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Things to do in Malmö

Things to do in Malmö

Want to know more about what you could do in Malmö while visiting? Malmö is one of my favorite cities in Sweden, and I have been here many times since I was little until now, over 30 years later.

It’s the largest city in the region of Skåne, where I am from, and it serves as a gateway between Denmark and Sweden via the Öresund Bridge. 

I have made this list of 30 things to do in Malmö with various attractions and activities that could be interesting for you to explore while visiting. 

gamla staden malmo
Before I started my travel blog, I actually used to work in Malmö, so I know the city almost in and out. There is always something new to explore while visiting, so even for someone who knows the city very well, you could always find a new perspective or point of interest.

Malmö is the most continental city in Sweden with influences from all over the world. It’s kind of the Swedish equivalent to Brooklyn with a mixture of architecture, history and atmosphere.

Attractions and places to visit in Malmö

Turning Torso

The twisting tower is one of the most famous buildings ever in Sweden. Turning Torso is one of the major attractions in Malmö. It’s one of the tallest skyscrapers in all of Scandinavia with a height of 190 meters above the sea. 

turning torso malmo

Disgusting Food Museum

This museum is both the weirdest and most unique museum that I have visited in Sweden. On display, you’ll find 80 of the world’s most “disgusting” foods, including Cuy, Durian, Surströmming, and various kinds of insects. 

What’s even more fun about Disgusting Food Museum is the part where you get to try some of the “delicacies”. While it’s interesting to read more and see various kinds of unusual foods, the highlight is to be able to challenge yourself and try some of them. 

Disgusting food museum
Photo: trabantos /

St. Peter’s Church (Sankt Petri kyrka)

A beautiful old church from the 14th century. St. Peter’s Church is built like a basilica and is renowned for its history and fine architecture. If you’re interested in religious buildings, visiting St. Peter’s Church is definitely one of the best things to do in Malmö. 

St. Peter's Church Sankt Petri kyrka

Cold Bath House and Ribersborg Beach

Ribersborg Beach, locally known as “Ribban” is a kids-friendly beach with sand and shallow water. Next to the beach lies the Cold Bath House, which is open all year round. 

Kallbadhuset i Malmö

Malmöhus castle

Malmöhus Castle is one of the oldest and best-preserved Renaissance castles in Scandinavia. Before Scania became a part of Sweden, it was here that the Danish kings lived while visiting. 

Later on in the 19th century, Malmöhus served as a prison. Today, it’s a museum with varying exhibitions about the castle and its history.


Lilla Torg

During the summer months, the centrally located square known as “Lilla Torg” is one of the busiest places in Malmö, filled with people who’re socializing in one of the many bars and restaurants around the square. 

lilla torg


The square called Möllevångstorget is locally known as “Möllan”. The area surrounding this square is a multi-cultural haven in Malmö where cultures from all over the world meet and mix. 

Photo: JoaLacerda /

Malmö market hall

The market hall in Malmö is another great place to visit for foodies. It’s smaller compared to more continental market halls, but there is a nice mix of restaurants and small shops selling delicacies. 

This place is locally known as “Malmö Saluhall” and it is located on Gibraltargatan 6. It is usually open from 11 on weekdays and weekends. 

Malmö Saluhall

Activities in Malmö

Eat food from various cuisines of the world

The wide mix of nationalities in Malmö has created an interesting restaurant scene that only a few bigger cities in the world can pride themselves on. In Malmö, one can find cuisines from all corners of the world. 

As an international tourist, you can also find a wide range of restaurants serving traditional food from Sweden as well. In general, restaurants in Malmö will hold up to a high standard when it comes to serving great food. 

Shamiat restaurang i Malmö

Explore the street art

Malmö has a wide range of interesting murals, with some of them being world-class. The street art of Malmö is scattered around the city in various neighborhoods, and the best way to find these murals is to go by bike. 

Rent a pedalo and discover the canals

Malmö is a canal city, and renting a pedalo to discover the canals is one of the best things to do in Malmö during the summer. It’s a fun activity for all ages, and then you also get another vantage point of the city. 


Malmö does have several shopping centers, including Emporia, which is one of the largest shopping centers in Scandinavia. There are also other centers such as Mobilia, Triangeln, Caroli, Entré, and of course the central Hansa City Gallery. 

There are also plenty of boutiques along the streets of Södergatan, Skomakaregatan, and Baltzarsgatan. From Stortorget and all the way to Triangeln. 


Attend the annual city festival 

Each summer, the city will arrange a city festival known as Malmöfestivalen, which offers a full week of celebrations with foods from all over the world and a fun tivoli section as well as various events and activities. 

Around 1,4 million people visit the Malmö festival each year. In the video below, you can see more on what to expect when attending this annual city festival in Malmö.

Watch a Swedish football game 

Malmö FF is the major football team in the city, and the team is one of the most successful teams ever in the history of Swedish football. They are playing in Allsvenskan, which is the top-tier league in Sweden. 

In recent years, they have also been quite successful in the Champions League as well as the Europa League, so there’s even the chance of watching continental games in Malmö. The city is also home to one of the most successful women’s football teams, FC Rosengård. 

Malmö FF
Photo: Koray Kaya /

Beer tasting at Malmö Brewing Co & Taproom

Take a tour of the brewery and learn more about the process of brewing beer. Or simply come here to try some of the locally brewed beers.


If you’re longing for an exciting night out with a sense of mystery, you can book an evening at Sherlocked, which is a real-life escape room adventure in Malmö, which also has a cocktail bar and a restaurant.

Visit Trädgårdspaletten

If you enjoy flowers and plants, you shouldn’t miss to visit Trädgårdspaletten, which is one of the largest plant stores in all of Sweden. Here, you will find hundreds of plant varieties to buy for both indoor and outdoor. 

The store itself is nice to visit and they have some very large growing plants, which makes it feel like you’re walking in a jungle. They have the largest selection during summer when the outdoor area is open as well with a great range of various trees and flowers. 


Malmö Bike tours

Malmö is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe, and renting a bike is a great way to explore more of the city on your own. However, if you want some more structure and get valuable recommendations and interesting facts, you can join a guided bike tour. 

Malmö Bike Tours has offered guided bicycle tours in the city since 2011. They are very knowledgeable, and if you join one of their tours, you will certainly have a good time and experience the best of Malmö. 

Have a fika and buy old records at Folk & Rock

Folk & Rock is a combined café and vinyl record shop that is located by Lilla Torg. It’s a nice place to go for some coffee or sweets and later go for a walk in their store to buy some classic vinyl records. 

They also have outdoor seating, which is great during summer. To further add to the coziness, you can be sure to hear some old classic songs playing in the store and café. 

Folk å Rock

Other landmarks in Malmö

St. John’s Church (Johannes kyrka)

The church of St. John was inaugurated as late as 1906 but is nevertheless a beautiful church that is well worth taking a closer look at. The tallest tower rises 60 meters above the ground. 

St Johannes Kyrka

City Library

Malmö’s city library is not just beautiful on the outside, but it also offers an interesting interior with a modern touch. As a tourist, you probably don’t have time to come here to read, but it’s still a lovely place to stop by. 

Malmös stadsbibliotek

Moderna Museet

An art museum with a nice collection of modern and contemporary artworks. It has been open to visitors since 2009, and for those who are interested in various kinds of art, Moderna Museet is one of the most popular places to visit in Malmö. 

Malmö mosque

This is the oldest mosque in Sweden, and it was even nominated as one of the seven wonders of Sweden in a poll by the radio channel P1. 

Malmö Moske
Photo: Shaggyphoto /

Things to do in Malmö with kids

Folkets park

A popular meeting place in Malmö where you can have a picnic or just let your kids play at one of the many playgrounds in the park. During summertime, there are also various events and concerts in Folkets Park. 


Busfabriken is one of the most popular places to visit in Malmö with kids. They have various activities for children such as bouncy castles and climbing walls. 

Stapelbäddsparken Skatepark

In the area known as Västra Hamnen, one will find one of the largest skate parks in Europe. If you have kids that enjoy skating, this is surely a place not to be missed. 

5 x Museums in Malmö

  • Teknikens & Sjöfartens hus
  • Ebbas Hus
  • Modern Museum
  • Form Design Center
  • Malmöhus Castle
Moderna museet i Malmö
Photo: EQRoy /

5 x Parks and Gardens in Malmö

Malmö is known in Sweden as “the city of parks” and there are plenty of city parks where you can stroll, relax, or have a cozy picnic. If you like gardens with flowers, you shouldn’t miss to visit Slottsträdgården, which is an eco-garden next to Malmöhus Castle. 

In Slottsträdgården, one can also see an old windmill and have a fika in a nice café that is situated by the garden. 

  • Folkets Park
  • Pildammsparken
  • Kungsparken
  • Slottsträdgården
  • Beijers Park

How to get around in Malmö

By foot / by Bike

As already mentioned, Malmö is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to getting around by bike. There are plenty of bicycle lanes all over the city, and it’s easy to rent a bike as well. 

Even though there is quite a distance between the different areas of Malmö, the city is still very walkable, especially the area near Stortorget and Lilla Torg. 

cykla i malmo


If you need a taxi while visiting Malmö, you have several companies to choose from such as Taxi Kurir, Taxi-Skåne, Sverigetaxi, and RD Taxi. From the airport, it’s possible to get a fixed price from each company. 

  • Taxi Kurir: Tel: 040 – 70 000
  • Taxi Skåne: Tel: 040 – 330 330


The local public transport is run by the regional company called Skånetrafiken. It’s easy to get around by bus, and there are frequent buses going to all parts of the city. 

buss malmo

Traveling to Malmö

From Stockholm 

There are daily trains departing from Stockholm to Malmö with SJ and Snälltåget. The trip usually takes around 4 to 6 hours depending on what train you take. 

From Malmö Airport – Sturup

A lot of visitors will arrive at Sturup, which is the local airport serving Malmö. From here, it’s easy to get into the city center by the airport bus. The travel time from Malmö Airport to the central station is around 40-50 minutes depending on traffic. 

From Copenhagen

Malmö is connected to Denmark by the Öresund Bridge with several trains departing each hour. There is also a direct train from the international airport of Kastrup that takes you to Malmö Central Station. 

Tåg till Malmö
Photo: Michael715 /

More information about the city of Malmö

Malmö is one of the fastest-growing cities in Sweden, and it’s also one of the most multicultural societies. The city has a slogan that can be translated to “diversity, meetings, and opportunities”. 

Throughout history, Malmö has played a huge part since its founding, and it has consistently been one of the most important cities in Scania since the 14th century. 

The city’s name comes from the old word Malmöghe, which is a combination of “malm” and hög” which can be translated to ore and mound. There are several buildings that are preserved from the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. 

sankt petri kyrkan
St. Peters Church – One of the oldest buildings in Malmö
sankt gertruds
Karl XII Hus – Kvarteret Sankt Gertruds

The ones who are born in the city are known as “Malmöiter” and their version of the Scanian dialect is known as “Malmöitiska”. Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden by the number of inhabitants. It’s a fast-growing city that attracts people from all over the world. 

There is always something happening when visiting the city, and if it’s been a few weeks or months, there is surely something new to discover on your next visit. 

Malmö Stad

Best time of the year to visit Malmö

Just like many coastal towns, summer is the best time to come. August is a month full of happenings, including the annual city festival. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle, come here in July or August when the city is buzzing with life. 

72 hours in Malmö

If you stay for 3 days or longer, there is plenty of time to discover Malmö. Even if you only stay for 24 hours, you can experience quite a lot. However, if you want to explore Malmö, I definitely recommend having at least 2-3 days. 

Day 1

Get a feeling of the city. Walk around a bit in the old parts of the city. Go for a stroll by Stortorget and Lilla Torg. Have a fika or get something to eat/drink at one of the outdoor seating during summertime. Finish the day by going to Västra Hamnen to visit Turning Torso and later on watch the sun go down by Ribersborg Beach. 

lilla torg
Lilla Torg 

Day 2

Rent a bike or walk around the city. A bike is to be preferred if you want to discover more parts of the city. Take some time to explore the street art of Malmö, stop by various landmarks along the way finish by having a beer tasting, and later on before having some international food. 

street art i malmö
Street art at Södra Skolgatan

Day 3

  • Malmöhus
  • Lunch at Malmö market hall
  • St. Peters Church
  • Stroll around the area called Sankt Gertrud
  • Visit the Modern Museum
  • Rent a pedalo and discover the canals

Finish your day by having dinner at a restaurant located by Lilla Torg or Möllevångstorget. 

Malmö Saluhall
 Malmö Market hall
malmo stad

Day trips from Malmö


The capital of Denmark is located just 15 minutes away by train from Malmö. It’s easy to combine a trip where you get to experience both of these lovely cities. 

More reading: Attractions in Copenhagen



Helsingör is one of the most charming cities in Denmark, known for its castle Kronborg as well as cozy alleys and a nice vibe. This is the last stop on the train going from Denmark to Sweden. 



Helsingborg is one of the largest cities in Scania, and just like Malmö, it’s a lovely city to visit during the summer when it’s teeming with life and a wonderful atmosphere. To get here from Malmö, simply take the train from the central station. 


Ystad is one of the most charming cities in Sweden, and also one of the oldest and best-preserved ones. The city is full of old houses with beautiful architecture in the medieval city center. If you have seen Wallander, this is also the place where the show takes place. 

Ystad sevärdheter

Lomma Beach

Lomma is a small and cozy city that is located nearby. The city is known for having one of the best schools in Sweden as well as one of the best beaches. During summertime, a lot of locals from Malmö will travel here to spend a day on the beach. 


If you want to visit a nice beach in Skåne that is located close to Malmö, you can travel to nearby places Skanör, Falsterbo, and Höllviken where you will find pristine beaches with white sand. The southern tip of Falsterbo is also known for its seal colony that lives on the peninsula called Måkläppen.