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15 Best Things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

15 Best Things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

There are lots of things to do in Bodrum, Turkey, including cultural attractions, beautiful beaches, and historical places. Bodrum is located in the Muğla province, and it’s one of the major tourist destinations in Turkey

The area is famous for its lovely beaches with golden sand and its historic location, right next to the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Visitors who travel to Bodrum can explore several attractions from various eras, including antiquity, roman, and ottoman periods. 

Castle of St.Peter

One of the top sights of southwestern Turkey is the magnificent Castle of St. Peter, also called the Bodrum Castle, a historical fortification located at the Mediterranean Sea.

It was built in 1402 by the Knights of St John but soon fell into the hands of the Ottoman Empire. The well-preserved castle awes its visitors with its mighty walls and towers that give you a feeling of traveling back in time to Medieval times.

Castle of St.Peter in Bodrum

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Visitors should not miss the Museum of Underwater Archaeology when visiting the Castle of St. Peter. It is located within the castle walls and won several awards (including the European Museum of the Year) for its collection of amphoras and other various items.

Most of the items on display were collected by the Turkish Institute of Nautical Archeology when excavating shipwrecks.  

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Photo: Liya_Blumesser /

Bodrum Amphitheater

The amphitheater is not just a witness of the great history of the region but is still used as a venue for shows. A visit to this ancient Greek building should is worth it even if you aren’t planning on a live performance.

The amphitheater overlooks the sea and the harbor and offers great views after climbing up some of the many stairs that lead to the top. Visiting the Bodrum Amphitheater is almost like time-traveling back to ancient Greece, a great experience.

Bodrum Amphitheater

Bitez Beach

Bitez Beach is located to the west of the city center of Bodrum and is immensely popular for its beautiful sand and calm waters. Visitors get to enjoy all the expected amenities of a popular beach destination, such as sundecks, outdoor bars, and great restaurants.

The beach is very inviting for a few hours of relaxation and sunbathing. A great place for children as it is ideally suited for bathing and playing in the sand.

Bitez Beach

Zeki Müren Arts Museum

Zeki Müren, a famous singer and poet that was often called the Turkish Elvis Presley, used to live in Bodrum. The building which now acts as the Zeki Müren Arts Museum used to be his very own private home.

Zeki Müren was a much-loved Turkish icon and is one of the most famous artists of the last century. The art museum is situated in the center of Bodrum and can easily be reached on foot.

His former home is quite humble and not indicative of his status in Turkey. The real attraction of the museum is all the little stories that it has in store for visitors.

Zeki Müren Arts Museum

Photo: OZMedia /

Orak Adasi

The Aegean island Orak is part of the Bodrum district and is completely uninhabited. The island is mainly known for its beautiful south coast and perfect conditions for underwater sport like snorkeling.

Many visitors to Bodrum visit the island as part of a day trip. The emerald waters and wild interior of the island make it a great destination for everyone. It takes around two hours to get here from Bodrum.

Beaches of Bodrum Peninsula

It is no exaggeration to say that the Bodrum Peninsula offers some of the best beaches in Turkey. The variety of beaches guarantees that everyone finds the right place.

If you want to be active and like watersports, the Fener beach is ideal for you due to its winds. If you are a visitor that wants peace and quiet, the Kadikalesi beach is very much recommended.

Families that are looking for a beach with good facilities and calm waters should head over to Gümbet beach, which delivers exactly that.

Beaches on Bodrum Peninsula

Windmills of Bodrum

The windmills of Bodrum are a great historic sight and offer great views over the Bodrum peninsula. They were built in the 18th century and were mainly used to grind flour.

Even though the windmills are not used for agriculture anymore, they offer an interesting insight into the history of the region. The beautiful olive groves surrounding the hills are another beautiful sight.

The best time to visit the windmills is during dawn, as this is when you get to feel the full energy of the sea and wind. Don’t miss the little hill between Gümbet and Bodrum, it offers the best views over the area.

Bodrum windmills

Shop at the Bazaar

The Bodrum Bazaar offers visitors endless rows of clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, and jewelry. The Bazaar is a place where you can experience the traditional Turkish shopping culture and try your luck at bargaining.

Of course, you will have to prove your negotiating talents to get the good prices but that is very much part of the fun of visiting a Turkish bazaar. Leather goods, in particular, are very popular here and can be bought at much better prices than in western Europe. The Bazaar is also a great place to buy small gifts and Turkish souvenirs that you can bring home to your family and friends.

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Halicarnassus is the name of the ancient Greek city that was situated in this area before the city of Bodrum, as we know it today, was born. The highlight of the Greek legacy is the mausoleum, which used to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Even though only ruins remain today it is a great symbol of ancient Greece and the perfect place to educate yourself about the history of this part of Turkey. Many old statues and fragments of the building have been restored to stimulate the imagination of the visitors.

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus


The developer of Palmarina in Bodrum has described the yachting project as the “next Monte Carlo”. And indeed, this is probably the best way to describe this fantastic marina. The area is also home to several restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. 

Thanks to the attractive old-world charm of the nearby fishing village and the proximity to many historical attractions, a unique blend of modern luxury and historical atmosphere come together to create an attractive hotspot for tourists. 

Palmarina in Bodrum

Photo: Ahmet Cigsar /

Karnas Vineyards

The Karnas Vineyards produce some of the best wine in the region. The wines of this family-business are produced using a traditional method and taste fantastic.

The Karnas Vineyards offer tranquility and are an oasis that can be the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the lively streets of Bodrum. Wines can be tasted and enjoyed along with great food in a friendly, yet elegant setting.

Regnum Golf Country Bodrum Club

The Regnum Club is not just a great place for playing golf but also a living area that is full of natural charm thanks to its surrounding pinewoods.

The club is located on the Bodrum peninsula, 17 km away from the city center, and features a fantastic golf resort. The 18-hole golf course meets the highest standards of modern golfing and is an absolute highlight for lovers of the sport.   

Bardakci Cove

A true hidden gem of the Bodrum region is the Bardakci Cove, a secluded beach and bay that offers fantastic views towards the Bodrum Castle. The cove is the perfect place for anyone that just wants to relax for a while, enjoying the sand and beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The cove can easily be accessed by getting an inexpensive taxi from the center of Bodrum, or a water taxi.  The water in this bay is calm and therefore well suited for children, making Bardakci Cove a lovely place for families to visit.

Bardakci Cove

Photo: Kayihan Bolukbasi /

Pedasa Antique city

The Pedasa Antique City is located a few kilometers to the north of Bodrum. It’s also called Pedasa Yukarı Kale in Turkish and was built around 3500 years ago. The ruins of this city offer an interesting insight into the Antiquity.

Due to its location in the mountains, you will enjoy a lot more peace and quiet here compared to some of the more popular tourist hotspots of the region. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Antique ruins the beautiful mountains and views towards the sea are worth the drive from Bodrum.

Many turtles live in the area around the Pedasa Antique city, which can be spotted by alert visitors. Several hiking trails pass this area as well. During spring and autumn, hiking the region is a great way to explore all its beautiful hidden spots.

Pedasa Antique city

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