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Valldemossa – A Quaint little town on Mallorca

Valldemossa – A Quaint little town on Mallorca

Valldemossa (also Valldemosa) is one of Mallorca’s most picturesque villages. Here awaits cozy little alleys where old stone houses are lined up with colorful flower pots hanging on the walls. The small village is located in the northern part of Majorca, high up in the Tramuntana Mountains.

Whether you live in Palma de Majorca, Alcudia or elsewhere on the island – Valldemossa is a perfect day trip. Nearby is also another artist town called Deia, which many like to visit in connection before going back from Valldemossa.

Check out my photos below. Isn’t it just gorgeous? I love Valldemossa! What do you think?

valldemossa gata


Can you see yourself wandering around in these small and cozy alleys?


Things to do in Valldemossa

Stroll around and walk along the cozy streets. The farther you go, the fewer tourists you encounter. Where you turn up to the monastery, you should instead continue straight ahead. Then you’ll come to the oldest part of Valldemossa, where most of the locals live. The pictures above are from the old part of Valldemosa.

Sit down and do some people watching from one of the charming restaurants. Opt for an ice cream and look at the view over the mountains. Take a look at a traditional shop selling handicrafts and souvenirs. Walk in the monastery garden and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and greenery.

Stop by at a café and enjoy the local specialty of – “Coco de Patata”, which is a kind of baked roll made of eggs, potatoes and sugar. It comes served with a Spanish hot chocolate, which is quite delicious!

During high season it can be very busy during the day, but if you go there later, after 3 o’clock, most tourists have already left.

We got there at half past five in mid-June and had the old part almost to ourselves. In the new part where the majority of cafes and restaurants are located as well as the monastery there were some people, but not too many.

More info about Valldemossa

A small village that has only about 2,000 inhabitants in total. The village is about 17 km from Palma, making it easy to get here. Valldemossa is a traditional village with narrow alleys, stone houses and cobbled streets. Many of the doors are adorned with religious symbols and symbols with Mallorca’s patron saint Santa Catalina Thomas.

Most people who come here have heard of the world-famous composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, who lived here in Valldemossa with George Sand (Aurore Dupin). Foremost, it’s the monastery where they lived during the winter of 1838-39 that attracts visitors. Admission is 8.50 euros and 3.5 euros more if you want to visit their apartment. 8.5 euro is only the entry of the museum. A price that is slightly on the high scale in my opinion.

However, It was not the monastery or Chopin that attracted me to come here, but rather the cozy alleys and picturesque little stone houses that made me want to go to Valldemossa, which is also on the UNESCO list of world heritage.


How to get here

If you don’t have access to a car, local buses are going from Palma to Valldemossa. The same applies if you come from Alcudia, Pollensa or Sóller. But, of course, it’s easiest to go here with a car, then you can decide how long you want to stay and when you want to go, and also, visit nearby villages like Deia and Soller.

Bus: takes a little longer, but it’s possible to come here on a day trip by public transport, which is also cheaper than renting a car. A bus ticket between Palma and Valldemossa costs 3 euros per person, one way. The buses depart from Plaza España.

Taxi: About 25 euros from Palma. Approximately the same amount of Sóller by taxi, and about double that if you go from Alcudia. If you live in Alcudia, it’ll be cheaper to rent a car.

Accommodation in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is perhaps not the best place to go for an entire vacation in Mallorca, but a night or two if you go as lovers are perfect, since it’s very cozy and romantic. For a perfect weekend with romance and love, I can recommend the Hotel Valldemossa, which has everything you could wish for, including a spa and stunning views.

hotel valldemossa

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