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Top Things To Do On Rhodes

Top Things To Do On Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most famous islands in the greek archipelago. Every year thousands of people choose Rhodes as their place for vacation, and it’s easy to understand why. Rhodes got something for everyone regardless of age and interest. 

There are plenty of things to do on Rhodes, with everything from good food to a lovely day on the beach or some great historical places like the medieval city and the Acropolis temple. If that isn’t enough end your days at a nice restaurant or party all night long until the sun goes up on the famous bar street. If you’re looking for the authentic Greece, simply go and visit some of the local villages around the island. The locals are very friendly as long as you’re friendly towards them.

Rhodes Old town

A world heritage site which dates all the way back to medieval time. it’s one of the most preserved medieval cities in all of Europe, and you can still go inside ancient buildings. You will also find cozy little allies with small ouzo bars and cafés, and of course lots of restaurants and souvenir shops. A visit to Rhodes Old town is definitely one of the top things to do on Rhodes. This is also the place where you can go to the famous Palace of Grand Master of Knights.

old town rhodes

Orfanidou Street

This is the bar street in Rhodes town, also known as the “Scandinavian” bar street, simply because almost everyone comes from either Sweden, Norway or Finland. Here you will find a party which doesn’t stop until the sun goes up. The main clubs are Pepes Bodega, Grabbarna Grus and Solsidan Bar. If you’re looking for some serious party while visiting Rhodes, make sure to not miss out on the different events where you get free bar for 3 hours. Price is around 35 € per person.


An ancient village who has kept lots of its charm, despite an increasing number of tourists. Lindos is one of the most visited places on Rhodes, mostly because of the ancient greek temple, but also for the lovely beaches you will find here in Lindos.

lindos rhodos

Anthony Quinn Bay

A lovely beach which is located approximately 4 kilometers south of Faliraki. This beach isn’t so big, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and well worth a visit.

Tsambika Beach

A nice “hidden” beach with golden sand and clear water. Well it’s not really hidden, it’s just not so well known among tourists, since there aren’t any hotels nearby. To get here is pretty straight forward, rent a motorbike or car and go south from Rhodes town and look for a sign on your left side.

tsambika beach

Visit a local village

Most tourists never get to experience the “real” Rhodes, which is kind of a shame since the people are really friendly here. I have lived on the Island for two summers in a row, so I have visited a lot of non-touristic places. The most memorable though is a trip I made to a local village, where I got to taste locally produced feta cheese, olive oil and some home cooked greek food. Even if my greek was quite terrible people were so kind and happy to show me the real Rhodes, beyond tourism.

I can recommend Siánna, a small mountain village in the southwestern part of Rhodes.

Daytrip to Marmaris

When you’re standing on the beach in Rhodes town it’s possible to see the Turkish town of Marmaris. If you have some time over, I would totally recommend everyone to make a day trip to Marmaris. It takes about an hour, and when you get there you will get a chance to experience the Turkish culture, go to a hammam and of course buy some nice handicrafts from the local market.

Other things to do on Rhodes

Faliraki Waterpark

The water park is one of the biggest ones in all of Europe. So if you’re traveling with children this is definitely one of the top things to do on Rhodes. Let the children splash around in the waterslides all day long while you work on your tan or reading a book. It’s always fun at the Faliraki water park, so if you got the time to visit, then why not.

The valley of the butterflies

If you travel with children or if you simply love butterflies, then this is the place to go. The valley of the butterflies is exactly what it sounds like – a valley with lots and lots of butterflies and of course some beautiful natural surroundings.

Other famous Beaches

  • Prasonisi
  • Pefkos Beach
  • Agathi Beach
  • Oasis beach

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