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Most Dangerous Countries in the World 2019

Most Dangerous Countries in the World 2019

The list of the most dangerous countries in the world have been updated for 2019, and there are a few changes compared to previous years. 

The Global Peace Index Report (GPI) is based on 23 different indicators, and it’s released every year by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The report is grouped into three different areas: Safety and Security Ongoing Conflict Militarization, and includes murder rate, political terror and deaths from internal conflict.

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been haunted by terror and war for almost two decades. The latest war was started in 2001 by the United States, which aimed to kill Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda militants. 

The war is still on-going and countless lives have been taken, and the country took over the first place as the most dangerous country in the world 2019, from Syria. 

Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world

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2. Syria

Few people in the world have missed what’s been happening in Syria for the last couple of years. The Syrian war is on-going between the Syrian Armed Forces and Rebel groups.

Most countries in the world advise against all types of travel to Syria, and in the GPI Report for 2019, the country remains at the top of the most dangerous countries in the world. 


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3. South Sudan

South Sudan is listed as the most dangerous country in Africa at the moment, and travelers are advised not to go there. The country is facing an on-going civil war since December 2013 and more than 400 000 people are estimated to have been killed. 

South Sudan

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4. Yemen

Yemen is another war-torn country where the civilians are suffering because of the civil war between Houthi rebels and supporters of the internationally recognized government in Yemen.

It’s estimated that half of the population is food-insecure and water scarcity is a continuing threat. 


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5. Iraq

Iraq is yet another country where the U.S went in to overthrow the government, which at the time were led by Saddam Hussein, who was accused of developing nuclear weapons.

In 2014 a civil war broke out where ISIL took over territories in northern Iraq. They were officially defeated in 2017, and while violence was reduced in 2018, Iraq remains as one of the least peaceful countries in the world. 

Iraq is one of the most dangerous countries in the world

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6. Somalia

There is an on-going armed conflict in Somalia, and terrorist attacks could happen at any time. It’s considered almost a lawless land travelers are advised of staying clear from visits to Somalia.

Not only is there a conflict, but also a humanitarian crisis, which puts even more people in danger. 


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7. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, but also one of the richest when it comes to natural resources. Exploitation and high level of corruption, as well as an ongoing civil war, is the main cause that holds the country back. 

In terms of safety, the U.S Consular Affairs, as well as many other countries, do not recommend anyone to travel there. The country has a level 4 due to crime and civil unrest. 

Central African Republic

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8. Libya

The dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011, and since Libya has been an unstable country in conflict. In 2019, the Libyan civil war is still active with rival factions battling for territories, specifically oil-rich areas of the country. 


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9. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Just like the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo suffers from widespread corruption, civil war, and unrest. It’s also one of the richest countries when it comes to natural resources, but foreign exploitation, corruption, and armed rebels are continuing to hold the country back. 

democratic republic of congo

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10. Russia

While Russia generally isn’t considered part of the Western countries, it’s still one of the world powers and a highly developed country. So for some, it might come as a surprise that Russia is listed as one of the least peaceful countries in the world. 

The reason for Russia ranking high among the most dangerous countries in the world is not really because it would be dangerous to travel there, but instead because of their involvement in the Syrian war, weapon trade and the situation in Crimea.

Russian weapon

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More about the most dangerous countries in the world

Most of these countries are situated in places where war has or still is frequent. Corruption is another common denominator and political instability, with Russia being the only exception on the list.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) remain as the top region for the world’s most dangerous countries in 2019, just like in 2018, and Europe is ranked as the safest region. 

Least peaceful countries by region

On a positive side note, the level of global peace has gradually become higher in 2019, for the first time in many years.

Measuring the most dangerous countries in the world is a difficult task that can be done in various ways, but the annual GPI report is generally the best way of measuring which is the world’s most dangerous country. 

Other ways you can measure is by taking the crime rate and the number of murders divided with the total population. 

Dangerous Countries in the world

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My thoughts about the world’s most dangerous countries

While many of these places aren’t recommended to travel to at the moment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole country is dangerous per se, and it could be more of a certain part that’s affected.

In general, people are kind and won’t harm you without reason no matter where you go in the world, so don’t be scared, just aware. I always believe in the good and kindness of people, but it’s important to not be foolish or gullible while traveling. 

For example, always keep your valuables out of sight. No matter if you’re visiting the most dangerous country in the world, or popular tourist destinations, there will be a very few percentage of people that will try to take advantage of your position as a tourist. 

As long as you stay street smart, you’re likely to be fine in almost every country around the world. Now, of course, I don’t recommend you to visit a war-torn area for obvious reasons, but even there, daily life continues for most locals in some way or another, and that’s important to remember when talking about the most dangerous countries in the world. 

Stay vigilant, open, and always be mindful of other cultures. Show kindness and respect, and you’re likely to be met with the same. You’ll be surprised how long a simple smile can get you while meeting other people.

Unsafe countries

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What is the most dangerous country in the world 2019?

Afghanistan is ranked as the most dangerous country in the world 2019, according to the latest Global Peace Index Report (GPI).

Which country is most dangerous to visit?

The U.S. State Department has listed the following countries as the most dangerous to visit: Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen. They all have level 4 advisory, which means no travel is recommended. 

However, there is no straight answer to this because most countries in conflict have areas that are generally safe, whereas some areas in the country are dangerous and should be avoided by all means. 

List of the 10 least peaceful countries in the world (GPI)

While the list ranks the least peaceful countries in the world, generally speaking, most label this as the most dangerous countries in the world because they have the lowest score on peace.