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Mikulov – A charming small town in Southern Czechia

Mikulov – A charming small town in Southern Czechia

Have you heard of Mikulov in Southern Czechia? It’s a charming small town with an interesting history that I had the chance to visit during our trip to the Czech Republic together with their tourism board. 

Mikulov is particularly famous for its wine, but also as a town where artists have been drawn for decades. There are lots of beautiful buildings and charming cafés, which also makes it easy to understand why more and more tourists come here to discover Mikulov. 


Streets, as shown in the photo above, are around every corner, and there is an abundance of picturesque alleys and colorful houses. The surroundings are equally beautiful as well, albeit in a natural way thanks to the Palava Hills and various vineyards. 

Vin Moravia

Photo: Shutterstock

Attractions in Mikulov

  • Zamek Mikulov (The Castle)
  • Dietrichstein tomb
  • Wenceslas Church
  • Sgraffito House
  • The Jewish Cemetery
  • Kozi Hradek (Old Watchtower)
  • Svatý Kopeček (The church on top of the hill)

dietrichsteins tomb

The Jewish cemetery is a unique attraction in Mikulov, where more than 4000 gravestones with Hebrew texts can be found. The texts describe the persons resting here and tell an interesting story. There are guides available that can read Hebrew, which is great while visiting this particular attraction. 

It’s also a very special place in the Jewish religion, and it is seen as a portal to the spiritual world, which has also led jews from all over the world to come to this cemetery to perform Kabbalah. 

Mikulov judiska kyrkogarden

One of the main attractions of Mikulov is without a doubt its castle, which is quite spectacular and beautifully located on top of a rocky hill. 

The original castle was built already in the 1200s, but the modern look was created when the Dietrichstein family reconstructed the castle in the 18th century after a fire. When the Germans retreated in 1945, the castle was once again destroyed to the grounds but was rebuilt 5 years later in 1950.

mikulov slott

What can you do in Mikulov? 

Despite being a small-sized town, Mikulov is very famous for its wine in the Czech Republic, so one of the best things to do in Mikulov is, of course, to go on a wine tasting. I recommend visiting the family-owned winery Vino Lipa where you can try some local wines. 

It was a pleasant wine-tasting where you get to meet the owners and is accompanied by a knowledgable wine guide who is fluent in English. The owners of Vino Lipa don’t speak so much English, but they very hospitable and welcoming. 

Except for wine tasting, visitors can also just go for a stroll around the town and visit the different stores. For example, there are several cheese stores and artisan stores where you can enjoy locally produced foods and delicacies. 

mikulov vinprovning

ostbutik mikulov

More about Mikulov

Mikulov is a center for Czechia’s wine production thanks to its geographical location in Palava, in the South Moravia region. The climate in wine production here is unique, but the town itself also has a very interesting history. 

Mikulov palava

Thanks to its location between the Czech capital Prague and the Austrian capital Vienna, it has long been a popular stop for people traveling between these two major cities. For a long period, it has also been ruled by powerful and rich families. 

Up until World War II, there was a significant Jewish population living here, and the Dietrichstein family ruled the town for several centuries. 

The Dietrichstein family came to Mikulov already in the 16th century, and have had a major impact on the town’s history and culture. 

However, after World War II, all “Germans” was forced away by the Czech communist government. This meant that the Dietrichstein family had to leave the town, and all of their land and belongings in Mikulov were seized by the state. 

Nowadays, Mikulov is one of the most visited small towns in Moravia during summer, and there are visitors from all over the world. Many travels here for a combination of wine and architecture, or as a day trip from Vienna or Brno as well as other Czech cities. 

mikulov stad

Quick facts about Mikulov

  • Total population: About 7300 
  • Other names for the town: Nikolsburg (German) och ניקאלשבורג (Yiddish)
  • Region: Moravia (Mähren)
  • Country: Czechia (Czech Republic)
  • Area: 45.34 km2

Mikulov’s local tourist information center is located on the main square. 

Mikulov tjeckien

How to get to Mikulov

We traveled from Vienna by car, but there are also buses that go between. It takes about 1 hour to travel between Mikulov and Vienna, but you can also easily transport yourself from Prague to Mikulov, or even closer from Brno. 

If you’re already in the Czech Republic, the easiest way is to take the train here, either via Breclav or a direct train to Mikulov train station.

Recommended Restaurants

Bistro Drogerka

A local restaurant in the center with a modern interior and nice vibes. Christine had their salmon, which was both fresh and had a nice flavor. 

I ate “the Mayor’s schnitzel” which was a house specialty at Bistro Drogerka, and it was very tasty with a distinct flavor of curry. The prices were more than reasonable, and the portions were large as well. You can easily find a dinner option for less than 10 Euro per person. 

bistro drogerka

Where to stay in Mikulov

Stajn Haus

We stayed at this hotel while visiting. Stajn Haus is a charming and simple accommodation in an old building within walking distance to most places of interest. The breakfast was nice as well, and there were plenty to choose from, and it was served to your room. 

The hotel room itself at Stajn Haus was like a small apartment with a dinner table, bed, armchairs and a view through the small window towards the castle and the old Jewish quarter. 

stajn haus frukost

Other accommodation in Mikulov

You can also book an apartment via Airbnb.

When is the best time to visit Mikulov?

Mikulov is mainly a summer destination, but you can visit any time of the year. Most tourists will come here in July and August where many Europeans have their vacation. There are many events here during the summer, and almost every day something new will happen in town. 

If you want to experience the town when it’s most alive, then you should visit during summer, but if you rather walk around on your own without the crowds, I suggest the months of May, June or September.

The weather in May can be a bit unstable though, so there are better odds for good weather and less rain in June or September. 

mikulov stadsvandring 

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