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Last updated: July 11, 2018

Rhodes beaches have something for everyone, and there are both gravel and sand mixed beaches and pebble beaches and numerous paradise beaches with powdery sand and crystal clear water.

When I lived in Rhodes for about a year in total, I have been fortunate enough to experience most of Rhodes beaches. 

Are you traveling to Rhodes? Here’s the ultimate insider guide to the best Beaches on Rhodes that shouldn’t be missed.

Windy Beach Rhodes

At the western end of the beach in Rhodes Town Windy Beach. As the name suggests, it blows a lot, which can be cool during the hottest summer months. It is not as crowded as eastern strand called Elli.

Elli Beach

The most popular beach in Rhodes town goes east from the Cape all the way to the Mandraki harbor. It’s always busy on Elli, and there are plenty of sun beds.

The beach itself is a mixture of gravel and sand. Unlike Windy, it’s mostly windless here.

There is no shortage of other tourists either, and if you get thirsty or hungry, there is both a casino with a pool area and restaurants located just above.

Also, vendors are walking around and offering refreshing drinks and fruit.


Of all Rhodes beaches, the Tsambika beach is my absolute favorite. In recent years, more tourists have discovered this gem, but it’s still a secluded beach where the surrounding area is undeveloped.

Large hotels surround most other beaches on Rhodes, but not Tsambika.

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Instead, awaits a wild area with fine golden sand and shallow water. Tsambika is thus ideal for families, and the water temperature is warmer than other Rhodes beaches.

For those who easily become restless of sunbathing, there are paddle boats and jet skis to rent.

Besides that, you can also walk up to the old monastery, which offers spectacular views of the Tsambika Beach and the ocean. If you get thirsty or hungry, there’s a restaurant and a small store with drinks and snacks.

tsambika beachPhoto


A small beach with no direct facilities. Not really an issue since the surrounding area is beautiful and clean with clear water.

Here you travel to enjoy a nice area for yourself or your family. But, unfortunately, it is not so easy to get here without a car.


Ixia beach is a popular one that stretches for several kilometers. A pebble beach located below all family resorts in Ixia. However, it is often windy, which in turn providing excellent conditions for windsurfing.


Together with Ixia, Rhodes town, and Afandou, Lalissos is one of Rhodes’s most popular family resorts. Lalissos beach is mixed sand and pebbles, and there are plenty of water sports available.


At the southern part of Rhodes, one will find the windsurfer paradise Prasonisi. This is where you should go if you want to try the sport for real.

For those who prefer to remain on land, it can be nice just to lie in the sun and watch all the surfers out in the water.

Anthony Quinn Bay

According to many, one of the best beaches on Rhodes. Sure, Anthony Quinn Bay is a beautiful bay, but it is not especially suitable for children since there are sharp rocks in the water.

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However,  it’s one of the best places for snorkeling in Rhodes.

Anthony Quinn Bay is located just outside of Faliraki and approximately 15km from Rhodes town.


The beach in Kolymbia attracts mostly families as many charter tours go here. It is a quiet strand with a mixture of sand and pebbles.

A good place if you just want to take it easy and relax.


Photo: Shutterstock


Afandou has a long sandy beach that is one of Rhodes’s most visited beaches. Around, there are numerous hotels, and several charter companies offer hotels here.

There are plenty of sunbeds and water sports in Afandou.


The beach in Kalithea is a nice beach with calm and crystal clear waters. An attractive place for families, just a bit outside Rhodes town. If you like diving, you will also find the best diving center on Rhodes here in Kallithea.


Faliraki beach offers golden sand stretching as long as four kilometers. Here’s a wide range of water sports and activities. Along the promenade, restaurants are lined up, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as light drinks and snacks.

Whether you want the hustle and bustle or more privacy for yourself, it is easy to find a place that fits on the beach in Faliraki.

Sunbeds are available in most parts, but further away there are also areas without sunbeds.


A relaxed strand with a chill-out reggae bar and fine golden sand. Here is a small selection of sun beds, but it is mostly sand.

Anyone who likes to jump off cliffs will not be disappointed when visiting the Oasis Beach.

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If you ask me, Lindos has one of the best beaches on Rhodes. A real paradise beach with white powdery sand and turquoise water mixed with green color.

The strand is shallow and child-friendly. There are plenty of sunbeds, and you can also buy drinks and food.



A peaceful and beautiful beach in the southern part of Rhodes, a short distance from Lindos. A good place for families who want a relaxing holiday.


A quiet and remote sandy beach that lies between Lindos and Faliraki. Here awaits snorkeling in crystal clear waters and restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood dishes.

The beach is child-friendly and suitable for all who want a nice and relaxing day.

Other Rhodes Beaches

  • Kalathos – Golden sand. North of Lindos. Nudist friendly.
  • Kathara – 13 km from Rhodes. Shallow with sand. Children welcome.
  • Glystra – Ideal for calm swimming in beautiful green surroundings.
  • Vlicha – A fine sandy strand close to Lindos. Calm and nudist friendly.

My three favorite Beaches on Rhodes

  • Tsambika – Family friendly, wonderful sand and secluded.
  • Lindos – touristy but beautiful and lovely.
  • Kolymbia – Family friendly, nice sand with pebbles.

Snorkeling at Rhodes beaches

For those who like to snorkel and explore life under the sea, I can happily tell you that there are several beaches on Rhodes that offers great snorkeling.

Below you can see a list of the best beaches for snorkeling.

  • Anthony Quinn Bay
  • Kallithea
  • St Paul’s Bay, Lindos
  • Haraki

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