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15 Best Places to visit in Wyoming

15 Best Places to visit in Wyoming

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Want to find the best places to visit in Wyoming? Here’s an updated guide for 2020 with interesting and beautiful destinations to include on your Itinerary. 

The state of cowboys and many several-thousand-acre ranches, Wyoming, is also home to some of the country’s most famous national parks, including America’s first national park, Yellowstone. 

Wyoming is the least populous state of the country but is also known as the state of equal rights. By the end of the 19th century, it was here where the first women were granted the right to vote, and where the country’s first female governor was elected.

One of the reasons for the state’s mild population is its landscape, which mostly consists of rugged terrain and flat treeless lagoons. There are historic ranches and rodeos all over the wild areas, and you can meet cowboys, ranchers, and pick-up trucks almost everywhere.

Yellowstone National Park

The world’s first established national park, Yellowstone, is a 2 million acres huge area full of astonishing geological and biological wonders, which led it to be declared as a world heritage site and a biosphere reserve.

The park has amazed its visitors for more than a century and hosts about 4 million visitors every year. Yellowstone is home to a large collection of hot springs, the world’s biggest concentration of geysers, psychedelic mineral pools and fumaroles.

The unique ecosystem of Yellowstone also provides habitat to hundreds of animal species, making it one of the best places to visit in Wyoming for wildlife experiences. 

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

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Grand Teton National Park

One of the most gorgeous and visit-worthy destinations in Wyoming is The Grand Teton National Park – a 310,000-acre large wilderness area with stunning meadows, lakes, spectacular pinnacles of the entire Teton mountain range, and the photogenic Moulton Barns and the Mormon Row.

The highest peak in the park is the Grand Teton with its 13,770-foot height. In the southeastern part of the park, you can find some of the best wildlife viewing points. Grand Teton welcomes and fascinates millions of visitors yearly from all around the globe.

Grand Teton National Park

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Hot Springs State Park

Located in Thermopolis, Wyoming, Hot Springs State Park is famous for its mineral water pools and the world’s largest mineral hot spring. Slipping into the hot waters of the park’s free Bath House is known to be a natural healing method for pains and aches in the body.  

The suspension bridge on the river opens beautiful views to the park’s mineral terrace.  The park is also known to be a place where you can see bison in their natural habitat while driving through the wilderness.

Hot Springs State Park

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Fossil Butte National Monument

Fossil Butte National Monument is home to one of the world’s well-known and best-preserved sites of ancient animal and plant fossils, such as fossils of freshwater fishes, birds, bats, turtles, alligators, small horses, and many other species.

The fossils found here are exceptional for their detail of preservation and tell an interesting story of ancient life in the area. This national monument is preserved as a paleontological heritage and attracts many visitors who are curious about life in the prehistoric subtropical land of Wyoming. 

Fossil Butte National Monument

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If you want to experience the Wild West in a surprisingly new way, Cody is the next best destination you can head to. Continuously being ranked as Wyoming’s most beautiful town, Cody was founded in the late 19th century by the famous “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who was a living legend known for his exploits as Pony Express rider, entrepreneurship, his shows, and a lot more.

The town is located 52 miles away from the Yellowstone National Park and offers not only exciting history, world-class museums but also spectacular scenery. Maybe that’s why Theodore Roosevelt once called the highway from Cody to Yellowstone the most beautiful miles in America.


Photo: Debby Ford/Shutterstock

Jackson Hole

Located beautifully between the Grand Tetons and Gros Ventres mountain ranges, Jackson Hole is a spectacular valley with nearly 400 square miles area. It’s a famous destination for outdoor recreation, skiing, wildlife watching, and also great accommodations.

The valley is known for being a famous celebrity vacation spot in the world. This is where many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, and others are regular visitors or own houses here.

Also, it’s an interesting fact, that the airport in Jackson Hole is the only airport in the US that is fully located within a national park.

Jackson Hole

Photo: Karel Stipek/Shutterstock

Flaming Gorge Recreation Area

Spreading across the Southwestern part of Wyoming, Flaming Gorge Recreation Area covers a nearly 207,360-acres large area of wilderness and beautiful landscapes.

This territory is a blend of beautiful nature shapes, countless mountain retreats, recreation opportunities like camping, hiking, fishing, swimming and so on.

The most famous destination in the area is the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, although Green River is also a popular experience. It is one of the best places to visit in Wyoming for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Flaming Gorge Recreation Area

Photo: Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock

Devils Tower

This astounding geological creation was the first official national monument in the United States and is not only famous for its overwhelming natural beauty but also because it’s a sacred place for Northern Plains Indian Tribes.

Devils Tower has many ancient names and appears in many stories, and even today, it’s a site of ceremonial rituals like prayers, sun dances, artifact offerings, and some others. 

Despite being very tall, Devils tower is also very wide – approximately the size of a football field. Night sky viewing, hiking, and climbing are some of the other activities offered by the place. 

Devils Tower

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Wyoming’s capital, Cheyenne, is America’s rodeo, cowboys and railroads capital. The city is packed with history, arts, culture, and architecture that takes you back to its story of the wealthiest city in the world.

Today Cheyenne not only kept the vibe of the rodeo city but also became much more than that. It thrives with an arts community, historic museums, ranches, resorts, famous annual festivals like Cowboy Symposium, Depot Days, Cheyenne Frontier Days and many others.


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Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site

Located in central Wyoming, Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site is one of the treasures of Native American rock art. The area contains giant rocks that were formed by many years of erosion and hundreds of shield-style petroglyphs on them, which are believed to be created between 1000 AD and 1250 AD.

The petroglyphs are protected by fences, but they can still be easily seen and photographed. This remote site does not have any services, so visitors must make sure to bring their water and gas up the vehicles before driving here. 

Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site

Photo: Wollertz/Shutterstock

Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Fort Laramie was initially established as a fur trading spot in1874 before it evolved into a large and famous military post. The historic site tells an important story of America’s transformational times.

The place witnessed the entire period of America’s western expansion and the protection of their territories by Indians. In 1890 Fort Laramie was abandoned and later in 1938 became preserved as a historic site.

Taking a staff-guided or self-guided tour around the fort is like going back in time when the West was still new and wild. It is certainly one of the best historical places to visit in Wyoming. 

Fort Laramie National Historic Site

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Buffalo is one of the best known and most historic towns in the American West. It’s nestled next to the beautiful Bighorn Mountains and also serves as a tourist center of the mountains region.

With an abundance of beautiful scenery, more than a dozen historic buildings, hotels, dining spots, Buffalo is a perfect destination for a true old Western experience.

Some of the significant places here are Buffalo’s Jim Gatchell Museum, also the Occidental Hotel, which is entirely decorated with the 1800s style, and you can even find bullet holes in the ceilings of the hotel from illegal gamblings of old times. 


Photo: Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock


Pronounced as dew-boys, Dubois is one of the last true old West rural towns rich in cowboy history and with a unique feel of the Frontier. The town is bordered by great geography and nearly 800,000 acres of pristine wilderness, thus it’s also famous amongst outdoor enthusiasts.

Popular attractions of the town are the Dubois Museum, National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center, where you can find the largest herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep in the country, mystical petroglyphs that are spread in different locations and reflect the life of the area’s early inhabitants.

National Elk Refuge

Ever dreamed of getting into a horse-drawn sleigh that will take you to a winter wonderland full of elks? It becomes a reality in the National Elk Refuge, where you can get into one of a kind western adventure.

National Elk Refuge was established as a winter habitat for the elk herd of more than 5000 elks. They migrate and stay here from mid-December until early April.

Elks are free to come and go to the park, however, in some areas, there are fences placed along the boundaries of the park to avoid conflicts of animals with people and vehicles. 

National Elk Refuge

Photo: Green Mountain Exposure/Shutterstock


Lander is famous amongst travelers for rock climbing and for its perfect recreational opportunities. The city offers a peaceful and tranquil mountain town experience with enough beautiful sceneries and outdoor activities to keep you adventurous for days.

It is also a gateway to the Wind River Mountains, Sinks Canyon State Park, Wolf Point, Wild Iris, and many other popular locations with vast, pristine wilderness and hiking, climbing opportunities. 

Want more tips on places to visit in Wyoming? Leave a comment below!

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