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15 Best Things to do in The Hague (Netherlands)

15 Best Things to do in The Hague (Netherlands)

Here’s a list of the 15 best things to do in the Hague (Netherlands), along with famous landmarks, museums, and other points of interest.

Escher in Het Paleis (Escher in the Palace)

Escher in Het Paleis is a museum in The Hague. It is dedicated to the works M.C. Escher, a Dutch graphical artist. The museum is located in the Lange Voorhout Palace, which was bought by Queen Emma and served as the business offices of the Dutch royal family.

The palace features a fantastic interior boasting fifteen chandeliers made by the local artist Hans van Bentem. The institution is also featuring a display of artifacts expressing the royal history of the building.

The world-famous works “Waterfall” and “Belvedere” are displayed here and attract many visitors.  

Escher in Het Paleis

Photo: Fortgens Photography /

The Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery

Mauritshuis is one of the best art museums in Europe and features works of many famous painters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Johannes Vermeer, and Jan Steen.

The Royal Picture Gallery, as the collection is called, consists of around 800 paintings by Dutch and Flemish artists from the so-called Golden Age (the 16th and 17th centuries).

The interior of the museum are held in a beautiful Baroque style. This museum is located in the center of The Haag’s historic district, right at the Hofvijer pond.

Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery

Photo: Tina Zhou /

Skyview De Pier

The Hague is only a few kilometers away from the beautiful beaches of the North Sea and the breathtaking Skyview De Pier, a modern Ferris wheel right on the water.

This iconic Ferris wheel offers closed cabins that are comfortable and warm regardless of how windy or rainy the weather may be. At the same time, visitors still get to enjoy fantastic views over the sea and the outskirts of The Hague.

The Skyview shouldn’t be missed when coming to the beach as it offers a great overview of all the possible activities offered in the proximity.

Skyview De Pier

Scheveningen Beach

Scheveningen Beach is situated just kilometers away from The Hague and offers the perfect spot for an excursion from the city. There is not just a beautiful wide beach found here but also many great restaurants and kilometers of footpaths along the beach.

When it gets hot during the summer the beach turns into a great playground for children playing in the sand. If you don’t mind the cool temperatures swimming and bathing in the North Sea are also possible.

Cycling along the beach is also great fun and one of the easiest ways to explore the mostly flat landscape of the region.

Scheveningen Beach

Louwman Museum

The Hague also offers a great attraction for car-lovers: the Louwman Museum. The museum has been established in 1934 by the Louwman Family and has since then seen steady growth in size.

Today the museum is home to around 230 automobiles. What makes the museum particularly attractive is that it offers the world’s biggest collection of cars from 1910 or older.

Particularly interesting are also special exhibits like cars from James Bond, Winston Churchill, and Elvis Presley. Apart from the cars, there are also many artworks and paintings of Frederick Gordon Crosby on display.

Louwman Museum

Photo: Friemann /


Madurodam is a miniature park in the Hague. It has been open to visitors since 1952 and was named after George Maduro. Every year, some 100 000 tourists are coming here to see the small wonders of famous Dutch landmarks.


Photo: OlenaPalaguta /


Vredepaleis, or Peace Palace, is one of the highlights of The Hague and was inaugurated in 1913. The beautiful red structure with its landmark tower served as a court and academy of law for many decades.

The tours on the inside give a fascinating glimpse of law in The Hague. The gardens surrounding the palace are a great place to take a walk or relax on one of the park benches.


Our Lady of Lourdes (RC) Silence Center

The church and its silence center are located just a few meters away from the busy beach of Scheveningen. The peaceful atmosphere of the site is highlighted by the so-called silence center.

It was established in a cave that used to serve as a prayer room for the woman of the area who prayed for the safety of their seafaring husbands. There are many interesting events taking place here every year, many of them are focused on the healing powers of silence and meditation.

Sawmill de Salamander

The Sawmill de Salamander is not the typical sawmill you would expect. It is centered around well-conserved windmills that have a long history in the Netherlands and were used for a number of different purposes, including processing wood.

The mill is still operational but demonstrations don’t take place every day and it’s best to check the schedule before coming here. The Sawmill de Salamander enjoys a scenic location right on the banks of the Zuidvliet canal on the northeastern edge of the city.

Sawmill de Salamander

Photo: Adrie Oosterwijk /

Binnenhof & Ridderzaal (Inner Court & Hall of the Knights)

Binnenhof is one of the most significant political centers of the Netherlands and is often considered the heart of its democracy. Many important administrative buildings are located here such as the Binnenhof (the seat of the Dutch parliament) and the First Chamber of the States-General.

The best way to learn and experience this fascinating area is by taking part in a guided tour. Experienced guides can tell you all the functions of the various governmental institutions as well as their history.


Kunstmuseum Den Haag

The Kunstmuseum was founded in 1866 and is one of the country’s premier art museums dedicated to modern art. The highlight of the site is the fantastic Mondrian collection which is considered the world’s largest.

Part of the Kunstmuseum is also the GEM (museum for contemporary art) as well as the Fotomuseum (dedicated to photography). Both of these departments belong to the Kunstmuseum but are situated in an adjacent building.  

Museum Beelden aan Zee

Museum Beelden aan Zee is located on the beach of Scheveningen and is the country’s only institution specializing on the collection and display of sculptures. It was founded in 1994 by the sculpture collectors Theo and Lida Scholten.

The collection consists of international as well as national artworks. Every year the museum offers several new exhibitions that usually follow a certain theme and are very interesting. Sometimes the temporary exhibitions are also dedicated to certain artists or eras of history.

Museum Beelden aan Zee

Photo: Bas de Mos /

De Passage

De Passage is a very popular shopping mall right in the heart of The Hague. It is located in proximity to the Binnenhof and impresses with its modern design.

Much of the roof was constructed in a way to promote the availability of natural daylight in all the main areas of the mall. Most of the shops found here are posh and are offering high-quality products.

de passage

Photo: Jan van der Wolf /

Prison Gate Museum

The Prison Gate is an interesting structure that used to be an entrance gate to the castle of the Country of Holland but was later used as a prison. This museum located here today is dedicated to the interesting role crime and punishment have played over the centuries. 

The institution aims at educating guests about how criminals used to be punished in the past. Many of the original cells and horrifying instruments of punishment (or rather torture) are also on display here. 

Prison Gate Museum

Haagse Markt

De Haagse Markt is a fascinating trading place that offers a huge number of interesting products ranging from local antiquities to exotic items from all over the world.

There are also many cheap clothes on sale here which makes the market a great place for bargain hunters. The atmosphere here is very multi-cultural and lively, going around the market with open eyes will lead you to some very interesting items that you have likely never seen before.

Visiting the market and its different sections is almost like going on a journey all around the world without ever leaving The Hague, don’t miss it!  

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