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Turning Torso in Malmö – Facts and information for visitors

Turning Torso in Malmö – Facts and information for visitors

Want to know more about Turning Torso? An iconic building in Malmö, famous for its unique and twisting architecture. When the skyscraper was finished in 2005, it helped to put the third-largest city in Sweden on the world map. 

The twisting tower is also currently the tallest building in Sweden with a total height of 190,4 meters.

The view from Turning Torso

If you go inside Turning Torso and visit the upper section, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Ribergsborg beach. You’ll also get a nice view of Öresund and the Western Harbour.

turning torso utsikt

Photo: Peter Adamsson

In total, there are 54 floors in Turning Torso and during the summer months, the upper floor opens up to paying visitors who want to enjoy the spectacular views. And of course, visit the tallest skyscraper in Sweden. 

Other times of the year, it is mostly companies that use the space for meetings and conferences on floor 53 and 54. The reason why tourists aren’t allowed to visit year-round is that the tower is primarily a residential building. 

våning 54 turning torso

Photo: Press

More about Turning Torso

Turning Torso is located in the Western Harbour in Malmö, in southern Sweden. Since its inauguration, it has inspired both foreign architects as well as Swedish architects. It has also become one of the most famous attractions in Sweden with thousands of visitors each year. 

Nowadays, the skyscraper is an iconic part of the Malmö skyline. On the top floors of 53 and 54, there are conference rooms available for companies. Since 2005 it has been ranked as the tallest building in Sweden as well as all of the Nordic countries. 

You can see Turning Torso from long distances as well. For example, if you’re standing on top of Kärnan in Helsingborg, you can see the tower with binoculars. The same is true if you’re standing on the other side of the Öresund bridge when the sight is clear.

The iconic tower is owned by HSB Malmö and the majority of the building consists of residential apartments. At first, it was planned that all apartments would be available for purchase between 2 to 9 million SEK. However, the interest from buyers remained very low and in 2004, it was decided that all of the apartments should be available to rent instead. 

turning torso malmo

Turning Torso has become famous worldwide and has received plenty of awards for its marvelous design. For instance, it won a prize by Malmö city in 2005. Later that same year it also won a prestigious award at MIPIM in Cannes, where the best residential buildings are being crowned each year. 

The total cost is estimated at 1,8 billion Swedish crowns (SEK). From the start, it was planned that the construction would cost 950 million SEK, but it resulted in almost twice as much when it was completed. 

Throughout the years after its completion, the owner HSB has tried to sell Turning Torso, but no one has been willing to pay the steep price tag of 2 billion SEK, so far. 

turning torso fran ovan

Photo: David Castor

In total, the construction is divided by 9 cubes where each cub represents 5 floors. The tower is twisting a quarter of a turn on its way up to the top.

During the construction phase, it was featured by Discovery Channels and their series called Extreme Engineering, where you could follow the whole process as well as the everyday life of the constructors. 

Vem designade Turning Torso?

Santiago Calatrava is the architect who designed Turning Torso. He’s originally from Valencia, one of the largest cities in Spain. According to himself, the tower is supposed to represent the human body with a turning movement. 

turning torso arkitekt

Photo: Wikimedia / CC-3.0

Other curiosities

Felix Baumgartner, known for jumping from space has also made a base-jump from the top of the tower. When the construction was completed, Turning Torso could also pride itself on being the first twisting tower in the world.

Nowadays, there are some 30 skyscrapers around the world with a twisting architecture. Moreover, residents have access to a sauna at floor 43 as well as a fitness center. There is also a special viewing room where residents can enjoy the view from floor 43 and 49.

Quick facts

  • Nickname: Torson or TT
  • Address: Lilla Varvsgatan 14, Malmö
  • Height: 190,4 meters
  • Total apartment area: 13 500 m²
  • Total office space: 4000 m²
  • Number of elevators: 5
  • Construction years: 2001-2005
  • Contractor: NCC
  • Opening date: November 2005

Turning Torso

Turning Torso apartments

Most of the apartments have a view on both sides, and they are still very modern with a high standard. There are numerous sizes of apartments, ranging from 2 rooms and kitchen or 3 rooms, and even 4-5 rooms plus kitchen. 

In total, Turning Torso houses 147 rental apartments and 33 other spaces. Each floor measures around 400 m² and each apartment has a living area that ranges from 45 to 190 m².

Bon Ici

Next to the tower, one can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the restaurant Bon Ici. 

Turning Torso Gallery

Adjacent to the tower, one can visit the gallery which consists of five floors. This building was designed by Greger Dahlström and Fojak arkitekter. Below the ground, there’s a parking house that connects the gallery with the skyscraper. 

Moreover, some apartments are available to rent in Turning Torso Gallery as well as some stores and the restaurant Bon Ici. This is also where you’re parking your car if you’re a resident in the tower. 

Do you have more questions before visiting Turning Torso in Malmö? Leave a comment below!