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Shanghai Tower – Facts, Tickets, and Information for your visit

Shanghai Tower – Facts, Tickets, and Information for your visit

Shanghai Tower is one of the most iconic buildings in China and a major landmark in Shanghai. It has a total height of 632 meters (2,073) and 128 floors, making it the second-tallest building in the world or third if Tokyo Skytree is included on the list. 

Furthermore, it’s the tallest building in China and the world’s tallest twisted building. Shanghai Tower was completed in September 2015 and finally opened for visitors in July 2016.

It can accommodate as many as 16,000 people per day and has become one of the most popular attractions in the city. 

How Much Does it Cost to Visit?

The Shanghai Tower is found in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China, and has an observation deck open to the public.  

Currently, visitors can get access to the 118th (546 meters tall) and 119th (552 meters tall) floor of the towers. Ticket costs are relatively cheap in comparison to other skyscrapers as an adult ticket is priced at just $26 (180 Chinese Yuan).

Ticket Info

Once booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email and an e-ticket. Bring the e-ticket (either printed or on your mobile) to the tower on the day and scan it at one of the self-service kiosks near the entrance to the tower.

Those who haven’t purchased a ticket online in advance can buy tickets on the day from the ticket hall. However, to avoid long queues and an inflated price, it’s recommended you purchase your Shanghai Tower ticket in advance.

The rules around whether you need to bring your passport to collect your ticket are slightly blurred. Most likely, your passport will not be required, but it’s better to bring it than to leave it at your hotel/apartment.

Shanghai Tower observation deck

Photo: Michael Gordon /

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: 8:30am – 10pm

Ticket sales close at 9:30pm.

History & Information

Shanghai Tower is a 632-meter high building located in the Lujiazui Finance zone o the Pudong district in China. The building, which is a multipurpose building used for offices, leisure, and accommodation, is home to the second tallest observation deck in the world!  

Construction work on the tower began in November 2008 and took five years to build, with the work commencing in August 2013. The tower’s observation deck, found on the 118th floor, opened in June 2016 for a trial run for a select group of visitors before officially opening to the public in 2017.

There are plans to open the 121st floor to the public too, which will make it the world’s highest observation deck. From the observation deck, visitors can admire Shanghai’s sunset and bright lights while enjoying 360-degree views over the city.

The exhibition hall in the lobby also offers guests a chance to learn more about the construction of the building, the masterminds behind the designs, and the architecture of the tower.

Shanghai Skyline

Photo: poludziber /

Points of Interest

Preface Hall

A lobby type area home to models and photos of the tower along with videos showing its development over the years.

Elevator Ride

The elevator ride up to the observation deck is a point of interest in itself. The elevator is one of the fastest in the world!

Observation deck

Panoramic viewing area that offers 360-degree views over Shanghai and takes in the Bund, the Jin Mao Tower, and the Huangpu River.  

View from the Observation deck at Shanghai Tower

Photo: Michael Gordon /

How to get to the Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is situated close to both the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center, however thanks to its towering heights it’s pretty easy to spot from anywhere in the city on a clear day!

When googling the Shanghai Tower you might find two different addresses, both will take you to the same location:

  • 479, Lujiazui Ring Road
  • 501, Yincheng Middle Road

By Subway
The most popular way to get to the Shanghai Tower is by subway. Take Line 2 and alight at Lujiazui station, exiting at exit 6.

By Ferry

If you’re on the opposite side of the river near the Bund, take the ferry across (for 29 cents) and enjoy the views of the tower as you make the crossing.  

Ferry to Shanghai Tower

Photo: Joyfull/Shutterstock

Nearby Attractions

There are a number of attractions within walking distance of Shanghai Tower, check them out below:

  • Jin Mao Tower
  • The Bund
  • Lujiazui Central Greenland
  • Oriental Pearl Tower
  • Shanghai Development Exhibition Hall
  • Aurora Museum
  • Bund International Architecture Exhibition (this is 1.2 miles away and can easily be accessed by public transport if you’d prefer not to walk)  
  • Yu Garden
  • Old Town
  • Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum (this is 1.4 miles away and can easily be accessed by public transport if you’d prefer not to walk)

Best time to visit Shanghai Tower

Aim to get to the towers observation deck in time for dusk and you’ll enjoy daylight, sunset, and nightfall all in one sitting! Alternatively, to avoid crowds aim to visit midweek and first thing in the morning when the tower opens.

Always check the weather on the day of your visit as this will determine what time of day would be best to enjoy the views.

Usually, visitors will enter the Shanghai Tower building and be up on the observation deck within 15-minutes. However, on a busy day, queues to get into the tower can be around 1-hour long.

Facts about Shanghai Tower

  1. The Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa.
  2. It’s home to the world’s highest observation deck which is found on the 121st floor at 561.3 meters tall (1841.5 feet).
  3. The elevators inside the tower were designed by Mitsubishi and are the fastest in the world. They travel at speeds of 74km/h (45.9mph).
  4. The Shanghai tower is owned by Yeti Construction and Development, a combination of state-owned development companies.
  5. The tower cost an estimated $2.4 billion to build and was funded by shareholders, bank loans, and Shanghai’s municipal government.
  6. Construction on Shanghai Tower began November 2008 and was completed in September 2015, taking about 7 years to finish. It is planned to be opened in November 2015.
  7. The Shanghai Tower is now home to the world’s second-highest hotel. It consists of 258 rooms. The world’s highest hotel is the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.
  8. Shanghai Tower holds the record for the furthest-traveling single elevator at 578.5 meters or 1,898 feet, surpassing the record previously held by the Burj Khalifa.
  9. Two hundred and seventy wind generators will power the external lights on the building, also adding to the environmentally-safe design.
  10. In February 2014, a pair of Russian climbers climbed all the way to the top of the tower. This was not sanctioned, as they broke into the tower in order to do this. The video that they filmed of this excursion currently stands at about 47 million views on YouTube.
  11. The core of Shanghai Tower is made of a 30 square meters concrete core. The massive concrete core also interacts with four super columns. The tower’s foundation is made of a six-meter thick mat supported by 947 bore piles.
View over Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao tower

Photo: Pavel L Photo and Video /

FAQ’s (Things to know before you go)

What is the Shanghai tower used for?

The tower is a mixed-use building and like many other skyscrapers, it’s used for offices, hotels, tourism, and leisure. It also features the highest observation deck in the world, making it one of the most popular attractions in Shanghai. 

Can you go up the Shanghai Tower?

Visitors can go up the Shanghai Tower and take in the view from the observation deck.

Are there telescopes in the observation deck?

Telescopes are available to visitors for a small fee. 

How fast is the Shanghai Tower Elevator?

Mitsubishi Electric claims that the elevators in Shanghai Tower move at a top speed of 1,230 meters per minute (almost 46mph).

How much does it cost to visit the tower’s observation deck?

A ticket costs 180 Chinese Yuan ($26).

How many stories are there?

There are 128 floors in the Shanghai Tower.

Do you have more questions before visiting Shanghai Tower? Leave a comment below!