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Øresund Bridge – Tolls, BroPass and Facts

Øresund Bridge – Tolls, BroPass and Facts

Want to know more about the famous Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark? Here’s a complete guide with info on tolls, BroPass, and Facts.

How much does it cost to cross the Oresund Bridge?

Currently, there are two ways to travel across the Oresund Bridge, either by vehicle or train. It’s not allowed to walk or ride a bike.

Crossing the Oresund Bridge by car

If you travel by car and want to cross the bridge, it doesn’t matter if you’re 1 or 5 people in the car. The price is calculated by the type of vehicle. 

Furthermore, it’s cheaper to purchase a ticket before crossing the Oresund Bridge. You can also sign up for a so-called BroPass which gives further discounts. Even if you only will make a roundtrip over the Oresund Bridge, it might be worthwhile to sign up for a BroPass. 

Price per single tripOnline-ticket (SEK)Full Price (SEK)
Car (max 6 meters)495,00545,00
Car (max 6 meters) with trailer max 15 m
RV 6-10 m
Pickup 6-9 m
Car with trailer – 15 m
RV over 10 meter
RV over 6 meters with trailer
Pickup over 9 m

An online ticket can be bought before your trip on their website

Take the car to Denmark

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Cross the Øresund Bridge by train

Another option is to take the Oresund Train (Öresundståget) which goes from Sweden to Copenhagen, before continuing to Elsinore. The train has regular departures and also stops at the Copenhagen Airport and central station.

The last stop before the bridge in Sweden is called Hyllie Station. After that, the next stop after the Oresund Bridge will be in Denmark. Please note that Denmark has different ticket rules compared to Sweden.

The limit for traveling on a children’s ticket is 19 years in Sweden, and 15 years in Denmark. Traveling with the wrong ticket may lead to fines.

StationPrice in SEK to Kastrup or Copenhagen
Helsingborg215 adult, 344 duobiljett, 107,50 children’s ticket
Lund150 adult, 240 duobiljett, 75 children’s ticket
Malmö120 adult, 192 duobiljett, 60 children’s ticket
Ystad180 adult, 288 duobiljett, 90 children’s ticket

The train ticket from Sweden to Denmark over the Oresund Bridge can be purchased in the Skånetrafiken app, or in the ticket machines at the stations. The train ticket can’t be purchased on board. 

The Oresund train on the Øresund Bridge

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Øresund Bridge with BroPass

If you plan to travel across the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark a couple of times a year, you should get a so-called BroPass. It’s a discount pass that costs 440 SEK per year and enables discounted prices for those traveling by car or other vehicles. 

It’s very convenient and you can register up to two registration plates on your BroPass. If you want the payment to go automatically, you can also connect your BroPass agreement with BroBizz.  

Price per single tripSnabbTurBroPass
Car (max 6 m)145,00235,00
Car (max 6 m) with trailer max 15 m
RV/Camper 6-10 m
Pickup 6-9 m
Car with trailer up to 15 m
RV/Camper over 10 m
RV over 6 m with trailer
Pickup over 9 m


If you travel between 1 September and 31 December and drive back and forth in 6 hours, you can make a so-called “snabbtur” which basically means a quick trip. The discount is valid on weekdays between 17-24 as well as the whole weekend.

BroPass commuter

If you’re commuting between Sweden and Denmark or vice versa by car, it might be worth to sign up for the additional agreement known as BroPass commuter. It will give you additional discounts if you make 16 single trips per month.

Single trip 17 and up to 50 will only cost 54 SEK, which is almost 200 SEK cheaper per crossing.

Price per single trip (calendar month)SnabbTurBroPass
Single trip 1-16145,-235,-
Single trip 17-50 54,-
Single trip 51-145,-235,-
Oresund bridge tolls

Photo: Maykova Galina/Shutterstock


BroBizz is a unit that you put in your car to make it quicker to cross the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark as well as the Great Belt Bridge, and other crossings. 

BroBizz works like a means of payment and can be connected to your BroPass for further discounts. The main benefit of having a BroBizz is that you can use the faster lanes at the Oresund Bridge Toll station.

More info about the Oresund Bridge

The Oresund Bridge, also known as Øresund Bridge is a railway and motorway connection between Sweden and Denmark. It was opened on 1 July in 2000 and has since become an important link across the Oresund strait. 

The Øresund Bridge and the connection has a total length of 15,9 kilometers, and the bridge itself is 7,8 kilometers. It has played a pivotal role in further developing the region of Øresund.

The connection consists of a double railway track that allows trains to travel in both directions at the same time and a motorway for other vehicles.

The idea of building a bridge between Sweden and Denmark was talked about already in the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the end of the 20th century that decisions were finally made to make it come true. 

The cost of building the Øresund Bridge is estimated to some 20 billion SEK, and the construction was started in 1995. The major part of the cost was paid for by the bridge company, but some money came from the EU as well. 

The Øresund Bridge was inaugurated by the Swedish king the 1 July 2000. Since then, the traffic between Sweden and Denmark has rapidly increased. It has also enabled commuters to travel with ease across the strait, and the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen especially. 

In conjunction with the construction, a man-made island was created as well. It’s known as Pepparholm and it was created to connect the bridge.

Øresund Bridge traffic

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Some 7 million vehicles are crossing the Øresund Bridge every year, whereof the majority is personal cars. There are also lots of trucks, buses, pickups, and motorcycles that are crossing the bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

The summer is the most crowded time of the year and at peak times, some 800 000 vehicles will cross the Øresund Bridge per month. 

The train (Öresundståget) is another popular alternative to cross the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. It has regular departures and during most hours of the day, there will be at least 1 train in each direction every 20 minutes. During rush hour, there is at least 1 train that passes every 10 minutes. 

At night, there are less frequent departures, but at least one train every hour. In addition to the Oresund train, there is also an X-2000 train connecting Stockholm and Copenhagen as well as freight trains.

Facts Oresund Bridge

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Facts about the Oresund Bridge

TypeCable-stayed bridge
Name in DanishØresundsbroen
Name in SwedishÖresundsbron
Total length7.845 meters
Width23,5 meters
Largest span490 meters
Height203,5 meters
Clearance below57 meters
Opened1 July 2000

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Sunday 29th of May 2022

Can I take the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen via the Oresund Bridge? Where is the train station in Stockholm? (what area of town?) Thank you

Swedish Nomad

Sunday 29th of May 2022

Yes, there is a direct train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, which will cross the bridge. The train station in Stockholm is located in the center of the city, and it is called "Centralstationen".

James Cameron

Sunday 2nd of January 2022

Watching the Bridge TV show got me looking for the data on it. Great feat of engineering.

Philip John Gray

Friday 9th of April 2021

Fascinating bridge and relates to my love of The Bridge television drama starring Sofia Helin - which features this incredible work of engineering.