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Food and Restaurants in Skyros

Food and Restaurants in Skyros

Skyros might not be the most touristic island in Greece, but that’s also why they have such high-quality food at reasonable prices. More or less everything is produced locally, and when Greeks go on vacation, they want really good food. 

And after having visited some of the more famous restaurants in Skyros, I can say that the food here is amazing. One of the best Greek food I’ve ever eaten, and you could tell that it was organic and locally produced. 

Here below, you can read a little more about the different restaurants we visited during our trip to Skyros. 

Istories tou barba (Ιστορίες του Μπάρμπα)

A Skyrian restaurant with a story. Istories tou barba is located at Magazia beach, and from there you have a sea-view. It’s open both during day time and later in the evening. And when you go here, I suggest you come hungry, because the food is fantastic!

Shrimps deliciously marinated.

Feta cheese in honey and sesame. Probably one of the best feta cheese dishes I’ve tried. Only one can compete, and it was because of some special herb they had in Crete at a restaurant in Rethymno.

As you can see, we had plenty of enough food and wine. We had a lovely dinner here with Constantinos and Yannis at our last night in Skyros.


Another dish that I highly recommend here are the mussels. Not even the Moules frites in Belgium can compare (and that’s their national dish). The mussels at Istories tou barba are of superb quality, and they deserve to win a prize!

Amoudia Beach Bar

When you visit Skyros, you will most likely chill out on the beach of Magazia, and when you do that, you should go to Amoudia Beach Bar, where you can relax in comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas while enjoying delicious cocktails and food.

I had the Club Sandwich with turkey, and both the sandwich and fries were well-made.

Christine had a salad, and it was fresh and nice. Not too expensive either.

amoudia beach bar

And of course, I had a mojito. What could be better to hang out on the beach with a mojito in your hand, nice blue water in front of you while lying on a sunbed? Simply perfect, after some sightseeing in Skyros town.

Mouries tavern (Ταβέρνα Μουριές)

After a long day of sightseeing, we were really hungry, so we went to Mouries tavern, just a short ride from Dioni Hotel. We had quite a few dishes, shared between me, Christine and Yannis. My absolute favorite here was the salad and goat, but the lamb chops were amazing as well.

To be honest, Mouries served some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, and with that said, I’ve probably eaten at 200-300 restaurants around the world. If you go to Skyros, you must visit Mouries tavern!

This might be the most delicious salad I’ve ever eaten. It’s a specially made salad with some kind of mustard sauce that they make here at Mouries. I could eat this every day!

As you can see in the menu below, the prices are more than reasonable, because what you get is freshly made organic food. Locally produced food at its best and the owner is a really good person as well.

Asimenos Restaurant

Asimenos is another well-known restaurant in Skyros, and if you like fresh fish, this place is a great option. The interior is nice as well, both during the day and night.

In Skyros they have this dish with Lobster and pasta, I know it sounds a bit strange, but it’s actually quite good. However, personally, I don’t like lobster that much, it’s too much of a hassle. I appreciate simple food that I can eat directly.

It’s a large dish, and can easily be shared between 2-3 people.

asimenos lobster pasta

Greek salad is always a good idea to order, and the delicious Feta, capers, and olives are always something that I crave when I’m not in Greece.

asimenos restaurant

After some Greek salad and lobster, we were served a dessert

asimenos dessert

Have you been to Skyros and have some more tips on good restaurants? Leave a comment!