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25 Amazing Places to Visit in Albania

25 Amazing Places to Visit in Albania

If you’re looking for some interesting places to visit in Albania, you’ve come to the right place. Albania is one of my favorite countries, and there is so much to explore and experience. 

While more and more tourists find their way here, most of the country is still quite unexplored by international tourists.

If you’re traveling to Albania anytime soon or just want some travel inspiration, I’ve made this list of 25 Amazing places to visit in Albania!

1. Berat

One of several UNESCO heritage sites in Albania. This city is famous for its unique architecture and long history. Berat has been inhabited since at least 6th century B.C. 


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2. Theth

If you like to spend time outdoors, then Theth is definitely one of the best places to visit in Albania.

Nature lovers will love it here, and besides stunning nature, there are also charming villages with their unique traditions, food, and culture. 


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3. Grama Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. Grama Bay is located south of Vlorë, and the only way to get here is either by hiking for 7 hours or go by boat.

Thanks to its remote location, you can expect to enjoy this paradise without massive crowds. 

Grama Bay

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4. Bovilla lake

Just about 1 hour from the capital, one can enjoy this beautiful lake in the mountains near Tirana. It’s perfect for a day trip when you want to enjoy some nature instead of city life. 

Bovilla lake

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5. Lepushe

Did you know that you can go skiing in Albania? Lepushe (Lëpushë) is a great ski destination in the northern part of the country.

Few international tourists find their way here, but you can be sure to get a unique ski experience!


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6. Dardha

Another ski destination, but in the southern part of the country. Dardha is one of Europe’s most affordable ski resorts, but it’s beautiful year round and always comes with refreshing mountain air. 


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7. Gjirokaster

This historical city should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Albania. Gjirokaster is fantastic and has become famous for its old houses that are very well preserved. 

It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. Gjirokaster is located just about 1-hour drive from Saranda, which make it an interesting day trip on your vacation. 

However, if you have a few days to spare, I highly suggest to stay overnight in Gjirokaster and enjoy the historical atmosphere. 


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8. Lake Komani

Komani is perhaps the most beautiful lake in all of Albania, and it shouldn’t be missed.

It’s popular to go for a boat ride and enjoy the lush scenery. Adventurers can also go hiking.

Lake Komani

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9. Butrint

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Albania. Butrint is easily accessible by bus from Saranda or Ksamil, and what’s even more interesting is that Butrint was colonized by Julius Caesar himself, who saw this as an important strategic location. 

Visitors today can walk around the historical site and admire the old ruins as well as the amphitheater. 

butrint unesco

10. Gjipe Beach

Gjipe Beach is my favorite beach in Albania, and I can warmly recommend you to visit this paradise. It’s located on the Albanian Riviera, between Dhermi and Himare. 

Gjipe Beach

Photo: Shutterstock

11. Sotira waterfall

If you like to chase waterfalls while traveling, Sotira Waterfall might just be the most spectacular waterfall in Albania.

Sotira waterfall

Photo: Shutterstock

12. Ksamil

Ksamil is one of the best beach destinations in all of Europe, and the beaches here will easily mislead you to think that you’re in the Caribbean instead of Europe.

When I first visited this beautiful place in 2016, it was without a doubt one of the last hidden gems of Europe. However, nowadays, more and more tourists find this place.

Luckily, Ksamil has kept its small-town feeling, and there are still several restaurants serving authentic food as well as family-owned hotels.

Albanian riviera

13. Korca

This city was founded in 1280 under the name Episkopi. Korca is renowned for its architecture and well-preserved buildings. From the 17th century and forward it was also an important center of trade. 

Today, it’s the 6th largest city in Albania. 


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14. Shkoder

Also known as Shkodër, and often considered to be the cultural capital of Albania. Through several epochs, the city of Shkodër has kept its importance and has been a strategic location since it was founded. 

It’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Albania, and you should stay a couple of nights here to enjoy it fully. From here, it’s also easy to make day trips to nearby beautiful places. 


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15. Dhermi

A popular beach destination along the Albanian Riviera, which is famous for its old stone houses as well as being a party spot during summertime. 


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16. Syri i Kalter

Also known as the Blue Eye, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Albania. Go for a swim, or just enjoy the amazing wonders of Mother Nature. 

syri i kalter Sarandë

17. Kruja

A historical town, about 20 km north of Tirana. 

Kruja is famous for being the first capital of the Albanian state in the middle ages, and later as the capital of the Kingdom of Albania. Visitors today can enjoy the Skanderbeg Museum, Krujë Castle as well as the national ethnographic museum.

Kruja Albania

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18. Rozafa

Albania is full of history, and Rozafa Castle and its ruins is another interesting place to visit if you like history. The castle is located near the city of Shkoder and is one of the oldest towns in all of the country. 

It was an Illyrian stronghold until the Roman captured it in 167 B.C


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19. Lin

A charming little town near Lake Ohrid. Go here for picturesque views and a relaxing holiday. 


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20. Pogradec

A great holiday spot at Lake Ohrid. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains and is home to more than 20.000 people. 


Photo: Shutterstock

21. Porto Palermo

Famous for the star-shaped castle, built by Ali Pasha in the 19th century. Porto Palermo is also a popular beach destination and a great stop along the Albanian Riviera. 

There is also a submarine bunker!

Porto Palermo

Photo: Shutterstock

22. Valbona Valley

The hike between Valbona and Theth has been named one of the best and least experienced hikes in Europe.

But even if you don’t go for the full hiking experience, Valbona is still very beautiful and worth a visit. 

Valbona Valley

Photo: Shutterstock

23. Apollonia

An ancient city that flourished during the Roman period. It was also famous for its philosophy school, and visitors today can admire the ancient buildings and ruins of Apollonia Archeological Park. 


Photo: Shutterstock

24. Saranda

Saranda has become one of the major tourist destinations in Albania, and it’s a great base to explore Southern Albania. From here, you can easily reach Ksamil, Butrint, Gjirokaster as well as other beach destinations along the Riviera. 

Saranda itself has a lot to offer as well. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and even beaches to enjoy. 


Photo: Shutterstock

25. Tirana

Last but not least, the Albanian Capital, Tirana. A large city where about 30% or so of the total population lives.

Most capitals are getting more and more global these days, and while Tirana is becoming more modern as well, it has still maintained its own charm.

You will find plenty of cozy restaurants and cafes, and if you like nightlife and clubbing, there are plenty of it here. 


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More Places to Visit in Albania

  • Shala River
  • Dürres
  • Himare
  • Vlorë
  • Elbasan
  • Permet
  • Rana e hedhun
Shala River

Photo: Shutterstock

Book Your Trip

So, now that you know about all these beautiful places to visit in Albania, it’s time to book your trip!

Best Places to Visit in Albania

Albania is an incredible destination where you can spend weeks or even months. If you know some more beautiful places to visit in Albania, feel free to share in the comment section!


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