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Travel Adapter – Makes it easy to power your electricity abroad

Travel Adapter – Makes it easy to power your electricity abroad

Are you traveling abroad? Then there might be a different power outlet at your destination. There are some standards around the world, and even though Europe for example, uses a different voltage than the US, modern products can handle both.

However, you’ll still need an adapter to make the plug fit into the power outlet if it’s a different socket.  That’s where a travel adapter comes handy. 

What is a Travel Adapter?

A travel adapter allows you to connect electronic gadgets to other sockets than Swedish electrical outlets. If you travel to the United States or the UK, the appearance of the electrical outlets is different. On the travel adapter, there are different plugs and depending on how advanced travel adapter you have, the more types of sockets you can use.

There are both easier travel adapters and more advanced. I prefer a more advanced as I travel often and to many different places. It will also be easier to have everything in one. A bit like a multitool, fixed for power outlets.

Here you can buy your Skross Travel Adapter

What power outlets are most common?

You probably know what’s most common in your part of the world. In Europe, you generally use this power outlet just like home in Sweden. Outside Europe, this is not as common, but instead, it is more common to use other varieties such as Types A, B, G and I.

In quite a few countries, you’ll be seeing other types, and then a travel adapter is good to have. The best thing you can do is check before specifically what type of power outlet they have in the country you are visiting.

Below is a list of typical destinations where power outlets are different from Sweden and Europe and vice versa:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Cyprus
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • China

Skross Travel Adapter

With this travel adapter from Skross, you can connect your electric gadgets in more than 150 countries. The travel adapter has built-in plug sockets that can be folded out as needed.

Skross Travel Adapter has a grounded removable connector for: UK / Swiss / AUS / US / Euro / Italian / China / Japan, etc. Countries and folding contacts for: UK / Swiss / Italian / AUS / US / China / Japan and others. The different connectors are obtained by pulling on the various controls located on the side of the travel adapter. It also comes with a USB adapter that lets you charge two mobile phones at the same time or any other product that can be charged via USB if you do not have access to the plug into the wall.

In addition to using your electrical appliances abroad, you are also guaranteed the highest level of security, as this is one of the world’s best travel adapters. You can always buy a travel adapter on site, but what quality and safety you get can differ quite a lot, and it’s never a good idea to worry about the security when it comes to electricity, both in terms of oneself and your expensive electronics.

I use this travel adapter myself and always have it with on my travels. Thanks to the fact that it is safe, I can easily plug in a branch that gives me more sockets and the possibility to plug in, even more, gadgets at the same time.

Perfect gift for travelers

This is also perfect as a Christmas gift for anyone who likes to travel or to anyone just going on a backpacker trip or a trip around the world. A must have for all travelers simply!

More information about Skross Travel Adapter

  • Earthed adapter: Yes
  • 110-250 volts
  • Weight: 193 grams
  • Dimensions: 57x73x76 mm

You can buy your Skross Travel Adapter here

Are there any other varieties?

Absolutely there are other brands and simpler versions available, but of the ones I’ve tried, Skross Travel Adapter has been the best. I also do not think it’s worth to buy several ones that will break. I think it’s better to invest in something that will be durable and where you know the quality is high.

It is not worth chasing with electronic gadgets that can cost thousands of dollars. This travel adapter is also not very expensive and works in most parts of the world.

Do you have tips of any other travel adapter that you’ve used? Please share your experiences and tips. Also if you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment or send an email. 

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