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My Favorite Photos from Skyros – Part 1

My Favorite Photos from Skyros – Part 1

Have you ever heard about an island called Skyros? It’s located in the Aegean Sea, and it’s home to about 3000 people. Christine and I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago, and to my surprise, it’s one of my favorite Greek islands. 

And as you know, I’m a huge fan of Greek islands, and especially the food and vibe. I didn’t come here with big expectations because, to be honest, there were only a few photos posted on Google, and barely any on Instagram. So, upon arrival, I only knew that there was a white city climbing up from the foot of a mountain, and it looked gorgeous!

We spent almost 4 days here and as always I will present my favorite photos from our trip. I actually have a lot of photos that I like from Skyros, so this will be part 1, and soon I will be posting part 2 as well.

skyros town

Here is the mountain that I was talking about. I was so eager to get a photo of this. It’s incredible!

Beaches are plenty on Skyros, and here is one of the more secluded ones, called Agios Petros. Look at that water!

A nice cafe/bar that is open both during day time and later in the evening. They serve great cocktails!

skyros cafe

Here is Christine and the lovely Nana, that we met on our first day in Skyros. She showed us around at her grandparent’s house, and it was lovely. It’s a typical Skyrian house.

Skyrian house

Local Skyrian products. One thing that amazed me was how much organic products they have. Most of the food is produced on the island, and you can really feel the difference in taste when eating local food.

Walkway to the monastery in Skyros Town.

A small stone church. I have actually never seen anything like this, so it was quite interesting, and I must say that this is quite a photogenic rock.

Christine at the Dioni Hotel’s pool.

dioni hotel skyros

The lobby at Dioni Hotel. Look at those little chairs, how cute aren’t they! Traditional Skyrian chairs.

The pool again from a different angle.

dioni hotel skyros

Yes, I brought my drone and had some fun sessions with it. Here is the pool at Dioni Hotel, again, but from above. Would you like to take a dip?

Wandering the streets of Skyros town, and then we stumbled upon this place. I love the colors, and we had a great photo session here at this spot.

skyros street 

Yes, of course. Skyros is a Greek island, so they have blue doors as well.

Our cute little Mini Cooper that our friend Yannis drove us around with. And again, look at that water!

Skyros photo-4

skyros scenery

The sunsets in Greece are always nice, and the sunset in Skyros didn’t disappoint!

Skyros nature

Found this small little dock. Not sure what to call it, but I think it was quite picturesque.

skyros boat

On top of the monastery with a fantastic view over the Chora (Skyros Town).

skyros church

What do you think of Skyros? In part 2 of my favorite photos, I will share some more photos from the activities we did.

For example, we went on a sailing trip to the northern part of Skyros, and we also visited some Skyrian horses. And of course, ate lots and lots of delicious Greek food! 

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