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Through the years I have tried many different travel accessories, some of which have gotten a given place, while others remained at home. Some gadgets are superb, but best suited for specific destinations, while others are good for all trips, no matter destination.

It often happens that someone asks me about which travel gadgets that are the best, and my answer is; it depends. But there are still some travel gadgets that I almost always bring on my travels.

Here I have gathered my favorites when it comes to travel accessories that will improve and ease your travels. I have tested all travel gear on this list, and the recommendation is solely based on my experience.

Travel Gadgets that will make your packing easier

Packing Cubes

This is something that revolutionized my traveling, especially regarding organization and location. Packing Cubes allow you to compress the clothes and forces the air out of the bag so that it’s almost like a vacuum arises inside the cube.

The result? Less space, and easier to organize if you use different packing cubes, preferably in various sizes or colors.

Most of the times I bring 2-3 packing cubes in different sizes, where I have underwear in a smaller packing cube, t-shirts, and shorts in a medium-sized packing cube and others in a larger packing cube.

packningskub  Click here for more information and price

Luggage Scale

While you’re packing, it’s easy to pack too much, and it can be difficult to estimate the weight of the luggage. Having overweight in your luggage, whether it’s checked or hand luggage is often expensive.
With a luggage scale, you will never have to worry about overweight luggage again. You can easily weigh your bags before you leave.

Bagagevåg  Click Here for more information and price

Small refill bottles 100 ml

If you travel with checked baggage, you can put your liquids there, but if you only travel with hand luggage, some planning will be needed when it comes to liquids and cremes.
As you probably already know, there’s a limit on how much and how many liquids you can bring in your hand luggage. Each passenger can bring 1 liter in total, divided into a maximum of 10 containers with 100 ml.
So, to make things a bit easier, you can buy smaller refillable bottles that can contain 100 ml.

refill bottles  Click here for more information and price

Travel Gear for better sleep

Travel Pillow

Long haul flights and long bus journeys are seldom comfortable, especially if you’re not traveling in business class. During my years on the road, I have tested various Travel Pillows with mixed results.
Fortunately, last year I Found the best one so far – Cabeau’s Travel Pillow.
It’s durable, comfy and easy to bring. The memory foam will make you sleep like a baby. Of 15 Travel Pillows that I have tried, this is a clear winner.
However, with quality comes a little higher price, but if you’re a frequent traveler, your neck will thank you. In the long run, this will also be a great investment, because it will last longer than regular travel pillows.

Cabeu-nackkudde  Click here for more information and price

Eye Mask

To sleep on flights, buses, trains or even at hotel rooms without blinds can be a pain in the ass because of too much light. Using an eye mask is a cheap and efficient way to ensure yourself that it will be dark whenever you want to sleep.

eye mask  Click here for more information and price


Screaming children, noisy sounds, traffic, barking dogs and other unwanted sounds will be best avoid by using a pair of earplugs. Earplanes is a durable brand which also equalizes the pressure and let you sleep without being disturbed by unwanted sounds.
Regular earplugs will of course also work, but Earplanes will have a longer duration, and they also work better than other earplugs that I’ve tried.

earplanes  Click here for more information and price

Smart Travel Gadgets


A Spork is one of the most usable travel accessories out there. It’s a fork, knife and a spoon, all in one single product. And you never know when you need it, especially if you’re hiking or going on a longer trip. An awesome travel gadget that is also usable and cheap.

spork (1)  Click here for more information and price

Earphone splitter

A smart little travel gadget that lets you connect two earphones into one device. If you’re two and want to listen to the same thing, you can use an earphone splitter and be able to use both earphones without having to share. The earphone splitter is really cheap and works with all devices using 3.5 mm.

hörlursförgrening   Click here for more information and price

Backpack on your keyring

A super tiny backpack that can carry as much as 20 liters, despite it’s mini size at 8 x 6 cm while folded. The material is of hardwearing Cordura® with silicon; that’s also water resistant.This little backpack is not only useful while traveling, but also back at home if you ever need some extra carriage.

Ultrasil-Backpack  Click here for more information and price

Microfiber towel

To bring bigger towels is usually not a good idea while traveling, and they often don’t dry well either. That’s why you should get a microfiber towel. These towels weigh less, dry quicker and can also be folded so that it takes up less space.

This particular micro fiber is great and measures 150 x 80 cm in it’s full-size.

Mikrofiber-handduk  Click here for more information and price


Lifeventure Travel Door Lock

If you’re staying at a hostel or at a place where safety isn’t the best, a door lock could be useful. This door lock from Lifeventure lets you lock the door from the inside so that no one on the outside can open it. A smart travel gadget for backpackers.

 travel door lock  Click here for more information and price

Hidden Pocket

Are you traveling to a place where it’s common with pickpocketing? Then, this hidden pocket could be useful. There are a couple of varieties, but this one that you attach to your belt is probably the smoothest and most usable. The pocket will then be put on the inside of your pants, which makes it almost impossible for pickpockets to access.

While this probably won’t be necessary most of the times, it could be a safe way to store money, atm-cards, passport and other important documents.

hidden-pocket   Click here for more information and price


A flashlight is always a good thing to have when you travel. Unfortunately, many of them weigh too much or are just clumsy (at least if you want a good one). Luckily, I have found a small and compact flashlight that despite its smaller size, still glows brighter than many bigger flashlights.

Sometimes you will find yourself in a poorly lit place, and at some locations, the power will be cut off without warning. A flashlight is also a good thing to have if you like to explore caves and other places where light doesn’t reach so easily.

led lenser ficklampa    Click here for more information and price

Fun Travel Accessories

Selfie stick

If you don’t have one yourself, the chances are quite big that you know someone who has a selfie stick. While I seldom use it myself, it can’t be denied that it’s a great tool for taking selfies and better vacation pictures. The selfie stick will allow you to make both yourself and the landmark/scenery in the background within the image.

Without one, you will most likely end up with a facial pic and a tiny background seen, or a tiny face somewhere at the bottom of the picture together with the background object. However, with a selfie stick, you’ll always be able to get the most out of your travel pics, especially if you’re traveling solo.

This particular selfie stick allows you to press a button on the stick, so you don’t need to use a self-timer to take pictures.

Selfiestick   Click here for more information and price

GoPro Accessories

I would nearly go as far as to say that a GoPro is useless without its accessories. Sure you can get stunning videography by just holding it, because it’s a great action camera, but the really cool videos is only possible to get with accessories.

The accessories available are plenty, so there’s likely to be something that fits for your type of videos! Below you can read more about my personal favorite GoPro accessories.

My favorite GoPro Accessories:

  • Tripod (a must have for time lapses)
  • Headstrap (caves, climbing, etc.)
  • Selfie stick (cooler videos and longer reach)
  • Floating stick (When filming under water)

Gopro-tillbehör  Click here for more information and price

Scratch map

A fun little item to have if you like to travel. The Scratch Map allows you to scrape the places that you’ve visited around the world. With the scratch map it’s both easy and fun to keep track of which countries you’ve visited and what countries you’ve left before you have visited them all!

A Fun and good looking detail for your home as well!

Scratch-map   Click here for more information and price

Electronic Travel Gadgets

Travel Adapter

With a travel adapter, you’ll always be sure to able to connect and charge your gadgets when you travel. Depending on where you are in the world, the power outlets will differ. This problem is easily solved by a travel adapter, which allows you too pull out different outlets by pulling the levels on the side.

Skross-Reseadapter   Click here for more information and price

GoPro Hero 4

Have you ever wondered how other travelers make their awesome videos from around the world? Well, mosf of the times the little secret can be spelled – GoPro Hero 4, which is one of the best action cameras out there. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a tiny action camera that you can even fit in your pocket. But despite it’s tiny size you can still film in 4K-solution.

gopro_hero4_black_edition   Click here for more information and price

Portable charger

I think everyone has ended up without battery at one point, and we all know how bad and boring that could be. With a portable charger, you’ll never have to worry again about having a camera without batteries or that your cell phone will die in the middle of nowhere.

I like to explore, especially off the beaten path, but I also like to find my way back by using Google Maps, so that’s why I always carry a portable charger whenever I travel.

portabel laddareClick here for more information and priceClick here for more information and price

External hard drive

If your laptop or camera gets stolen, you store a copy somewhere else on an external hard drive. It’s perfect for keeping those important documents, notes, and photos from your travels. If you’re a photographer, then this is for sure a must thing to have while you travel!

I have a 2TB external hard drive, and that will give you enough space for quite some time.

Verbatim-hårddisk   Click here for more information and price

Other Travel Accessories

Sewing kit

A small sewing kit is cheap and doesn’t take up much space in your luggage, but it could be very useful if a shirt or other clothing break.

sykit resepryl   Click here for more information and price

First Aid Kit

Patches, bandage, wound cleaning are all good things to have while you travel, because you never know when the accident strikes. A first aid kit is something that every traveler should bring, especially on longer trips!

first aid kit   Click here for more information and price

TSA Padlock

Normal padlocks are not approved by the TSA, and if the security personnel want to check your luggage and it’s locked with a regular padlock, they will have to break it. With a TSA-approved padlock they can just open the lock if they want to check your luggage, without breaking the lock.

The TSA-approved padlocks allow the security personnel to open it by using a unique key.

TSA-hänglås   Click here for more information and price

Water bottle with built-in filter

If you care about nature and saving money, this is one of the best tips I can give you regarding travel accessories. This water bottle is durable and made of aluminum. The only thing you need to change is the filter, which needs to be replaced after approximately 6 months. The filter will remove 99,9% of the bacterias, which makes it possible to drink the water almost everywhere on earth.

Clearly-Filtered   Click here for more information and price



This page contains affiliate links, but none of the content is sponsored, and all recommendations are based on my personal experience of the products.