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20 Unique hotels in Sweden

20 Unique hotels in Sweden

Are you looking for a unique hotel in Sweden where you can get a really memorable experience? There are plenty of Swedish hotels that are quirky and special. In fact, some of the world’s most famous hotels are located in Sweden. 

Some available accommodations include an ice hotel, a floating hotel, three houses, igloos, and more! Here’s a list of 21 unique hotels in Sweden that I think everyone should get the chance to experience. 

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge

Kolarbyn offers a truly unique experience where you live without electricity and running water. A great place to stay if you want a wilderness experience and see what it would be like to live “off the grid”. 

You will sleep on sheepskin in a type of accommodation that is known as “kolarkoja” in Swedish. There’s an open fire inside the hut and if you get hungry, you will be able to cook your own food like everyone did in the old days. 


Photo: Mikaela Larm / Kolarbyn

Address: Skärsjön, 739 92 Skinnskatteberg.

Tree Hotel, Harads

Tree Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Sweden where many celebrities have stayed through the years. Here you’ll stay in a luxurious tree house with amazing views and the tree tops right outside your window. 

There are several tree houses to choose from. One of my favorites has the appearance of a spaceship and another one that looks like a bird’s nest. Each tree house is unique, but they all come with air conditioning.

Mirrorcube at Treehotel

Address: Edeforsvägen 2A, 960 24 Harads.

Ice hotel, Jukkasjärvi

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi became the first hotel made of ice when it was first built in 1989. Since then, it has become an attraction that has gained fame all over the world. 

The rooms are made of ice, and you will sleep comfortably in a sleeping bag on top of a reindeer pelt. In total, there are 20 different ice rooms in the standard room category and 15 suites which have all been individually decorated.  


Photo: Asaf Kliger. © ICEHOTEL

Address: Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi.

Hotell Utter Inn

Floating hotels with underwater rooms can be found in several places in the world. However, Hotell Utter Inn in Västerås offers a different experience where you will have the murky water of Mälaren right outside your window while you’re staying in a cute red cabin. 

The bedroom is located three meters below the surface with a big panorama window. Hotell Utter Inn has room for two people, so it’s a great experience for two good friends or couples that want to get a memorable experience together. 

Hotell Utter Inn

Photographer: Leon Grimaldi

Address: 722 12 Västerås.

Glass house in Dalsland

In the region of Dalsland, one can stay overnight in unique glass houses where you sleep close to nature in a peaceful place. The cabin comes with a lake view in an isolated location.

In addition to the comfortable King Size bed, guests will also get a package with everything needed for the stay as well as access to a row boat and a fireplace. 

Glashuset i Dalsland

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist/

Visby Börs

If you want to travel back in time, you should stay in one of the century suites at Visby börs. It’s a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Visby with an elegant style and unique decor. 

There are 8 suites in total to choose from, and each one comes with its own theme. In the picture below you can see “Skogholm’s suite”. 

Visby Börs - Skogholms svit

Address: Mellangatan 17, 621 56 Visby.


If you have always dreamt of sleeping inside a fly agaric or wooden stump, your dream can come true at Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference along Göta Canal in Lyrestad. 

It’s a fantastic experience for families that are looking for a unique hotel experience in Sweden. Your kids will love these rooms and as an adult, it’s quite fun as well. 


Address: Norrqvarns Slussområde, 548 93 Lyrestad.

Igloo Åre

The Ice Hotel and Tree Hotel are two of the most famous hotels in northern Sweden, but Igloo Åre is also worth mentioning. Here you’ll get the chance to stay overnight inside a real igloo that is built each year in November or December. 

Guests will enjoy an amazing view over “Åredalen” in close distance to Åre ski center. The hotel also offers two outdoor jacuzzis and a sauna. 

Igloo Åre

Address: VM-platån (Ski lift nr 22), Åre.

Tågvagnshotellet – Silleruds Station

If you’re a train enthusiast, this is a Swedish hotel for you. Guests are spending the night in one of the last sleeping wagons of the type WL5DE, which many hold as the finest sleeper in the history of SJ. 

Nearby, you can explore the Glaskogen nature reserve with wonderful hiking trails. There are also great opportunities to go fishing or kayaking. And of course, you get to stay overnight in this iconic sleeper. 

Tågvagnshotellet - Silleruds Station

Address: Svensbyn 49, 672 95 Årjäng.

Jumbo Stay, Arlanda

At Jumbo Stay, you get the chance to sleep inside an old jumbo jet. This hotel is located close to Arlanda airport, so it can be a great place to stay before your departure from Stockholm. 

It’s also one of the best hotels in the world for plane spotters as you get a view over the landing strips at Arlanda. For a top-notch experience, book the suite, which is located inside the cockpit.

Jumbostay hotel

Address: Jumbovägen 4, 190 47 Stockholm-Arlanda.

Fejan Canvas Hotel

Fejan Canvas Hotel offers a luxurious glamping experience by the water. It has a rustic yet luxurious style with high comfort. The tents are made of thick canvas and come with a double bed. 

Fejan Canvas hotel

Photo: Samy Dahlman

Address: Gasverkskajen 5, 760 15 Gräddö.

Trädhus Andrum

Andrum is one of the tree houses that you can book at Trädhushotell Islanna, which is located between Skara and Falköping. It’s a charming house that is built by the tree tops 6,5 meters above ground. 

A fun and unique accommodation in Sweden that is perfect for families looking for a memorable and exciting experience. 

Trädhus Andrum

Photo: Trädhushotell Islanna

Address: Islanna, 521 94 Falköping.

Ice and Light Village

At Ice and Light Village in Kalix, you get the chance to stay in an igloo overlooking the beautiful Kalix River. What makes this accommodation even more unique is the fact that you can see the northern lights from your bed through a large window in the ceiling. 

It’s a lovely place to stay overnight with a friendly owner. Ice and Light Village is the perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle. 

Iceandlight Swedish Nomad-7

Address: Nyborgsvägen 195, 952 51 Kalix

Zero Island

Zero Island is a sustainability project on the island of Lidö in the Stockholm Archipelago. The initiative comes from Finnish Neste and Lidö Värdshus. Here you get the chance to stay in the Zero Cabin, which is a triangular cabin with a transparent window on the backside. 

Zero Cabin Lidö

Address: Lidö, 760 15 Gräddö

Sala Silver mine

Sala Silver Mine is a popular attraction in Sweden where silver has been mined for over 500 years. The suite down in the mine is the deepest hotel room in the world, located 155 meters below the surface. 

Staying overnight in this underground suite is definitely a memorable and intriguing experience. The room temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius year round, despite the mine itself having an average temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. 

Address: Drottning Christinas väg 9A, 733 36 Sala.


Naturbyn is a unique accommodation in the region of Värmland, where you get a tranquil wilderness experience without electricity and running water. You can either spend the night in a floating cabin or one of the tree houses. 


Address: Lindbäck, 661 96 Långserud.

Borgvattnets Prästgård

The old rectory in the small village of Borgvattnet is said to be one of the most haunted houses in the world. Since a few years back, it’s possible for guests to spend the night, which includes access to ghost-hunting gadgets. 

There are many guests who claim that they have experienced paranormal activity in this old rectory. You can choose between renting the whole place to yourself or staying in one of the rooms. 

Borgvattnet Prästgården

Address: Borgvattnet 760, 830 76 Stugun.

Happie Camp

In the region of Värmland, there’s a unique glamping hotel called Happie Camp. As a guest, you will stay at a remote location close to nature. There are various locations and glamping tents to choose from.

None of them have access to running water or Wi-Fi, so it’s a great accommodation for those looking to unwind from the busy city life. This place is all about just being and enjoying nature with good company. 

happie camp

Grand Circus Hotel

In Malmö, one can stay at this circus-themed hotel. There are 12 circus wagons in total and each one has its own theme and decor. Some of the rooms available include The Bearded Lady and The Fortune Teller. 

If you ever dreamt of joining a traveling circus, this is probably as close as you can get without actually joining a circus. The standard is quite simple, so don’t expect a luxurious hotel, but rather a cozy and fun adventure for the whole family. 

Grand Circus Hotel

Hotell Vagabond

Hotell Vagabond is another unique hotel in southern Sweden where guests get the chance to check in and stay overnight in a so-called gypsy wagon. This hotel has a bohemian feel to it and the hosts are friendly and welcoming. 

Hotell Vagabond

More unique accommodations in Sweden

  • Trädhuset Korpaboet
  • Falknästet
  • Fabriken Furillen
  • Wrågården
  • Segerstads fyr
  • Lotstornet, Öja
  • Granö Beckasin Lodge
  • Ramoas lusthus

How to book a unique hotel in Sweden is my go-to site when booking accommodation in Sweden and most other countries. You’ll get a bonus night once you have completed 10 nights. Another choice can be Airbnb where there are often more unique accommodations available. 

With you also get various benefits such as a free bottle of wine, room upgrade, late check-out etc. It’s also worth checking the hotel’s website. Sometimes the hotels will offer special deals, discounts, or the same price as but with other benefits. 

Have you been to any of these unique hotels in Sweden? Leave a comment below and share something from your own experience! 

Josephine Belaza

Monday 20th of November 2023

Yes, at Ice and Light Village in Kalix. A modern glass igloo cabins which gives a fantastic unwinding panoramic views of the surrounding & the calm Kalix River. And if u're lucky u can witness d magical Northern Light while lying in ur bed. Clean & comfy bed w/private cozy bathroom facilities! Drinking water, tea, coffee always on hand. Good breakfast everyday in d basket served. Real porcelain, glasses, cups & cutlery (no plastic). A seperated private sauna to relax at d end of d day. But above all d friendly & very warm hospitality of d owner.