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My DNA Journey

My DNA Journey

So, have you ever wondered “Where am I really from?” or are you just curious about your full heritage? Then the Momondo DNA Journey is something for you! 

You might know that “all” of your relatives are from a certain country, but the world is actually a lot smaller and bigger than that. Some people who’ve done a DNA test like this has found out that they have relatives in places they could never imagine.

As an Ambassador for Momondo I was fortunate to receive this DNA-kit from them, as a part of their campaign #LetsOpenOurWorld, a great project where they have shown that we do have more in common with other’s than some might usually think.

How does this Momondo DNA Journey work?

First, you get the Let’s open our world DNA-Kit which consists of a tube, instructions and an envelope with postage paid already.

How it actually works? Well, I’m not a DNA-expert nor scientist (even though I did want to become one when I was younger), but the company who provided my results is called Ancestry DNA.

They have DNA-samples from all over the world, gathered during a long period. I think they then compare your DNA test with samples from over the world, and then they see those special similarities that are unique to each region of the world.

So, that’s how they can tell that you’re this % from that country and this % from that country or region. Scandinavians, for example, have very similar DNA, so that’s why Scandinavia is grouped into one region.

Am I really Swedish?

I don’t really care that much about what nationality someone has because I believe in a global society where everyone lives together side by side in peace and harmony. However, I do enjoy cultural differences, so for that, I’m proud to be Swedish, and I’m also proud of my Hungarian heritage from my Father’s side of the family tree.

But it was quite fun to see if I really were mostly Swedish or not, just because of my name Swedish Nomad. Other than that I was more excited to see if I had some DNA from other parts of the world.

Check out the video below, and see my reaction when I read the results from my DNA and where I “really” come from.

I didn’t see this one coming!

Here is the full result from my Momondo DNA test: I’m 63% from Scandinavia (not really a surprise), and I’m 20% from East Europe. Not a real surprise either since my grandfather comes from Hungary.

However, after that, the fun started (at least for me), Great Britain? I mean, no one in my family knows anything about having relatives from there, and 11% is actually quite much. The only answer for this, is that my relatives way back in time must have been Vikings, and when they invaded Britain they brought women back to Scandinavia.

When looking at that with modern eyes is, of course brutal, but I’m still happy that I have some British heritage too. Makes me a bit more curious to explore that region!

I can also proudly tell people that I’m 2% Irish. Never been there though (yet), but it was random and fun to find out. Central Asia and West Asia were more or less something that I had in mind because Hungarians originate from Mongolia and Central Asia, so for me, it was more of a fun fact that it actually was true.

Iberian Peninsula and West Europe are not a shocker as well, but that might be the reason why I love Spain and Portugal that much! Maybe a small part of me feels like home there for real.

alexander waltner dna journey

Ancestry DNA

This is the company who’s doing the DNA Test, and they have a huge database with samples which they compare your DNA to in order to see where you’re most likely from. Ancestry DNA’s Headquarters is located in the United States, but they do have branches in other countries as well, and their DNA Test is available in more than 35 countries, mostly in Europe.

The Ancestry DNA company was founded already back in 1983 where they published several family history magazines and they entered the DNA Test arena in 2002.

How you can make your own DNA Test and see where you come from

Do you know where you come from? Have you done a DNA test yourself? Feel free to share your results!