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Top Things To Do In Vilnius

Top Things To Do In Vilnius

Vilnius is an exciting and rustic destination in the Baltics, which, unlike its neighbors, Tallinn and Riga haven’t received as much attention. This is both positive and negative. The standard in Vilnius is slightly lower but prices are thus lower, and there are also fewer tourists.

The City has a staggering amount of old churches, and you get a great feeling while walking around in Vilnius, especially in the Old Town. Best of all – you will have the majority of the city’s attractions to yourself, or share them with just a few other tourists.

Vilnius will give you an authentic Baltic experience, and in this article, you can read more about my favorite attractions and things to do in Vilnius as a tourist!

Old Town

The heart of Vilnius can be found in the old town, and although most locals live in other areas, this is a busy area with lots of cafes, bars and restaurants mixed with beautiful old buildings and cobbled streets.

St. Anne’s Church

One of the city’s most famous landmarks, and rightly so. The church is actually a prime example of the flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic style. St. Anne’s Church, is one of the main reasons that the old town got listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

The church was completed in 1500 and has since been renovated and restored to retain its former glory.

Address: Maironio g. 8-1.

Gediminas Tower

Gediminas was a great prince said to have founded the city of Vilnius. Gediminas tower is what remains of the original castle that Mr. Gediminas built. The tower is an important historical symbol of the city, but also for the whole country, and it is mentioned in numerous nationalist poems and songs.

From here, you also get a pretty decent view of the old town of Vilnius.

Address: Arsenalo g. 5th.

Arkikatedra Basilica

The main cathedral in Vilnius is a mighty building, which is spectacular both inside and outside. A must visit when you go to Vilnius!

Bernardinu Baznycia

A beautiful church where you usually get a quiet and peaceful moments. When we were there, it was completely deserted for 15 minutes, which gave us a more atmospheric experience when we strolled around and checked out all the beautiful details and paintings.

The entrance to the church is however somewhat hidden, and can be easy to miss.

When you walk on the path leading up to the church, you should go to the right, where you will see a sign pointing toward the door.

Address: Maironio g. 10th.

Try local specialties

Lithuanian cuisine consists mostly of simple home cooked food, but there are still a few dishes that stand out and are different and worth to try. Beetroot soup is one of those local specialties and is served both hot and cold.

Another dish is Didžkukuliai, also known as Cepelinai is considered by many as Lithuania’s national dish. Didžkukuliai is potato dumplings filled with meat.

Go to the spa

Just like Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius has an excellent range of spa facilities. Vilnius has, however, fallen somewhat overshadowed, which is a shame since prices are still much lower here.

Grab a bargain of beauty treatments and massages before you go back home!


This area is full of street art, but it is not just the art that characterizes this area. In fact, Uzupis, and those who live there have made Uzupis into an independent area since 1998. They even have their own flag and national anthem. If you visit the site on April 1, you can get your passport stamped by fake border guards.

Day trip to Trakai

A beautiful castle surrounded by an equally lovely lake in the small town of Trakai, located about an hour outside Vilnius. Perfect for a day trip!

Shuttle service is available from Vilnius bus station from platform 6,7,8 for the regular bus or 28 and 29 intercity bus.

Other attractions and things to do in Vilnius

KGB Museum

Want to know more about the KGB and the former Soviet era in Lithuania this is a great place to go to. The most important part of the museum is the prison in the basement which initially consisted of about 50 cells (later 19). Today, everything remains exactly as it was left in 1991 and you get an interesting insight into how the prisoners lived and how they were tortured.

Address: 01400, Auku g. 2A.

Touch the “lucky belly.’

If you feel for some more fortune in your life, you can go and pet the “lucky belly” which is said to bring luck and happiness for those who touches the stomach sculpture. Even if you do not believe in tales such as these, it can still be a fun thing, especially if you are traveling to Vilnius with children.

Not one of the must things to do in Vilnius, but it is centrally located, so the chance that you pass this fun monument is quite large.

Vilnius TV Tower

If you’re looking for city views, the TV tower in Vilnius one of the best places to go to.

Escape Game

If you have time and feel like a fun break from shopping and sightseeing is an escape game is always a fun activity. It goes something to which the prisoners at the fort and to solve puzzles and tasks to get them out of there.

Amber Museum

Amber is available in many places in the Baltic countries, and if you are interested to know more about Amber, this is a perfect place to do it.

This small museum is located at Sv. Mykolo Gatve 8.

Three Crosses Hill

A well-known monument in Vilnius who according to the legend is the place where monks from the Franciscan order were beheaded. From the top the hill you also get a great view of the city.

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Vilnius is a beautiful city. I also recommend visiting the Vintil Museum of Illusion and the Museum of Money.