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15 Best Things to do in Zürich (Switzerland)

15 Best Things to do in Zürich (Switzerland)

Here’s a list of the 15 best things to do in Zürich in Switzerland, along with famous landmarks, museums, and other points of interest.


The Lindenhof is Zürich’s most historic and atmospheric quarter and stretches from Lake Zürich along the River Limmat. The quarter features many beautiful historical monuments such as the Fraumünster Church.

In this area, you’ll also find the Minster Bridge and many pedestrian zones that are perfectly suited for hours of strolling. Needless to say, Lindenhof is also Zürich’s best spot for traditional Swiss cuisine as this is where many of the city’s oldest and most historic restaurants are located.


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Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich

The Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich is an interesting botanical garden housing a botanical library, a herbarium, and the International Organizations for Succulent Plant Research.

It was founded in 1931 and is today a real attraction of the city. More than 6,500 succulent plants are found here and the museum does a great job explaining how these interesting plants survive in some of our planet’s most arid landscapes. The botanical garden consists of 4750 m² of greenery and shouldn’t be missed.

Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich

Lake Zürich

Lake Zürich is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes and is one of the key attractions of the city. Not only does the lake serve as a great panorama it also offers great recreational value and is used for water sports, bathing during summer as well as boat tours.

There are plenty of public bathing areas and beaches just outside Zürich that attract many visitors and residents. The many sailing yachts found along the Limmat are an indicator of how popular the lake is as many of Zürich’s residents use them to sail the lake.  

Lake Zürich

Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich)

The Kunsthaus Zürich is the city’s most well-renowned art museum and houses a wide array of works from the Middle Ages all the way to contemporary art.

Works of many of Europe’s most famous artists are presented here including Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, and Vincent van Gogh. The museum also features a section dedicated to the many great Swiss artists that influenced the world with their art such as Johann Heidrich.

Keep in mind that the museum offers free visits to every visitor each Wednesday.

Kunsthaus Zurich

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FIFA World Football Museum

Zürich offers an absolute highlight for football fans, the FIFA World Football Museum. The museum is located just a few meters south-west of downtown Zürich and offers an interactive collection of more than 1000 world cup-related exhibits.

This museum is very modern and offers plenty of games to test your football knowledge and skills on the ball as well as fun activities for younger visitors, making it a perfect spot for the whole family.  

FIFA World Football Museum

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Opernhaus Zürich

The Opernhaus Zürich is the city’s premier opera venue and offers elegant evenings for music-fans. The venue was inaugurated in 1891 and has since then established itself as one of Europe’s best addresses for operas.

Even if you aren’t interested in attending an opera at the Opernhaus the architectural beauty of the building shouldn’t be missed. It features a monumental neo-classical façade built of white and grey stone and is adorned with busts of Weber, Wagner, and Mozart.

Opernhaus Zürich

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Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg

Situated on the southern shore of Lake Zürich is the Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg, a cable car leading to the summit of the Felsenegg, a mountain situated at 804 m of altitude.

The mountain is known for its fantastic views over the lake and the city of Zürich and offers a great network of cycling and hiking trails. The forests surrounding it are one of the most popular recreational areas for residents of Zürich and are the perfect place to escape everyday life in the city.

Old Town

Zürich’s Old Town is situated along the eastern shore of the River Limmat and is home to many of the city’s most interesting historical monuments. There are many romantic streets found here that are dotted with guild houses and little cafes.

One of the highlights of the Altstadt, as the Old Town is called in German, is the Rathaus. It serves as Zürich’s Town Hall and is situated right on the water. To get the best views of the area it is recommended to walk across one of the many picturesque bridges that cross the Limmat.

zurich old town

Uetliberg Mountain

The Uetliberg is one of the most scenic spots in all of Zürich and offers great views over the city, the river, and Lake Zürich. The mountain rises to around 870 m and is, similar to Felsenegg, one of the most popular recreational spots for residents of the city.

Uetliberg features many great hiking trails and a viewing platform. Many people choose to climb the mountain under their own steam but if you like it a bit more comfortable there is also a train leading to the summit.  

View from Uetliberg Mountain

Museum Rietberg

The Rietberg Museum is one of the most interesting museums in Zürich and offers a fantastic collection of international art from Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania.

The museum is very unique as it is the only museum focusing on non-European art in the county. The site is surrounded by the Rietpark and consists of several beautiful villas each housing different collections of the museum. Coming here is a great experience all around and will definitely be very educative as many of earth’s greatest civilizations are represented here.


The Grossmünster is one of Zürich’s architectural highlights and impresses visitors with its bold Romanesque-style. It was constructed on the banks of the River Limmat and was inaugurated in the 13th century.

The twin towers of the Grossmünster are without a doubt one of Zürich’s best landmarks and serve as some of the city’s most easily recognizable symbols. Apart from its great beauty the Grossmünster also features a Reformation museum which is worth exploring.

Grossmünster in Zurich

Swiss National Museum

The Swiss National Museum is arguably the city’s most important museum and is an absolute must-visit when coming to Zürich. The museum is located in many beautiful French city chateaus that are absolutely marvelous.

What makes the Swiss National Museum even more impressive is its location right at the Platzspitz, the city’s most beautiful park nestled between the Sihl and Limmat.

The museum is dedicated to telling the story of Switzerland, highlighting all the important aspects of its history and the values it stands for today.

Swiss National Museum

Limmat Cruise

The River Limmat is an ideal place for a relaxing river cruise and there is a wide array of tours on offer that fulfill all its visitor’s wishes. There’s a popular city tour that takes around 30 minutes and leads along the historic Altstadt.

They’re offering a new view on many of its greatest sights such as the Grossmünster or the Rathaus. The cruises also feature an audio guide that educates visitors about the most important aspects of the city.

Limmat Cruise


The Fraumünster is one of the oldest churches in Zürich and was established in the 9th century. The church is considered one of Zürich’s four main churches and is one of the tourist hotspots of the city, attracting more than half a million visitors per year.

One of its absolute highlights is its organ which has 6.959 pipes, making it the biggest in the entire canton of Zürich. Very beautiful and impressive are the frescoes of Paul Bodmer found here depicting biblical scenes.

Fraumünster zurich


Dolderbahn is a great example of the interesting transport systems used in Switzerland. It serves as a funicular railway that connects the south-eastern suburbs with the city center.

Taking a ride on the Dolderbahn is a very relaxed and scenic experience and especially the Bergstation (mountain station) is a great place for a stop as it offers a great panorama and plenty of hiking trails that are worth checking out.

Getting to the Dolderbahn is easy as its entry point, the Römerhof is connected by the Zürich Tramway.  

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