a comment and share!

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