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12 Really good restaurants in Stockholm

12 Really good restaurants in Stockholm

Are you looking for a good restaurant in Stockholm? No worries, there are plenty of them. That may not come as a surprise as it is the capital of Sweden, and one of the Swedish cities with the highest restaurant density. As a tourist it can almost be too many to make a simple choice (a luxury problem, I know).

But no matter if you’re a tourist or a local, you can stay calm. I’ve compiled a list of 12 really good restaurants in Stockholm, where I’ve always received great service and food. Sure, it’s nice to find hidden gems, but it can also be quite nice to have a few safe cards if time is limited.

Below are 12 restaurants in no particular order. I haven’t ranked them, because they all simply have a high quality and are priceworthy after what’s being served and offered. 

Pane Fresco

Paolo Roberto’s restaurant is located at the top in Åhlens city. It’s an Italian restaurant serving delicious pasta. A dish I can highly recommend – Pasta with beef tender loing and mushrooms. The pizzas are well-made as well.

Price range: 100-250 kronor for a main course. Dish of the day 110 kronor.
Type of kitchen: Italian.

Address: Klarabergsgatan 50 (Åhlens city).


There are many restaurants in Stockholm offering buffet, but few do it as good as Hermans. Freshly made veggie food is on the table, and if you’re a student, you receive 50% discount when ordering food + drink.

Value for money and friendly staff.

Type of kitchen: Mixed, vegetarian buffet.
Prisklass: 195 SEK för lunchbuffe eller middagsbuffé.

Address: Fjällgatan 23B


Home cooking at its best. Tradition is one of my favorites when it comes to restaurants in Stockholm. Here you always get good food and if you want to try different varieties of traditional Swedish food, this is always a safe card.

Price range: Between, 200-400 SEK.
Type of kitchen: Household food.

Address: Österlånggatan 1.

Amida Kolgril

A simple restaurant that fits perfectly if you want a quick dinner and large portions. The staff is nice and it’s a lovely little chin that may not look much to the world, but it is visited by locals from “Söder”.

Price range: Between, 80-160 kronor.
Type of cuisine: Mediterranean.

Address: Folkungagatan 76.

Stockholm’s Gästabud

One of Stockholm’s better restaurants with Swedish touches on the menu. It’s a small and simple place, but it also makes it all the more personal. The service is top notch and the food is of really high class at reasonable prices.

Price range: Between, 150-300 kronor.
Type of cuisine: Swedish.

Address: Österlånggatan 7.

Babel Deli

Available in Vasastan and Hornstull delicious Meze dishes are being served here. Cheap and nice with lovely interior. All meze plates come with bulgur, tabbouleh, fattoush / red cabbage salad & two optional tubes.

Price range: Between, 80-100 kronor.
Type of cuisine: Meze.

Address: Kungstensgtan 33 and Långholmsgatan 27.

Louie Louie

Are you looking for a restaurant in Stockholm that serves really good salads? Your search is over. Louie Louie probably has the best salads, and they are not only good, but also filling. The shrimp salad is really good. The atmosphere is a bit calmer and cozy, so in addition, to a good salad, it is also a good place to relax and just hang out for a while.

Price range: Between, 75-130 kronor per right.
Type of cuisine: Salad.

Address: Bondegatan 13.

Vigårda (Moodgallerian)

Looking for a good burger? Then look no further, Vigårda serves both vegetarian / vegan burgers and hamburgers with meat. Vigårda is found in the “Moodgallerian” and is quite easy to find. The fries you get are also very delicious, and if you have trouble choosing a burger, Bistro is a safe card.

Price range: Between, about 100 kronor.
Type of cuisine: Hamburgers.


Address: Norrlandsgatan 13.

Restaurant Tegelbacken

A newly opened restaurant in central Stockholm, owned and run by Markus Aujalay and Erika Michael. In other words, you are in good hands at Tegelbacken. The portions are not the biggest, so it’s better to order something like 3 dishes per person.

This is one of the more expensive restaurants on the list, but the quality of the food is really good and if you want to spoil yourself, this is a Stockholm restaurant for you!

Price range: 150-200 kronor per dish, 4-course menu available for 595 with chef’s own choice.
Type of cuisine: European.

Address: Tegelbacken 2.


Do you want high quality Asian food? Then Farang is a restaurant in Stockholm for you. Certainly, the price tag is something in the top range, but the food served is ridiculously good. Here you eat a 7-course dinner or lunch. Be prepared for a really nice experience for your taste buds!

Price range: Upper, from SEK 595.
Type of cuisine: Asian.

Address: Tulegatan 7.


Want something quick and vegetarian? Falafelbaren serves the best falafel I’ve eaten in Sweden, so even if you’re not a vegetarian, this is a good and easy alternative at “Södermalm”.

Price range: Between, 60-100 kronor.
Type of cuisine: Middle East Falafel.

Address: Hornsgatan 39B

Fuori di Pizza

Looking for something quick and easy? Fuori di Pizza is one of Stockholm’s best restaurants when it comes to pizza, and I say this after I’ve eaten lots of pizzas in Sweden.

Price range: Between, 100-150 kronor per pizza.
Type of cuisine: Pizza.

Address: Karlbergsvägen 35.

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Sthlm, and for those looking for it, I have made a special list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Stockholm. I highly recommend these and most of them are also really affordable.

So, even if you are not vegetarian or vegan, the options are healthy and delicious, and often bang for the buck as well.

Want some more tips on restaurants in Stockholm? Leave a comment or send me an email!