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Looking for Places to Visit in India, but not exactly sure where to go? India is an amazing country full of beautiful landscapes, incredible nature and wildlife, strong cultures and traditions as well as delicious food, and much more. 

To make things easier for your travel planning, and perhaps give you some inspiration for a more diverse India Itinerary, here’s a list of 25 Amazing Places to visit in India!

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is known as “God’s own country” and it could very well be the Garden of Eden on Earth. 

Kerala Backwaters is perhaps the most famous, and it’s very popular to go on a houseboat cruise here. I’ve done it, and I loved it. Traveling by boat along the backwaters is very relaxing, and gives you a unique experience. 

On your way, you’ll get the chance to stop at local villages, visit farms where they grow herbs, spices, nuts, fruits etc. 

Kerala Backwaters


In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful nature, friendly locals and delicious food. 

If you like to travel a bit off the beaten path, then Leh and the region around it is a good place to travel in India. 

Leh is a beautiful place to visit in India

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Munnar / Western Ghats

Munnar is a popular honeymoon destination, and it’s located in the Western Ghats mountain range. Also known as Kashmir of South India, Munnar offers its visitors some stunning scenery.

If you fancy a cup of tea, you shouldn’t miss visiting some of the tea plantations in Munnar. 


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Lakes of Sonamarg

Krishnashar Lake, Gangabal Lake, and Vishansar Lake are some of the most beautiful lakes in all of India. The hiking and nature around Sonamarg are incredible, and it’s definitely a great destination during summer.

Sonamarg and the lakes are one of the most beautiful places to visit in India!

sonamarg lake

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Another popular honeymoon destination, the Andaman Islands are a masterpiece by nature. 

Not only are the Andaman Islands a tropical paradise, but some islands are also home to the Andamanese, a group of indigenous people that includes a number of tribes including the Jarawa and Sentinelese tribes. 

Some islands require a permit to visit while others are banned to enter, for example, North Sentinel Island, which is home to one of the last civilizations on Earth that doesn’t live a modern life. 


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Kalavantin Durg

If you’re up for an adventure and a thrill-seeking hike, then Kalavantin Durg is one of the best places to visit in India. Dubbed as the World’s most dangerous fortress thanks to the not-so-forgiving hike. 

The trek from the base point to the top takes about 3 hours to complete. The trail comes without any fences or rail guards, and the only way up is via the zigzag stairs that have been carved into the mountain rock.

If you’re faint-hearted, this trail is not for you, but it’s also quite impressive to enjoy Kalavantin Durg from a distance as well. 

Kalavantin Durg

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The blue city is one of the many marvels of India, and it’s the second largest city in Rajasthan.

You shouldn’t come here just for the color though because the city has many beautiful palaces, forts, and temples that are worth visiting. 


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Loktak Lake

The largest freshwater lake in Northeast India has become famous for its floating islands, known as Phumdis. 

Loktak Lake

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Fancy a cup of tea? Then you’ve probably heard about Darjeeling tea, which is one of the best kinds of tea in the world. 

Not only is the tea delicious and of high quality from Darjeeling, but the landscapes are stunning as well. 


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The major hotspot in Rajasthan is one of the most fascinating places to visit in India. With attractions such as Hawa Mahal (pictured below) and Amber Palace, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort and Monkey temple just to mention a few places to visit in Jaipur. 


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Ziro Valley

If you’re looking for a different experience in India, I suggest considering a visit to the Ziro Valley. 

Ziro is perhaps most famed for being home to one of the oldest tribes, but it’s also an amazing place to visit if you enjoy wildlife and beautiful scenery.

You can also learn more about the Apatani tribe and their traditions that go back for centuries. 

ziro valley

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Thar Desert

Also known as the Great Indian desert, the Thar desert forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan. It is the World’s 17th largest desert, and a camping experience here is something that you will remember for a lifetime. 

thar desert

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Often considered as the cultural capital of Karnataka in South India, Mysore is very rich in culture and has several impressive palaces and gardens to discover.

Mysore is also famous for festivals and celebrations. 


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Jog Falls

If you like to chase waterfalls while traveling, then Jog Falls is an impressive series of waterfalls in the state of Karnataka.

jog falls

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Another holiday paradise where sunseekers, hippies and spiritual people have come for decades. Goa has something for everyone, but it’s perhaps the most touristy part of India since tourism has been prevalent here for so long. 

Don’t worry though, Goa is still amazing, and there are lots of paradise beaches to discover, and plenty of meditation and yoga retreats to join. 


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One of the seven important pilgrimage sites of Hindus, and recently a growing tourist destination as well.

Gokarna has everything that a peaceful beach holiday should offer, and you can also visit many interesting temples. 


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Kaziranga National Park

Want to see rhinos in the wild? Then you should definitely write down Kaziranga National Park on your list of places to visit in India. 

The national park is not only home to rhinos, but also tigers, wild buffaloes, elephants, and many other animals. 

Kaziranga National Park

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Bodh Gaya

You might have probably heard of this place already, at least if you’re interested in Buddhism. Bodh Gaya is a religious site and the place where Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) is said to have obtained enlightenment, under the Bodhi tree. 

Buddhist pilgrims come here from all over their world, and in 2002, the Mahabodhi Temple received the status of a UNESCO world heritage site. 

bodh gaya

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Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley has become a popular alternative to Leh and Ladakh, and many describe Spiti Valley as a raw adventure with untouched nature and scenic views. 

However, travelers wanting to explore the Spiti Valley, should come prepared for the terrain or join a professionally guided tour. A local guide is advised anyway, and for Western tourists, it’s very cheap to hire a guide. 

spiti valley

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The holiest city in the country, and home to the Ganges River, the holiest of all rivers. Varanasi was everything I had ever imagined about India, and more.

It’s a truly fascinating city to experience with daily religious ceremonies, cremations along the river, and people bathing in the holy Ganges river. Varanasi is authentic and gives you memories for life!

While Varanasi is unique and beautiful, one shouldn’t expect a modern city though, in fact, the city has been named as one of the dirtiest cities of India, but nonetheless, it’s still one of my favorite places to visit in India. 


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Also known as Naini Tal, a popular hill station in Uttarakhand. It is renowned for its lake, bird’s-eye views, and prestigious educational institutions.

Nainital is a great lake resort where you can enjoy scenic nature and a nice climate.


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Taj Mahal

A trip to India is not complete without a visit to the world famous Taj Mahal. It’s one of the most majestic and impressive buildings in the world with astonishing details, and a romantic love story behind it. 

Taj Mahal even inspired Walt Disney, when he created the Sultan’s palace in Aladdin. 

Taj Mahal

Karni Mata Temple

If you’re looking for a unique temple experience, then the Karni Mata temple is the ultimate place.

It’s not every day you will find a religious site (or any other place for that matter) where they worship rats, but at the Karni Mata temple, you’ll see thousands of rats running around. 

About 25.000 black rats are estimated to live within the temple grounds. These rats are holy rats, known as kabbas, and hindus from all over the world and India come here to pay their respects. 

karni mata temple

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Kanchenjunga Mountain

The third highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8,586 meters (28,169 feet). The summit is considered sacred by the people of Sikkim, but it’s not a place for everyone.

Since 2016, Khangchendzonga National Park is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is also said to be home to the Dzö-nga or “Kangchenjunga Demon“, a type of Yeti. 

Kanchenjunga Mountain

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New Delhi

Last but not least, the bustling capital of India where the government is seated. This megacity is home to approximately 26 million people, including the metro area. 

As soon as you set your foot in the city, you’ll see people everywhere, and to many (including me) it’s a cultural shock to come here. New Delhi is and has everything you could possibly imagine, both for good and bad. 

Some of the most popular attractions include the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Lodhi Gardens, India gate, and last but not least the infamous backpacker area of Paharganj. 


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So, now that you know about all these beautiful places to visit in India, it’s time to book your trip!

India is an incredible destination where you can spend weeks or even months traveling. If you know some more beautiful places to visit in India, feel free to share in the comment section!