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This article is made in collaboration with, but as usual, all opinions are my own, and all experiences and recommendations are personal and genuine.

Want to learn more about Skin Care for Men? Taking care of your skin and outer appearance is something that I think everyone should be doing. For me, it comes naturally since I’m often appearing in photos, meeting clients and other people regularly. 

To look fresh and clean always give a better first impression, but as a beginner, it can feel like a jungle to choose between all facial creams, masks, scrubs, washing products, grooming products, facial serums, peeling and all kinds of skin care products for men in the stores. 

In recent years, it has become much more common for men to care about their appearance and use skin care products. I started sometime when I was 17-18 years to get rid of pimples. Since then it has gone in cycles how my skin care routines have looked like. Nowadays, I wash my face and use a moisturizer daily, and use peeling or a facial scrub once a week or every other week. 

In this article, you can read some of my best tips on how to start out with Skin Care for Men, and some recommendations on my favorite products that have worked well for me. 

Facial Wash for Men – Cleansing

There are lots of brands making facial washes for men. I’ve tried several brands such as Recipe for Men, Ole Henriksen, Bulldog, Dermalogica, Zirh, Clarins, Nivea and many more since I first started 10 years ago.

Some products are more expensive than others, and after some extensive testing, I’ve found that two brands work especially well for me and my skin. The first one is Recipe for Men, which I’ve been using for a while, and the other one is Men-ü and their skin care products for men.

Currently, I’m using Men-ü because I find their products to give a good value for the money, lasting, fresh and nicely packaged. It’s a British brand that you can find in several countries worldwide. They’re available at which offers international shipping.

Click here to read more about Men-ü Healthy Facial Wash

facial wash for men

Facial Wash for men from the skin care brand Men-ü

Facial Cream for Men – Moisturizer

My experience of this facial cream for men is more or less the same as their facial wash. I’ve tried lots of different creams, but haven’t experienced a big difference between the pricier products compared to Men-ü and Recipe for Men.

One thing that I have noticed though, is the fact that it’s often better to use facial wash and moisturizer from the same brand. Probably because they’re made to complete each other and enhance the products. Just like the facial wash, I recommend Men-ü and their facial cream.

It’s lasting, priceworthy, fresh and comes with a neutral fragrance. I use the Matt Moisturizer, but there are also different facial creams depending on your skin type. The other two are Men-u Facial Moisturiser Lift och Men-u Matt Skin Refresh Gel. What works best will be individual.

Click here to read more about Men-ü facial cream

facial cream for men

Facial cream for men from the skin care brand Men-ü

Why should you use Facial Wash and Moisturizer?

If you’re a beginner and feel that you want to start lightly, cleaning and moisturizing are the most important steps. The facial wash removes filth, and the facial cream will make sure that your skin won’t go dry. This is important since it creates a balance and removes dead skin residues.

It also prevents dirt from clogging pores and counteract excess sebum. You can compare it to the process of washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo can be compared to the face wash and the face cream can be compared to conditioner.

Is it necessary to use facial washes for men and facial creams for men?

Both yes and no. Most products who are being marketed to men contain special ingredients that better suits male skin. Men’s skin is usually thicker and have bigger pores than women, and men also have facial hair (beard).

But in general, there are no big differences and most experts agree that men and women can use the same products. The single biggest distinction is the fragrance. Male skin care products are more masculine, and skin care products for women are more feminine.

My Skin Care Routine while traveling

As you already know, I travel for a large part of the year, and it is important that you bring enough skin care products to last the entire trip. Sometimes I’m gone 2-3 months at a time and then I bring some extra bottles.

1 bottle of 100 ml usually lasts about 30 days, sometimes longer, sometimes a little shorter depending on how ample your products are. As for Men-ü and their face wash and face cream, it will last for about 30 days exactly, morning and evening.

I usually bring 2-3 bottles, where I keep 1 facial wash and 1 facial cream in my hand luggage. Important to keep in mind when you have products containing liquid is that they can only contain 100 ml max in order to comply with safety restrictions.

If you travel to cities where air pollution is common, it is extra important to use a facial wash morning and evening.

Invest in a good and useful toilet bag

When you travel a lot it’s recommended to have everything organized in the same toilet bag. The one I’m using even has the option to be hung up, which is quite handy when staying at the same place for a while.

toilet bag

Eye cream for men

The skin under your eyes is extra sensitive, and therefore it’s best to use a specific eye cream which you apply gently. I use the one from Recipe for Men which has an uplifting effect. The eye cream also reduces dark rings and swellings.

Click here to read more about the Under Eye Gel from Recipe for Men

Eye cream for men

Recipe for men – Eye Cream for men


Sometimes it’s good to do a “spring cleaning”, much like you do at home at regular intervals. Even if you wash your face daily, you may have dead skin that remains or adheres to pores, etc. Scrubbing or peeling away the top layer of skin is good to do sometimes to remove old skin so that new skin cells can be produced.

Peeling and scrubbing will stimulate new skin cell production. Normally, it takes about 28-35 days, and with a peel or scrub, you hurry on that process, which results in a smoother and finer skin.

What is the difference between peeling and scrub?

There are two different types –  “mechanical” scrub and chemical peeling. A mechanical scrub means scrubbing the skin with different types of ingredients, such as salt, oats, sugar or even a coffee-grounds! Then you simply put some of the scrub on your fingers and apply it by doing circular rounds in your face.

However, the risk of mechanical scrubbing is that you will be too rough and instead do damage the skin. But as long as you’re careful, it’s normally no harm done.

Chemical peeling, on the other hand, is more aggressive and you should be careful and follow the instructions carefully when using a chemical peel to remove old skin. In a chemical peel, there are acids that do the job. After applying the peeling, you simply let the peel remain for a few minutes before rinsing your face.

I usually use a natural scrub called Dark Angels from Lush.

dark angels skrub

Facial Mask for Men

There are different types of facial masks for men. The most common one is a mask that will both cleanse and moisturize at the same time. But there are others who will moisturize your skin deeply thanks to special ingredients.

There are also peel-off masks which solidify and pulls dead skin cells and filth when you drag it off.

Different skin types

Not every person has the same skin type and depending on what kind of skin you have, you’ll need to use different products. Many skin care products for men are produced for normal, dry or fat skin. Normal skin literally means that you don’t get a dry or shiny skin.

If you have dry or fat/shiny skin, you need to use products that will adjust the balance. So, it’s good to know what kind of skin type you have before you buy products.

  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Fat/Shiny

Don’t wash your face with a regular soap

Washing your face with regular soap will do more harm than good for most of the times, and it should be avoided by all means if you’re serious about your skin care routine. A regular soap will make your skin dry and dull, and that’s why you should avoid it.

Instead, use a facial wash for men – I recommend Men-ü Healthy Facial Wash


This is a whole other chapter by itself, but the most important is that you have a good shaver or razer. There are lots of things to learn when it comes to grooming, but if you don’t shave regularly or grow a beard, it’s often sufficient to use a shaving foam (if you shave with a razor) and an aftershave lotion.

Before the shave, it’s also recommended to soften your beard with a hot towel or warm water. When you’re done shaving, it’s best to finish off with some cold water in order to close the pores.

If you like to have a stubble or beard, it’s not necessary to use shaving foam, but a good aftershave lotion and beard oil might be a good investment. And of course, a reliable trimmer/shaver that is easy to carry along.

I use Remington Beard Kit, and it works like a charm. I’ve tried lots of different trimmers and razors before, but this one comes at a good price level and has everything one could wish for. In the package, you will also get adjustable shaving heads, a brush, and a scissor.

Click here to read more

remington beard kit

Don’t forget to eat healthy

Now you might ask, what has food to do with skin care? The truth is that food plays an important role when it comes to a person’s looks and well being. The healthier you eat and as long as you get all the vitamins and nutrients the body needs, the bigger the chance that you get a good and nice looking skin.

Skin Care for Men – Summary

  • Make sure to check what’s your skin type
  • Use a facial wash for men 1-2 times a day
  • Use a facial cream for men 1-2 times a day or when needed
  • Make your skin care routine into a habit
  • If you have the budget, invest in a separate day cream and night cream.
  • Use a peeling/facial mask 1-2 times a week for an extra fresh look
  • Make sure to use proper shaving techniques
  • Know that it can take a few days for your skin to adjust to new products
  • Sleep is important for the body to recover, the same goes for your skin
  • Avoid smoking and excessive amounts of alcohol if possible
  • Make sure to get enough vitamins and nutrients

Where can you buy skin care products for men?

There are lots of websites that sell skin care products for men. One site that is specially tailored for male skin care is Gents, which is actually founded in Helsingborg, where I’m raised and have lived for most parts of my life!

Both their physical store and online shop have reasonable prices, nice staff, and fast delivery!

See more products at –

Do you have more questions about skin care for men? Leave a comment or send an email. If you have some tips to share yourself, please leave a comment with your own skin care routine as well!

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