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Top Things To Do In New York

Top Things To Do In New York

New York City, the Big Apple, City of Dreams. Yes, beloved children have many names, and there is probably no doubt that this is one of the world’s coolest cities. Here is a lovely mix of different cultures mixed with towering skyscrapers and trendy rooftop bars

Shopping is also there for all tastes. And yes, this may sound a bit cliché, but there are always plenty of things to do in New York. 

In this article, I share my top New York tips for attractions and places to visit.

5th avenue

If you like shopping, 5th avenue is a must to visit. 5th Avenue runs through Manhattan, and here you will find shopping to suit all budgets and tastes. There are lots of shops with everything from big international chains like H & M and Uniqlo to more exclusive boutiques such as Prada, Chanel, and Balenciaga.

Explore Brooklyn

A trendy area full of hip cafes, bars and restaurants. There are also a lot of the city’s creative street art. In Sweden, Södermalm in Stockholm, the closest you can get to Brooklyn, but Brooklyn is so much more and so much bigger than Södermalm. To visit Brooklyn is a must thing to do in New York City! (At least if you want a genuine experience).

Statue of Liberty

Seeing the Statue of Liberty is almost a must to do while in New York. However, there are often long queues to go up. An excellent New York tip if you want to avoid long lines but still see the Statue of Liberty is to take the Staten Island ferry, which runs just next to the statue.

From there you have a perfect view of the entire statue and the best part? It’s free to go by the ferry if you have a metro card.

Times Square

One of the world’s busiest sites. Here are constant crowds, surrounded by towering skyscrapers mixed with billboards that flash and street performers. Times Square has lots of things to offer, and it’s a terrific experience just to walk around there.

In addition to admiring the skyscrapers and people watching, there’s also some good shopping, with stores like Forever21, Ralph Lauren, the Disney Store and much more!


Going to Chinatown in New York City may seem a bit comical, but New York’s Chinatown is actually one of the world’s largest Chinatowns and is well worth a visit, at least if you like Chinese food and other Chinese culture.

Best time to visit China town is in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. Then turn the whole China town into one big party with colorful parades and people dressed up as dragons and monsters.

If you want some real Chinese food, you should go to a place where the Chinese are eating themselves.

Check out the New York skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you want to see New York’s skyscrapers, I can recommend getting to Brooklyn Bridge Park. From there, one can enjoy perhaps the best views of Manhattan’s massive buildings. As a photographer, this is a classic place to visit, and many pictures are taken right from this location.

Central Park

A famous attraction in New York. Central Park is a green oasis where New Yorkers can escape the otherwise stressful city life. Central Park is the perfect place for a picnic or a pleasant day out in a beautiful area.

Do not be shocked when squirrels are coming to close and looking for food. They have become almost domesticated and happily share the park with all of its visitors.

Go up to the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock

To visit the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock is almost a must to do in New York. From the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, you get a spectacular view of Manhattan from above Rockefeller Center; one can look out over Central Park and New York’s many skyscrapers.

Drink cocktails at Rooftop Bars

To hang out on a rooftop bar is something that New Yorkers themselves are known for. So If you would like a taste of the life of a New Yorker, you should visit one of the many rooftop bars in town. Go for a drink or two and enjoy the fantastic views.

There are many to choose from, both fancier rooftop bars and others that are more casual.

Visit the Ground Zero Memorial

One of the city’s most visited attractions is Ground Zero, which is a monument to the memory of all the victims who were swept away by the horrible attacks of September 11, 2001. Ground Zero is a place that evokes strong emotions!

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Another popular attraction which you probably have seen in many movies. While in New York, Do not miss to take a stroll on the bridge while you gaze out over the water and all the skyscrapers. A delightful experience, both day, and night.

Other things to do in New York

Go on a musical

Another popular thing to do in New York is going to the Broadway musical. Some of the most famous are The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, just to name a few. But be sure to buy tickets in advance if there is a particular show you want to see. Tickets will sell out quickly.

If you’re somehow more flexible with your time and what musical, you could go early in the morning and buy “last minute tickets.” A great New York tip if you think the usual ticket prices are a bit too high.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand and magnificent architecture. The central is stunning both on the outside and the inside. Even cooler is to go during peak hours when hundreds of thousands of people are passing through the center.

Like many other places in New York, this is an iconic place that has been featured in many films.

Ellis Island

A historical island where most immigrants during the 1800 and 1900s when they arrived to the United States.

Coney Island

Coney Island is known for its iconic amusement park, but there is also a nice boardwalk and a beach if you feel hungry for a swim.

Century 21

Large outlet mall with designer brands. If you want to bargain clothes, this is the place to go to. Here you will find almost everything you can imagine. However, Century 21 is enormous, so be prepared to spend a couple of hours here to make the most out of it.

Go to a hockey game

Going to the hockey game is quite popular, both among locals and tourists alike. New York is home to both the New York Rangers and New York Islanders, who both play in the NHL.

The price of tickets is quite juicy though (200-350 $), and they are quickly sold out. So if this is something that you would like to do, remember to book your tickets early.

The feeling of being inside at Madison Square Garden is magical!

Go to a basketball game

It’s not just hockey that’s available at Madison Square Garden. The arena is also home to the NBA team New York Knicks.

Go to a baseball match

Going to a Yankees game is a typical thing to do in New York. Just the feeling of sitting at Yankee Stadium is a powerful feeling. The price of going to the baseball game is much more humane than hockey and basketball.

If you’re lucky, you will see be in New York when the Yankees play a classic game against the Red Sox.

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Monday 17th of October 2016

Glad you mentioned Top of the Rock as I believe it gives a much better 360 degree view of Manhattan. Also, if you are interested in "speak easy" bars, then you should check out Campbell Apartment at Grand Central Station. You can actually visit it on this free walking tour of Grand Central Station.