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15 Best Things to do in Corfu (Greece)

15 Best Things to do in Corfu (Greece)

Here’s a list of the 15 best things to do in Corfu (Greece), along with famous landmarks, museums, and other points of interest.

Corfu, also known as Korfu or Kerkyra is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It’s one of the most interesting islands to visit from a historical aspect since the island of Corfu has always been important since Ancient times. 

The old town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are also countless picturesque villages and beautiful beaches. From here, you can also take the ferry over to Sarandë in Albania. 

In this article, I’m sharing some of the best places to visit in Corfu as well as attractions and beaches that shouldn’t be missed while visiting. 


Kassiopi is located in the north-eastern corner of Corfu. The town is known for offering a historic and charming atmosphere a well as beautiful natural surroundings dominated by Mount Pantokrator.

Take a walk along with the town’s port and marvel at the interesting mix of local fishing boats and tourist yachts that are located here. There are also a number of beaches found here including the Agios Stephanos and the Kalamaki.

Despite its historic atmosphere modern amenities like water sports including diving and waterskiing are also on offer here.  



The north-western coast of Corfu is home to the lovely village of Paleokastritsa with its numerous lovely bays, a lively harbor, and beautiful natural surroundings.

In many ways, the village is a typical Greek holiday spot as it offers a wide array of hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and nightlife options. Especially families will love the village as it offers plenty of attractions for kids.

Apart from the beaches, there is also an aquarium found here that can be an interesting place to spend a few hours. There are also many boat rental companies here that allow access to some of the caves of this part of Corfu.



If you are interested in Greek culture the Achilleion palace shouldn’t be missed. It is located in the village Achilleo which is found a few kilometers south of Corfu and its international airport.

The palace was built in the 19th century and is a great example of the neoclassical architecture of the era. Amongst the highlights are the sea views that can be enjoyed from the palace and its surrounding gardens.

The interior is quite spectacular and the visitor can find many references to the Greek God Achilles such as paintings and sculptures.


Porto Timoni Beach

Porto Timoni Beach is located on Corfu’s western coast and is widely considered one of the island’s best beaches. It is located in a secluded bay that can only be beached on foot and is surrounded by steep cliffs that give the beach its rugged charm.

This twin beach and its surroundings are a real highlight for people in search of untouched nature and there are also several viewpoints here that are great for photography. Due to its remoteness, visiting the beach feels like a real adventure.  

Porto Timoni Beach

Canal d’Amour

The Canal d’Amour is located in Sidari, one of Corfu’s main tourist centers. Translated to English the name means the channel of love and indeed it is quite a romantic site.

The channel’s unique shape is based on two rocky cliffs that were formed during centuries of exposure to the winds and waters of the Ionian Sea. The water around the Canal d’Amour is known for its beautiful colors that consist of a wide array of blue tones.

Canal d'Amour

Church of Saint Spiridon

The town of Corfu is not just the island’s biggest settlement but also the best place to experience the fascinating Greek culture. The Church of Saint Spiridon is a great example of that.

This church was built in the 16th century and is located right in the center of the historic town. This orthodox church features an impressive bell tower that dominates the humble ”skyline” of Corfu.

On the inside, there is a crypt containing the remains of Saint Spiridon in a sarcophagus.

Church of Saint Spiridon

Corfu Old Town

Corfu’s Old Town is a great place to discover for many reasons. It is a great place to visit after you have become tired of beach life and offers several fantastic historical buildings including the Old Venetian Fortress, the archaeological museum, and many more.

You can easily spend the whole day here walking around the picturesque streets and discovering what they have to offer. Needless to say, Corfu is also a great place to try out Greek cuisine, and especially the local Corfiut food and wine.  

Corfu Old Town


One of the most commonly photographed places in all of Corfu is the Angelokastro, a stunning Byzantine castle located on a cliff above the Ionian Sea. What used to be an important defensive structure is today a fantastic place to explore for visitors.

The castle is not perfectly well-maintained but that isn’t a bad thing as it makes coming here feel even more adventurous. It is easy to imagine how mighty the castle once was when visiting the cannon walls that were once used to defend the island against enemy invaders.   


Vlacherna Monastery

The Vlacherna Monastery is located a few meters south of Corfu’s international airport and is almost completely surrounded by water. The monastery was built on an islet that is connected to the mainland by a narrow footpath and offers fantastic views over the sea and the picturesque villages along the shore.

Many people visit the monastery and its surroundings to watch the incoming plane traffic. The runway of Corfu’s international begins only a few meters away from here, and incoming planes come incredibly close making the place a very popular spot for photographers.   

Vlacherna Monastery


The village of Lefkimi is one of the highlights of southern Corfu. The harbor of this village offers boats connecting to Paxi and the mainland and has become an important transport hub for that reason.

While the village itself is relatively quiet and authentic the beaches in the surroundings are very lively and touristic. There are hotels all along the coast offering a suitable accommodation option for everyone who wants to spend a few days close to the water.

If you decide to take a walk through Lefimi you shouldn’t miss the monastery Kirás ton Ángelon which offers a very richly decorated interior.

Palaia Peritheia

The village Palia Perithia is situated on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator and features an unbelievable number of eight churches. The name Perithia translates to heavenly and the villagers of the past centuries did their best to live up to this name.

Palaia Peritheia is a great example of what the first villages on Corfu must have been like in the 14th century. This is due to the numerous houses (around 100) that have been restored to their original state in the 19th century.

Today the village has been established as a heritage site which means it is not allowed to change any of the houses.  

Palaia Peritheia

Sidari Beach

Sidari Beach is one of the most popular in all of Corfu and is surrounded by many hotels and all the other touristic business you would expect including restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, watersports, and more.

The reason why this beach has become so popular is obvious at first sight. It offers a wide stretch of sand that is ideal for sunbathing, playing, and swimming. 

Mount Pantokrator

Mount Pantokrator rises to 906m above sea level making it the island’s tallest mountain. The views here are incredible. if you make it to the summit, you can not only see all of Corfu, but you can even get a glance of Albania towards the east.

The trails towards the summit are well marked but require good stamina as it is quite a walk. If you start your hike from Palaia Peritheia it takes around 2 hours to get to the top.

Mount Pantokrator

Casa Parlante

Casa Parlante is one of the most interesting museums of the island. It is located in Corfu Town’s historic center and is housed in a picturesque noble mansion.

The museum is dedicated to showcasing the life of a noble family during the 19th century. Coming here feels like entering a time-capsule as everything inside the museum either dates to the 19th century or is remodeled as authentic as possible.

The Casa Parlante is also a great place to learn about how Corfu became a wealthy center of trade and a cultural center of the Ionian islands.

Try some Corfiot cuisine and wine

Eating is a big part of Greek culture and a great emphasis is put on great food. Due to its international role as a trading hub the island offers a diverse cuisine that has been inspired by many Mediterranean influences.

There are a few typical dishes that originate from Corfu and are worth checking out including sofrito and pastitsada. Around the island, you’ll find plenty of traditional Greek taverns and various restaurants serving local food as well as other typical dishes from Greece.


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Want more recommendations on things to do in Corfu, Greece? Leave a comment below! 

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