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Malmö Street Art – Photos and locations to the best murals

Malmö Street Art – Photos and locations to the best murals

Malmö is one of the cities in Sweden that has the largest amount of street art. On my recent visit, I decided to bicycle around the city to discover the murals myself and photograph them. 

Much of the street art in Malmö is of absolute world-class, and some are easily as impressive as the ones you can find in the street art capitals such as New York, Georgetown, Miami, London, and Berlin, just to mention a few cities. 

Some of the murals that I saw in Malmö are real pieces of art, and some of the best murals I’ve ever seen. Below you find a complete guide with photos and a map with locations to all the places. 

The Troll by Smug One

This is one of my favorites. The big troll covers the side facade of an apartment house at the beginning of Snödroppsgatan. This mural was created by Smug One in conjunction to the Artscape Festival. 

Address: Snödroppsgatan.
Area: Holma.

smug troll mural

Last Embrace Before Departure – D*Face

A few meters around the corner from the troll, one can find another beautiful mural, created by D*Face.

Address: Snödroppsgatan.
Area: Holma.

holma street art

Murals by Stinkfish

Another classic when it comes to street art in Mamö are the murals done by Stinkfish. I guess that you already know who the murals depict. 

Address: Södra Skolgatan.
Area: Möllevången.

street art i malmö

Street art at Grynbodagatan

At Grynbodagatan, you can admire two murals, which both came to be in conjunction with the Artscape Festival. The first mural of the woman is created by Natalia Rak and was named the Magic Book. It’s one of my favorites and it’s very well done. 

Address: Grynbodagatan 9.
Area: Gamla Staden.

grynbodagatan street art

Next to Natalia Rak’s mural, you can see an art piece by Ola Kalnin, which is btw a local born and raised in Malmö.

malmo väggmålning

Mural by Phlegm

Another fun mural which is very unique can be found at Stenhuggaregatan, a bit hidden away, but definitely worth seeing. 

It was the British artist Phlegm who created this for the Artscape Festival. It’s easily one of the best murals in Malmö. 

Address: Stenhuggaregatan.
Area: Davidshall/Lugnet.

malmö street art

Murals in Seved

The area of Seved has gotten quite a bad reputation by the media, but something that definitely gives the area some life and joy are the two murals at Rasmusgatan 15 and Rasmusgatan 7. 

Address: Rasmusgatan 15 / Sofiagatan.
Area: Seved.

seved street art

Address: Rasmusgatan 7.

seved street art-2

Street art at Best Food Holma

While you’re visiting Holma to see the Troll by Smug one and D*Faces art piece at Holma Torg, you shouldn’t miss the street art at Best Food, which also has some beautiful pieces to admire. 

This place can be found at Hyacintgatan 38, and the street art is at the back and side of the building.

Address: Hyacintgatan 38.
Area: Holma.

street art i holma

The girl with the fox – Davidshall

Simple, yet beautiful street art at Davidhallsgatan 10. The girl with the fox is a classic, and next to it you can also view a cow and a deer. Unfortunately, someone has cluttered some paint that covered the deer art piece when we visited. 

Address: Davidshallsgatan 10.
Area: Davidshall.

davidshall street art

Street art that we found along the way

The already mentioned murals were all street art that we knew about before visiting Malmö, thanks to the Artscape festival and tips from others. However, the following Street art in Malmö are places that we found randomly while bicycling. 

Address: Rolfsgatan 12.
Area: Norra Sofielund.

graffiti malmö

Rolfsgatan 7

gatukonst malmö

Mounbijougatan 2

Furter down the road on the same street as Stinkfish’s murals at Södra Skolgatan, you can find this art piece by Edmalito. 

edmalito malmö gatukonst

Lilla Kvarngatan 12

Another mural that we found by coincidence while bicycling from Sankt Gertrud to St Petri Church. 

lilla kvarngatan väggmalning

The street art below is also on Davidhallsgatan, just like the girl and the fox. We discovered this one at random when bicycling towards “Triangeln”. 

  • Address: Davidshallsgatan 24.
  • Area: Davidshall.

triangeln street art

The tunnel next to the city hall

Right next to the city hall, there’s a tunnel with some street art. 

street art i malmö


Another place worth checking out is the place called “Hangaren”, which is an abandoned space with street art. Unfortunately, the doors were closed when we visited, but I’ve seen photos from there and it looks really cool inside. 

We ask the people working next to Hangaren, and they said that it is usually open and you can just walk inside. So, I guess we will wish for better luck next time!

Address: Ystadsgatan 53.
Area: Annelund.

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Mural at Bjurögatan

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see this one as it is a bit off compared to the rest of the murals in Malmö. However, it does look really cool and you will find this easily at Bjurögatan in Norra Hamnen. 

Address: Bjurögatan 46.
Area: Norra Hamnen.


I was pleasantly surprised by all the amazing murals in Malmö. They make the city come alive and totally transform dull apartment complex into colorful places. There seems to be a lot of talent when it comes to street art, and hopefully, the city will take advantage of this and let new artists express their creativity. 

Much of the street art in Malmö was created in conjunction with the Artscape Festival in 2014. A fun initiative that I hope will come back. I also think it would be great if there will be more legal walls where artists can paint and show their street art for a limited period before a different artist gets their chance. 

Of course, ugly graffiti is not something I appreciate, but street art is something completely different. 

How to get around to see the Street Art in Malmö

A bicycle is the best way to get around the city and see all the murals in Malmö. 

If you don’t have your own bike, then there are plenty of places to rent a bike. The street art is quite spread out, and I recommend that you plan at least a couple of hours in order to have time to see the best art pieces. 

Map of the murals in Malmö

Here’s a map with directions to all street art in Malmö in this article. 

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Do you have more tips for street art in Malmö? Leave a comment and share below!