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Top Things To Do In Warsaw

Top Things To Do In Warsaw

Warsaw has in recent years repeatedly been named as one of the world’s most affordable capitals. It is not only cheap, but you also get quality and a great variety regarding sights, history and things to do. Personally, I would like to call Warsaw for the perfect weekend city, at least for us that are living in countries nearby.

It’s often cheap to fly to Warsaw. It has affordable accommodation, food and activities. The shopping is great; the nightlife is one of the best, and there are plenty of spa treatments of high quality at reasonable prices.

So what to do in Warsaw when you go there on a weekend? In this article, I have gathered my favorites when it comes to things to do in Warsaw as a tourist.

Old Town

The Old Town of Warsaw has a cozy atmosphere of itself and is full of charm. It is easy to do with a few hours by admiring all the beautiful buildings, churches, and statues scattered throughout the old town. When you feel that the tummy starts to rumble, only to settle on one of the many restaurants and cafes available here.

Old Town is also a perfect place to find exquisite souvenirs and handicrafts to buy the home. To walk around the old town is definitely among the best you can do in Warsaw.


If you like to party all night long; Warsaw is a great city to visit. It’s packed with restaurants, bars and nightclubs that are open until the wee hours. It does not matter what kind of music you like or what price range and the type of people you are searching for. Warsaw’s nightlife has something to suit everyone, but a good tip is to go on the classic hitting the bars arranged every week. Barr Tucked gives you the opportunity to discover several bars and night clubs while you get to meet other festive happy travelers.

Warsaw Free Walking Tour

Free walking tours are a bit of a hallmark in Europe and of course, Warsaw also has it’s own free walking tour. I recommend anyone visiting the city to go on this walking tour since it the guides who are running the tour are both knowledgeable and friendly. They are showcasing the best of Warsaw has to offer when it comes to attractions and things to do.


Going on a Spa trip to Poland is something that has become increasingly popular in recent years. And it is not so strange when standards are high and prices low. I have allowed a couple of spa treatments in Warsaw myself, and can highly recommend it to all who feel eager to pamper themselves. The treatments are starting from approximately 5 euros and a massage that lasts an hour costs about 20 euros.

Going to the spa gives a nice break from shopping and all of the sights in Warsaw.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is located in the old town and has a long history behind it. Unfortunately, the castle was destroyed during the Second World War. Since then it has been rebuilt again. Nowadays you can also go and explore the King’s apartment and all the paintings and many other historical items.

If you like history, this is definitely something you should do in Warsaw.


Shopping in Warsaw is without a doubt among the best in Europe, and one could expect a huge variety of upscale stores and brands mixed with local designer labels and vintage. Nowy Swiat and Chmielna are two trendy and fashionable shopping streets. Arkadia and Galeria Mokotów is the city’s best shopping centers. Prices are usually lower than in countries such as UK, Sweden or the Netherlands, and there are plenty of chances to make real bargains.

Are you looking for souvenirs, handicrafts and small shops selling local clothes? Then you should go to the old town.

Warsaw Drink and Food Tour

Poland has a strong culture of food and drinks, and there are many delicacies to try from the Polish cuisine. This tour gives you the very best at the same time it’s ensuring well-prepared food that tastes just as it should do. To visit Poland without tasting their vodka is almost as bad as traveling to Russia without tasting their vodka.

I really like food tours. They are usually very enjoyable, and it’s nice to walk around with some of the locals and go to places serving traditional food and drink. You also get a different insight into the local culture and can get answers to questions that arise.

The Opera House

While Opera isn’t one of my favorite activities, you still have to admit that the opera house in Warsaw is absolutely stunning, both on the inside as well as the outside. The low price will not hurt anyone either. Especially not since the performances displayed here are equally amazing as the more “glamorous” opera houses in Europe. One could also enjoy some polish ballet.

If you like opera and classical music, I can heartily recommend you to go on a show here. Have you never been to an opera? Well, then the Warsaw opera house is perfect because prices are very low while the standard is very high.

Other things to do in Warsaw

Copernicus Science Center

Going to Warsaw with children? Then Copernicus Science Center is something to write on the list of “things to do in Warsaw.” The center is a technological museum for both large and small, and here you can learn more about the world. Next to the center is also a planetarium which is also popular to visit. If you want to be sure that it will not be fully booked, it’s possible to book tickets in advance.

Łazienki Park

Tired of the big city life? Then this green oasis for you. Lazienki Park is located in the central part of the city but is nevertheless quiet and peaceful. Here is plenty of beautiful trees, birds, squirrels, plants, and flowers. The park is also home to the majestic Lazienki Palace and a few other historic buildings.

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Monday 24th of July 2017

Great recommendations. Warsaw is for sure worth visiting, I think that it is one of the most interesting places in Europe. My favorite part of this city is the Old Town - it is the most beautiful and lively. I have also discovered one of my favorite bars there - Bubbles Bar. It is a great, cozy place with champagnes from all over the world and delicious food. Perfect for spending a chill afternoon with a group of friends:)


Friday 21st of April 2017

Warsaw is an incredible place to visit! There are so many amazing things to do and places to visit! My favourite activity is definitely discovering new culinary spots:) Last time my friends took me to the Akademia Restaurant and it is my new favourite! Their food is delicious and the restaurant itself is elegant and romantic. I can't wait to go back to Warsaw.