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Portable Luggage Scale – Never pay for overweight fees again!

Portable Luggage Scale – Never pay for overweight fees again!

Looking for a good portable luggage scale? Or are you just curious to know more about a luggage weigher? No matter the reason you found this, I will tell you that buying a luggage scale is one of the best small investments you can make as a traveler.

Paying overweight fees can get expensive, and as regulations become more strict around the world, you’re better safe than sorry to weigh your luggage before leaving for the airport. Some airlines will charge you a whopping 7 to 50 Euros per kilo in overweight fees, and you won’t be allowed to board unless you pay or remove items causing the overweight.

Luckily, you don’t ever have to see yourself in that situation again or for the first time if you use a luggage scale before you travel away from home. The same goes if you’re on vacation and have bought a lot of souvenirs you want to bring home. A portable luggage scale is easy to bring along on any trip, and in the long run, it could save you money.

What is a luggage scale/travel scale?

Well, the name is kind of self-explanatory, but it’s sometimes good to point out the obvious things as well. What makes a luggage scale, also known as travel scale is the fact that it’s a small hanging scale that is easy to carry along. You use it by attaching the hook to the luggage and then simply hold it, and voila, within a few milliseconds you will see the weight of your luggage on the scale’s display.

Why use a portable luggage scale?

It’s a very simple but practical travel gadget to buy, and something I think every traveler should have. Both on your departure and homebound trip it’s easy to bring too much stuff in the luggage. On your way to the destination, you might be unsure of the weather, activities and what clothes you will use and gadgets to bring.

And since most people go on vacation only a few times a year or less than that, one wants to make sure that everything needed is packed. But, if you bring too much it can be costly. As already mentioned some airlines will charge up to 50 Euro per kilo overweight, and that money is surely spent better on activities/food/souvenirs instead of giving away your money to the airline.

The main reason to buy a portable luggage scale is to never have to worry about paying overweight fees again. It’s easy to carry along and cheap.

Does it matter which kind or brand you buy?

Both, yes and no. Some luggage scales are not made with quality in mind, which isn’t good as it will hold up your entire luggage for a few seconds. And exactly like I do with other travel gadgets I use and recommend, I only recommend good stuff. But don’t worry it won’t cost you a lot of money anyway, but it’s better to spend a little more once, than having things broken or not working properly.

Some cheaper luggage scales will also show the wrong weight. To make it easier for you, I will just recommend the same one I’m using and have been using for the last 2 years of traveling. It’s still with me, and it costs less than 15 Euros to buy. It’s a good portable luggage scale that I can heartily vouch for.

You can buy the same luggage scale that I’m using here

Bring home souvenirs without risking overweight

On the way home from a trip there will most likely come along some souvenirs in the suitcase, and wouldn’t it be annoying to be forced to throw them away or pay expensive overweight fees to take them home with you? Thanks to the portable luggage scale, you won’t have to worry about that since you can easily bring it along and weigh your luggage before you go to the airport.

portable luggage scale

Facts about this portable luggage scale

Here below you can see a list of the key facts for this particular travel scale.

  • Battery: 1 CR2032 battery
  • Max weight: 50 kilo/110lbs
  • High precise for weighing luggage
  • Small and convenient size
  • Easy to read display
  • Can show weight in both kilo or lbs
  • Size: 15×3,4×2,7cm
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Easy to use

User instructions

  1. Press the power button
  2. Choose between kilo or lbs
  3. Attach the luggage scale and put the hook on your suitcase
  4. Lift your suitcase and let it hang free
  5. The weight will be shown on the display
  6. Let it stabilize to make sure that the weight is correct
  7. You’re done!
  8. Press at Z/T button to keep weighing
  9. Press and hold the button to switch off the luggage scale
  10. Otherwise it will take about 2 min before shutting off automatically

Perfect for travelers with just a carry-on

If you like to leave the checked suitcase at home and go on shorter trips with just a carry-on, then you definitely need a portable luggage scale. Almost all airlines have maximum weight and size for carry-ons.

Unfortunately, the airline industry has not evolved enough to allow free or at least more weight within the specified dimensions, and the majority of airlines has a weight limit along with the size limit. The only airline I know without weight limit on hand luggage is EasyJet, who only cares about that everything should fit into a bag that gets fit one piece (applause to EasyJet).

However, for the other airlines, you may have to weigh and measure the hand luggage before you can check in or board the flight. If you have overweight then you’ll be kindly asked to remove something out of the bag or check it for a penalty fee.

Checking in the hand luggage is usually nothing one wants to do as many travels with a laptop, camera and other valuables that you would obviously not want or be allowed to check in. Of course, you can take a chance with the weight and go to the airport without having doublechecked the weight at home, but in the long run, I really recommend all weekend travelers to buy a portable luggage scale.

With a luggage scale, you’ll never have to worry about having to pay expensive overweight fees on your luggage ever again. A travel scale also fits perfectly as a Christmas gift or gift to someone who is about to go on a backpacker trip or travel around the world.

A must-have for anyone who likes to travel! – Buy the same luggage scale that I’m using here