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Top Things To Do In Barcelona

Top Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona is a big city that has something to offer all ages and interests. It’s one those cities that never sleeps, and there is always something to do in Barcelona. It has everything from historical sites and beautiful buildings with stunning architecture to restaurants serving tapas and nightclubs, which are open until the sun rises the next morning.

In this article, I have listed my favorites when it comes to things to do in Barcelona.

La Rambla

La Rambla is a frequently visited place among tourists in Barcelona, and to take a stroll along the boulevard is for sure a must thing to do in Barcelona. La Rambla stretches all the way from the Columbus statue to Placa de Catalunya.

It’s crowded both day and night. Remember to keep an extra eye on your belongings, since there are plenty of pickpocket thieves walking along La Rambla.

Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic)

Looking for a cozy neighborhood in Barcelona? Then you should head to the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic in Spanish). Here awaits small alleys and cozy little plazas with charming outdoor cafes and coffee shops. This area is the old part of Barcelona, and many of the buildings have a history stretching back in time as far as the Middle Ages.

Taking a walk through Barri Gotic is well appreciated, and most visitors also make a stop to eat at one of the many restaurants available here.

Experience the amazing Gaudi architecture

There are many beautiful Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, but there is a special architect that truly symbolizes this in an excellent way. Gaudi is the name of the architect, and it is he who’ve designed several of Barcelona’s most spectacular buildings. Some of his famous works includes:

Last but not least we have the Parc Guell, which is a combined park and art exhibition. It is free to enter the park, but there’s an entrance fee if you would like to see the famous mosaic by Gaudí. I recommend booking tickets in advance online since the lines could be long, and also if you book online, you don’t have to stand in long queues.

Remember that there are fewer people on weekdays, and more people during the weekends. In addition to the famous mosaic, the park is also full of lush trees and plants and beautiful flowers. If you want a beautiful view, you shouldn’t miss out on the park’s viewpoint.

Experience a football game at Camp Nou

Barcelona is home to one of the world’s largest football teams – FC Barcelona, the city’s pride. At Camp Nou, you will be offered a fantastic evening of football along with about 100 000 other visitors, all of which is creating an incredible atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of football, this is one of the must things to do in Barcelona, but even if you do not like football very much, I can guarantee you that the experience will be memorable.

Day trip to Montserrat

Just outside Barcelona one could visit the beautiful national park of Montserrat. Visitors at Montserrat can enjoy high mountains combined with steep ravines and stunning views. At the top, except for a beautiful view, one could enjoy a museum, a couple of shops and a large old monastery.

In the monastery, there are several paintings and sculptures. The best known are the rock carvings from the 1100s depicting the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. A day trip to Montserrat is a must thing to do in Barcelona!

Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood are incredibly of a high standard and comes served in a wide range due to the city’s proximity to the sea. A good restaurant that I can recommend is Rias de Galicia, located in the Poble-sec at the street Lleida 7th.

Pintxos and tapas

Pintxos and Tapas are virtually everywhere in Barcelona, and one should definitely not miss out on trying these delicacies when visiting Barcelona. There are a lot of great places, but my favorite is undoubtedly the restaurant Eskual Etxea.

Night Life

If you’re looking for the hottest nightlife in Europe, You’ve come to the right place. The hip nightclubs of Barcelona are open until the sun rises the next morning. Barcelona is the perfect city if you want to release the party animal within yourself.

However, for those who prefer a more relaxed evening, it is equally good just to sip on a good drink or drink some nice wine at a lounge bar.


For those who like nature and beautiful views, Montjuïc is almost a must place to visit. Montjuïc is located right in the center of Barcelona, and here you will also find the Botanical Garden. The easiest way to get up is via the cable car that runs from Placa de Espanya.

Other things to do in Barcelona

Walk around in Parc de la Ciutadella

A lush park in the medieval center of Barcelona. Parc de la Ciutadella is a calm and peaceful green oasis, perfect if you want to relax and take a break from the urban pulse. The park has many beautiful and rare flowers and plants. There are also plenty of fountains and lovely sculptures around the park.

Go to the opera at the Gran Teatre de Liceu

Do you like classical music and opera? Go to the Gran Teatre de Liceu, and experience some real art of music. This opera house opened as early as 1847 and was in its first century, the biggest opera house in Europe.

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