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Spain Quiz – Test your knowledge

Spain Quiz – Test your knowledge

Are you an expert on Spain? Test your knowledge in this Spain quiz. 

The quiz is simple. Only one alternative is correct on each question. Once you’ve made a choice, it will display if the answer was correct or false with a short explanation and additional information. 

After reading the small explanation box, continue and scroll down to the next question. Once you’ve answered all questions, you’ll get the result.

1. Which city is the capital of Spain?
2. How many people are living in Spain? (circa)
Bild: David Ortega Baglietto /
3. Which is the national animal of Spain?
4. How do you say hello in Spanish?
5. How many regions are there in Spain?
6. Which date is the Spanish national day?
7. Which is the tallest mountain in Spain?
8. What currency was used in Spain before the EURO?
9. Which is the northernmost point in Spain?
10. What are these small dishes known as?
11. When did Spain join the European Union?
12. Which of these instrument has Spanish origins?
13. How many times have Spain won the FIFA World Cup?
14. What's the name of this iconic dish from Valencia?
15. How many countries share a border with the Spanish mainland?
16. Who of the following artists was not Spanish?
17. Which is the longest river in Spain?
18. What's the name of the Spanish king?
Bild: Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
19. What celebration is shown in the picture below?
20. Which is the largest island in Spain?

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I hope you enjoyed this quiz about Spain. Perhaps you learned a thing or two as well.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful country, I recommend reading my article with more interesting facts about Spain.