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Last updated: February 12, 2018

Heard of the App called TraveLibro? It’s a Travel app that was first launched as a beta version in 2015 by Monish Shah and Malhar Gala from India and then launched finally back in 2017. Since the first Beta launch, the app has grown its user base to more than 50 000 users and lots of features have been added.

I’ve been using it since last year and it has been growing a lot, and they are constantly getting new influencers to join and share their journeys.

What’s the TraveLibro app?

The concept of the app is to turn every traveler into a storyteller. The app lets you capture and share photos and videos directly into the app in different timelines and journeys. So, let’s say you’re traveling to Japan for 4 days, then you just create the journey, post content on the go while you travel, and when you go home, just finish the journey, and then you have all your memories saved and shared with your friends and other users.

More than that it works as an inspirational app where you can plan itineraries after seeing other people’s journeys. currently, there are more than 80 countries and 1200 cities covered. This means that there are so many places and different kinds of stories where you can get some new ideas for your own trips!

You can also follow other users and see their journeys. Another cool thing is that you can create a journey together with friends, and then you can all post photos and videos from the trip and have it as a memory, or even share it across other social platforms.


Who’s on the app?

Everyone can sign up and share their stories, but 99% of the users are people who like to travel. You will also find lots of travel bloggers in the app, which is pretty cool since you get to see a more personal side of their trips.

Some of my favorite bloggers on the app are the Nomadic Boys, XkflyAway, and YourPassport.

Plan your next trip with TraveLibro

As already mentioned briefly, there are more than 50 000 users worldwide, and 80 countries + 1200 cities covered. This is a nice way to plan your next trip, and you can read and see more of a personal experience from each traveler. Trending stories is a great place to start!


Some other cool features

You can fill out how many countries you’ve visited on the world map, and keep count as well as earning different levels. You could be a Newbie, a Just Got Wings, a Globe-Trotter, a Wayfarer, or even a Nomad if you’ve traveled to 25+ countries.

  • Trending travelers
  • Trending journeys
  • Search function for destinations

My thoughts on the TraveLibro app

It’s an interesting app since it differs from the more traditional apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I feel it fills a certain gap and can be of great use if you want to plan a similar trip as the experts. I think travel planning is fun, but it’s time-consuming, and with TraveLibro, you can just search for your favorite travel blogger and check out their journeys, and see where they went.

I normally only share my best photos because the algorithm of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram favor photos that gets the most likes, so, unfortunately, I can’t upload anything else than my best work in order to appear in my follower’s feed. It’s pretty frustrating, so it’s kinda fun to use TraveLibro and share what’s going on behind the scenes and more personal photos.

Like this photo for example, where the young daughter of the rental lady was amazed by Christine and her smartphone camera.


Christine with the rental lady’s daughter in Bali. Adorable photo!

You can download the app here

It’s available for both Android and IOS, and it’s free to use and download.

You can also use the web version of the app.

Have you tried TraveLibro? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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