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Top Things To Do In Brussels

Top Things To Do In Brussels

Brussels is perhaps best known for being the headquarters of European Union, but the city actually has much more than that to offer, especially if you like art and architecture. Moreover, it is cheap to fly to Brussels!

Here I have compiled a list of my favorites when it comes to tourist attractions and the top things to do in Brussels.

Grand Place

Since 1998, this large square is noted on the UNESCO list of world heritages, and once you’re in the “place” it is easy to understand why. Wherever you go, you feel you are surrounded by beautiful majestic buildings with stunning architecture.

City Walk

Brussels is crammed with beautiful buildings and architecture, therefore, it is advisable to just wander around at random around the Grand Place, where most attractions are located.

There are guided tours to go on if you like, but I recommend instead that you walk around on your own and just enjoy the city.

Eat a Belgian waffle

One can not claim to have experienced Belgium without eating Belgian waffles. Sure you can, but it would be a shame to miss. In Brussels, I ate the most delicious waffle I’ve ever eaten, even though it was fully packed with both cream and sauce.

The Belgian waffle was soft and crunchy at the same time and melted perfectly in the mouth. Waffle stands are virtually around every corner and most of them are good, so the odds of finding a good waffle is in your favor.

belgisk våffla

Take a stroll along the Comic Strip

Belgium has produced a number of famous cartoon characters through the years and here at the Comic Strip you can learn more about the series and the story behind. Some of the most famous Belgian series include Tintin, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and the Daltons.

Address: Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Ville de Bruxelles.

Try authentic Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate is something that probably all have heard about, and most have probably also tasted it at home. But what could be better than eating Belgian chocolate in Belgium? To try authentic Belgian chocolate is obviously one of the must things do in Brussels as a tourist!

For those who love chocolate, it’s also possible to make your own chocolate. On Saturdays, there are plenty of chocolate workshops that offers a guided tour and chocolate making.

Royal Palace (Palais Royal)

A short walk from the Grand Place you” find the Royal Palace, which has its doors open to the public during the summer. If you like history, royal buildings, and architecture, this is a given stop in Brussels.

Address: Brederodestraat 16th.

Finish the day with some delicious Moules Frites

Moules Frites is one of Belgium’s national dishes, and consists of cooked mussels and fried potatoes. The dish is popular in France, but is said to come from Belgium originally. A delicious dish that is available in different variants, including white wine sauce, garlic or beer.

moules frites

Other tourist attractions and things to do in Brussels

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

A beautiful cathedral that is worth a visit if you like old buildings and churches. The church is dedicated to the memory of St. Michael and St. Gudula. The architecture is of Gothic style, and the inside is beautiful with lots of art and details.

Address: Parvis Sainte-Gudule.

Horta Museum

It was here that Victor Horta lived (one of the forerunners of Art Nouveau). His home has been converted into an interesting museum, well, at least if you like art and architecture.

Address: 25, rue Americaine.

Guided tour of the European Parliament

Not one of the must things to do in Brussels, but if you’re interested in knowing more about the EU and the work that takes place behind closed doors in Parliament, you are welcome to take a guided tour inside the visitor’s center.

Manneken Pis

This is one of the city’s most famous attractions. Manneken Pis literally means – little peeing man and that is exactly what you will see.

Manneken Pis is, in fact, a small fountain sculpture depicting a urinating boy. A fun and memorable tourist attraction in Brussels!

Notre Dame du Sablon

An incredible beautiful church with spectacular architecture that is absolutely worth a visit.

Address: Rue de la Regence 3b.


Perhaps the world’s best tourist trap? Anyway if you like beer, gin and other spirits. Prices are low and the place is packed with tourists, but what does that matter, when you can choose from 3,000 different beers?

Delirium even has the world record for the highest number of beers.

Address: Impasse de la Fidélité 4A.

MIM – Musical Instruments Museum

Like music? Especially instrumental music, then this is a museum for you.

Address: Rue Montagne de la Cour 2.

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Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Amazing list of things to do in Brussels. Main attractions are Atomium and Manneken.