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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

On our last trip to Bangkok, we finally got to attend a real Thai Cooking Class. We’ve been wanting to learn how to cook Thai food for some time now since we both love Thai food. We booked it via KKday and we chose Maliwan Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok. 

Here’s my review of Maliwan Thai Cooking Class and all about the experience, and finally some photos of the Thai food that we actually cooked ourselves! 

What to expect

Upon arrival at Maliwan Thai Cooking Class, you will fill in a form and then you’ll wait until the other participants have arrived. When everybody is ready, you’ll take a tuk-tuk (local transportation in Thailand) and go to a local market a few blocks away.

In the market, you’ll be guided and buy some local veggies together with the teacher. She/he will tell you all about the veggies and how/when you’ll use them. It’s interesting to see, and the locals at the market are so friendly.

When you have bought all the ingredients, it’s time to catch a tuk-tuk back to the cooking facilities. Then, the teacher will explain more about the dishes and how to make them.

You’ll be guided through each dish, and also help the teacher to make one dish. You will get to taste the teacher’s sample to see how the dish is supposed to taste before you start making your own. It’s an easy way to learn, and it’s delicious!




  • Welcome drink & meeting up with the other “students”
  • Visit the local market
  • Get to know more about the local herbs and veggies
  • Learn about Thai culture and food
  • Cook four traditional Thai dishes
  • Enjoy and taste your very own Thai food

What we got to cook

The dishes you get to cook can vary, but the Thai food we got to cook was Green Curry, Green Papaya Salad, Tom Yum Goong Soup and a dessert called Tubtim Krob. These are all traditional and very classic Thai food.

The actual cooking part started with us making the green curry paste, all from scratch by hand. This can also be done with a mixer, but of course, it’s more fun to make it in a traditional way. It was actually a lot easier than I expected, but it also contained way more ingredients than I initially believed.

After making the Green Curry paste, we continued to make Green curry chicken ( a vegetarian option is available). I love green curry, but the next dish is one of my favorite Thai foods – the famous Tom Yum Goong soup. A very flavorful soup.

After the soup, it was time to make another really famous Thai dish – The Green Papaya Salad. I’m not a big fan of that dish, but it was fun to make. And last but not least, a dessert called Tubtim Krob.

Coming from Europe and loving dessert I must say that Tubtim Krob is one of the weirdest desserts I’ve ever tried. Not really my thing, but always fun to try something so different from back home!

How much does it cost?

The cooking class costs 35 USD per person. You can book the experience here

Useful Information

  • They have 2 classes per day. One in the morning (9 am – 1 pm) and one in the afternoon (1.30 pm – 5.30 pm)
  • Duration of the cooking class is 4 Hours
  • The menu can vary from day to day according to the available ingredients at the market
  • If you have any special dietary requirements – please inform in advance
  • Maximum of 7 people can attend the class at the same time
  • Telephone Number: +66 (0) 2107 5825

How to get there

Address: 9 Sipsamhang Road, Taladyod Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200 (near Khaosan Road.)

It was kind of tricky to find this place, so you should definitely use Google Maps. Because when you get to the address, you will most likely end up on the other side of the building, and the entrance is at the back door. It’s located within a building complex and narrow alleys, but when you get inside there, it won’t be long until you find it, and you can always ask.

There is a big sign saying “Maliwan Thai Cooking Class”, so you can’t miss it when you get on the right side of the building. It’s located near Khao San Road, so if you’re staying close to that area you can probably walk, but otherwise, I would recommend a taxi or tuk-tuk since public transportation can be slow, and there’s no BTS nearby.

There is a bus stop 10 minutes from the Maliwan Thai Cooking Class facilities, so it’s definitely possible. If you go by taxi, I would recommend using UBER or GRAB to get the best prices, and if you do go by a regular taxi, make sure they use the taxi meter.

Summary of my experience of the Maliwan Thai Cooking Class

It was so much fun to finally attend a real Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok, and it was nice to do it together with others as well and not just me and Christine. The teacher was also very kind and funny while explaining the dishes and how to make them.

It was entertaining and I can recommend others to do this as well. There is not much that I would wish for regarding improvements. I think you get great value for the money and a fun experience that one will remember in the future, and hopefully be able to cook some Thai food afterward as well.

I could definitely see myself attending another more advanced Thai Cooking Class in the future and this was a great start.


Yes, we made it! And as you can see Christine were really happy to have cooked some Thai food all by herself.

How to book the experience?

Have you also done a Thai Cooking Class? or maybe you’ve also been to the Maliwan Thai Cooking Class that we did? Feel free to share your experience and leave a comment! 

Frida - Everyday Explorers

Wednesday 8th of November 2017

Oh I love green papaya salad! It is one of my favorite Thai dishes actually! I like the combo of sour and spicy in it. We did a cooking class with May Kai Dee a couple of years ago, it was awesome! Probobly one of our most memorable experiences from our whole Thailand trip actually.