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Last updated: July 2, 2018

Iceland is a destination that many are dreaming about visiting, and after I’ve been there myself, I can honestly say that it’s just as magical as in the photos! Iceland is also known as the land of fire and ice, and the landscape is, to say the least, unique, just as the ever-changing weather.

To inspire people to travel more is a big reason why I started this blog in the first place, so from this day I will make these postcard series from every country or larger regions we visit, and I will choose some nice photos from our trips!

First, Iceland, where we traveled for 12 days in a Campervan.


To meet Icelandic horses is a highlight for many visiting Iceland, and they are basically everywhere in open fields while driving around. Most of them are very curious and start to wander towards you as soon as you step out of the car.


One of the days we did some Glacier walking and got the chance to go down to a crystal crevasse, which is a natural phenomenon in Glaciers. The photo is taken from Svinafellsjökull, in the national park of Skaftafell.

vykort glaciärvandring

Christine with her gear. The Ice hack was handy to have while climbing down some ice stairs.

island vykort landskap

You will get spoiled by views like this pretty quickly, and it feels like they are everywhere, and in the next moment you pass a totally different landscape, and another common scenery is the lava landscape, with its unique moss growing on top of it.

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Old plane wreckage, about 10-15 minutes away from the Skogafoss waterfall. The plane did an emergency landing here in 1973 after having too little fuel to continue, and it’s been here ever since. Nowadays it’s a popular tourist attraction with hundreds of visitors each day.

island vykort flygplan

If you continue east along the ring road, you will soon get to the famous black beach, Reynisfjara, which lies just before Vik. Come early if you want to avoid the crowds, and watch out for the dreadful waves.

Iceland’s nature is extreme in many ways, and Reynisfjara is another proof of it. In recent years some tourists have died here after being swept away while taking selfies with their backs facing the waves.

svarta stranden

More glacier walking, in the photo: Sofia and Christine.

island glaciär

In Iceland, you can also visit glacier lagoons where large blocks of ice are floating around. The most famous glacier lagoon is the one called Jökulsárlón and nearby there’s also a smaller and less famous one called Fjallsárlón.


In the Eastern part, you’ll find picturesque fjord villages like the charming Reydarfjördur.


There are lots of waterfalls in Iceland, and here’s a photo from the famous Seljalandsfoss, in a snowy landscape.

vattenfall seljalandsfoss

Same waterfall without the snow, taken from above with our new drone. Pretty spectacular, don’t you think?


There are plenty of beautiful views to find.

christine island

mossa och lava

There are lots of Icelandic horse here, but before you stop along the road, make sure that it’s a safe spot. Many tourists just stop without notice when they see something beautiful and thus making it dangerous for other people driving.

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Luckily, there are plenty of spots to park the car with safe distance to the road, just as we did here, where we got to see all of these beautiful horses!


In Iceland, you can also see some spectacular geysers that blow water high above the ground. Perhaps the most famous geyser is called Strokkur  and lies along the Golden Circle in Haukadalur.

strokkur geysir

In the little “village” Hof stands a beautiful church with grass roof, one of the seven still standing turf churches in Iceland.

kyrka hof

The Northern Light is a natural wonder and something magical to experience in real life. The best time to see the northern lights is from October to March. To be able to see the lights, it needs to be free from clouds, or at least not full cloud.

We were lucky to see the phenomenon twice. The first time it wasn’t that strong and we could barely see it with our eyes, but the second time it was really strong and we were able to capture this beautiful moment below.


The same night, a couple of hours before, we saw this colorful sunset close to the black beach. The whole sky turned orange and I got the chance to capture this lovely silhouette.


Iceland is a magical destination, and our 12 days offered some lovely moments and adventures. A real dream come true for photographers and people who appreciate nature and beautiful landscapes.


If you dream about visiting Iceland, I can heartily recommend it!
I hope you got inspired by my photos because I got lots of them coming!

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Have you also been to Iceland? Feel free to share your experience and tips.

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