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Hotel Review: Park Hotel Tokyo

Hotel Review: Park Hotel Tokyo

Our second stop in Japan was Tokyo, and the artsy hotel – Park Hotel Tokyo. We stayed here for 2 nights, and got to stay in their first art room, namely “the Sumo room”. If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo or just want to know more what it’s like to stay at Park Hotel, keep reading!

Below you can read all about my experience and what to expect while being a guest at Park Hotel Tokyo. 

Room Standard (Artist Room Kingsize)

As mentioned, Christine and I stayed in one of their artist rooms (the sumo room), but there are plenty of others as well, and if you contact the hotel beforehand, you will likely be able to choose your favorite artist room.

The rooms are part of a project started by Park Hotel Tokyo, where they invited different artists from Japan. The artists got free hands how to decorate the rooms, so they are all very unique, and no room is the other one alike.

Our room was the first artist room, and compared to some other rooms we got to see, the sumo was quite simple and elegant. Nothing too much, and the sumo wrestlers decorating the room was a fun detail. They even had some sumo wrestlers in the bathroom.

The room is quite spacious, especially in Japan where accommodation often is small. But this was more like an average top hotel in the room when it comes to size, which was nice. The bed was super comfy as well as the pillows, and the view is incredible!

This is what you get when booking an Artist Room Kingsize

  • Comfy bed, pillows, and sheets
  • Airconditioning
  • Daily cleaning
  • Bathroom with tub, free toiletries, and hairdryer
  • Free & fast WiFi
  • HD-TV with satellite channels (English and Japanese channels)
  • Minibar
  • Black curtains (good if you want to sleep in the mornings)
  • Room service
  • Desk
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Phone
  • Slippers and robes
  • Safe

park hotel tokyo the sumo room


For the guests staying in one of the artist rooms, it’s possible to choose whether you want to eat at the lounge at the 31st floor or downstairs at the main breakfast area, next to the reception. We had our breakfasts downstairs where they have a continental and Japanese breakfast buffet.

While the buffet isn’t the biggest one I’ve seen, it’s still more than enough to fill requirements for a healthy and good breakfast. So, it’s safe to say that you can get a great start to the day at Park Hotel Tokyo.

There is also some good news for vegans/vegetarians and lactose intolerant guests. Soy Milk and Almond milk is available at Park Hotel. There’s also a nice selection of fruits and nuts along with some fresh veggies, which is quite nice to see in Japan.

park hotel tokyo review park hotel tokyo breakfast

Outside the room

When you’re not in your room or out doing sightseeing, you can enjoy the spa or gym at Park Hotel Tokyo. If you do have some laundry, you can use their 2 laundromats for 100 yen/10 min, roughly 400-500 per wash.

If you’re staying in the artist rooms you can enjoy free-flowing drinks in the lounge between 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Also, a nice place to meet other travelers while sipping on a glass of red or white wine. Soft drinks and beer are also available.

Since this is an artsy styled hotel, it might not be a surprise that they have their own gallery and several artsy details around the main areas. The gallery at entrance level was an interesting touch and something you shouldn’t miss to check out while staying at Park Hotel Tokyo!

In the Lobby/reception, there’s also some space where you can relax in comfortable sofas or bring your laptop to do some work.

Art Rooms

On our arrival day, we were lucky to see some other artist rooms as well, and some were very impressive and creative. You can tell that the artists had put their soul into the room, which was nice since all rooms are so unique!

While our sumo room was great, I have to say that the following ones were just as amazing, if not even better. Look at all the details! When you hear the stories behind the rooms you continue to be amazed, because every artist has a vision and well-thought idea of their creation.

This is not something you’ll see in every hotel, and I really like that Park Hotel Tokyo has invited all of these artists to showcase the beauty of Japan!

park-hotel-tokyo-art-room-1 park-hotel-tokyo-art-room-1 park-hotel-tokyo-art-room park-hotel-tokyo-art-room-4


We had most of our stay in Tokyo planned beforehand, but the staff was friendly and helpful at all times. The concierge at the 31st floor was great, and in addition to being friendly and helpful, the staff also spoke English fluently.


Since we are doing all of our work online, Wi-Fi is an important factor for us. For other tourists who are solely on vacation it might not be a final decision whether the Wi-Fi is good or not, but at Park Hotel Tokyo you won’t have any issues. The Wi-Fi is working great throughout the whole property!


The hotel is located in the business district Shiodome, which is an area of Minato, Tokyo, and from here you have access to almost every major station in Tokyo by subway. You do have to make a change to go to some places, but every stop along the Ginza line is accessible directly, which is very convenient.

In Tokyo, the location doesn’t matter that much as long as you have near access to the metro. It’s a huge city so every central location has its benefits and drawbacks.

view from park hotel tokyo


If you’re still not sure about where Shiodome and the Park hotel’s location in Tokyo, check out the map below.

Summary of my stay at Park Hotel Tokyo

Christine and I had a lovely stay at Park Hotel Tokyo. It’s definitely one of the more unique hotels we’ve stayed at. The location was convenient for sightseeing, the Wi-Fi was great, breakfast was good, and yes the view is spectacular.

Gym, spa, laundry machines and the free-flowing drinks in the lounge, and the spacious rooms (for being Japan) are another valid plus points. But if there are two things you should take with you from this Park Hotel Tokyo Review, it should be the view and the creative artist rooms, especially the artist rooms since that’s what makes this hotel so special!


If you like artsy details and staying in a room with a soul, I would totally recommend it. Park Hotel Tokyo is a good hotel, so it’s unlikely that you would be disappointed while staying here.

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Hope you enjoyed my Park Hotel Tokyo review! If you want some more information about Tokyo, make sure to check out my free Tokyo Travel Guide with things to do!