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15 Reasons to visit Slovenia

15 Reasons to visit Slovenia

Are you curious about Slovenia? An unexplored country with lots of hidden gems and lovely places. Here are 15 reasons to visit Slovenia as soon as possible!

Unexplored country

Have you heard of Slovenia before? Maybe, but it will most likely be that you’ve heard or seen photos from Bled or Ljubljana. Or the fact that the country played an important role during the Austria-Hungarian rule.

But it’s largely unexplored, and it’s easy to find places to visit in Slovenia with no sign of tourism.

Beautiful nature

Nature is pure in Slovenia and largely untouched by mankind. There are vast areas where you will see no footprints of humans, and it’s easy to enjoy the beautiful nature here. In addition to beauty, the country also has some pretty neat views and hiking trails to offer its visitors.

Hey, in winter time it’s even possible to go skiing in the Slovenian alps, how about that?

Authentic culture

At first glance there might not be much of a culture displayed despite the old radio tunes if you’re driving to Slovenia, but the longer you stay, the more culture you will experience. Slovenians are proud and their history goes way back, and many of them have kept their traditions, especially out in the countryside where at some places it feels like time has stand still for centuries.

places to visit in Slovenia

It’s cheap and budget friendly

It’s easy to travel in Slovenia on a budget. Accommodation is cheap, transportation is cheap and prices for activities are relatively cheap, even in more touristic areas such as Lake Bled. If you want to do some hitchhiking, then Slovenia is the perfect country to do it, the locals are friendly and it’s common to pick up others who wants a lift.

When visiting Slovenia you won’t break your bank, that’s for sure.

Caves and Gorges

Do you like exploring caves and gorges? It’s pretty exciting, and if you like caves you should remember Skocjan caves and Postojna cave that are phenomenal to experience. And the Slovenian Gorges are simply another good reason to visit Slovenia!

Try some rafting and canyoning and feel the adrenaline pump!

kayaking while visiting Slovenia

Honey and Wine

Did you know that Slovenia has over 8000 beekeepers? Slovenian honey is delicious and is considered to be of great quality. Another treat when visiting Slovenia is the unique selection of wines. About 1% of the land is covered by vineyards, and while Slovenia might not be the biggest nor the most famous wine producer, they certainly have some delicious wines that you won’t find elsewhere!

Unique food

While a lot of the Slovenian cuisine is influenced by the neighboring countries, there are lots of unique dishes to try depending on which region you’re visiting.

And it’s cheap too, so you can splurge on restaurants without worrying about emptying your wallet.

Best places to visit in Slovenia

Slap Savica

In the woods of Triglav national park, you can drive to this magical waterfall, called Slap Savica. It’s a short drive from Lake Bohinj, and then a short walk from the parking lot. Not much more to say about it, it’s really beautiful as you can see in the photo below.

Another fun fact is that the water is supposed to heal you, and upon entry to the hiking trail, there’s a sign that says you’ve found the fountain of the youth, so another great reason to visit Slovenia!

slap savica


Have you ever been to a capital that feels like a small town, yet has some stunning architecture and lively restaurant scene? Well, that’s exactly what to expect from Ljubljana. A cozy capital with beautiful architecture and everything you could possibly want.

Gorgeous churches, charming restaurants, shopping, and street art. Ljubljana is a great reason why you should visit Slovenia.

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visit Ljubljana

Soca River

Look at that color, have you ever seen anything like it? So beautiful, and the best part? There are literally no tourists. Well you might meet some along the way, but you’re most likely to be able to experience this and enjoy it without the big crowds that you will find for say in Gorges du Verdon in France.

soca river in Slovenia


A coastal city that deserves more attention than it currently gets. It’s beautiful and here you can enjoy some of Europe’s best seafood directly from the Adriatic sea.

Visit slovenia and Koper

Photo: Shutterstock


Another postal card perfect coastal town along the Adriatic sea that you should write down on your list of places to visit in Slovenia. If you go by rental car it’s easy to get here and definitely worth a few hours and then finish off at a local restaurant.

Kranjska Gora

A charming alpine village close to the Italian and Austrian border. Here await some scenic views and tranquility. Perfect for relaxation and hiking.

Lake Bled

The beautiful Lake Bled is one of the main reasons why people visit Slovenia, and rightly so. It’s a quaint little town with beautiful scenery and a nice range of spa treatments and hotels. From here it’s also easy to go on tours to other places or renting a car/bike and explore on your own.

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Personally, I find Bohinj more beautiful and worthy a visit than Lake Bled. However, they are both gorgeous and since they are just 30 minutes drive from each other, it’s a no-brainer to visit both!

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Need more reasons to visit Slovenia? Probably not, but feel free to leave a comment if you have some questions about visiting Slovenia! 


Monday 19th of February 2018

Slovenia is definitely worth visiting. Primorska region has wonderful trekking trails surrounded by amazing nature.


Thursday 2nd of November 2017

Great. Welcome again to explore Brda wine region as well. Vesna


Sunday 30th of April 2017

These are really awesome images! I also written the same thing few weeks ago and now I'm regretting I didn't explore Slovenia while I was there!

Alexander Waltner

Monday 1st of May 2017

Thanks a lot Christine :) Yes, Slovenia is beautiful, but only a few explore beyond Bled, Bohinj, and Ljubljana or Postojna.

Alexander Waltner

Thursday 9th of March 2017

Thanks! Glad you liked it, I would be happy to go back some day :)


Friday 3rd of March 2017

Interesting article. It is very much like you described. I do have to warn people who will visit, don't break the law or do stupid things. People (especialy elders) will call the police fairly quickly. Another thing if you go hiking: never go alone and dont always trust the map. I live here and even i got lost. Some trails dont lead anywhere and some are so old its like walking in the jungle. Always ask a native before deciding which one to take. Have heard about tourists getting stranded in the middle of the forrest frezzing to death.