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Love Bridge in Ayia Napa – How to get there and more info

Love Bridge in Ayia Napa – How to get there and more info

Want to visit the famous Love Bridge in Ayia Napa? It’s one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus, and here’s a guide on how to get there as well as more information and photos. 

It truly is a wonderful location, especially during the calm summer months when the sun is shining. The crystal clear water shifts in various shades of blue and when the sea is calm, you can even go for a swim here. 

According to local myth, wishes will come true when lovers kiss while standing in the middle of the bridge arch and make a wish. It’s quite a romantic place with scenic views and amazing color of the crystal clear water.

natural bridge of love

It’s a popular stop for many boat trips with departures from the marina in Ayia Napa, and the waters around the Love Bridge offer very good conditions for snorkeling. You can also get adventurous and swim into the caves to explore. 

The Love Bridge in Ayia Napa is located below the Sculpture park, so it’s quite centrally located which makes it a popular stop for those exploring the area by car, bicycle or scooter as well. 

It’s quite a romantical place, especially if you come in the morning or for sunset, and many honeymooners come here to take photos. The best time to come here is about 1 hour before sunset, and then stay until the sun goes down below the horizon. 

Lovers rock in Ayia Napa

Photo: diy13/Shutterstock

More about the Love Bridge in Ayia Napa

The Love Bridge in Ayia Napa, also known as the Bridge of Love is a famous rocky arch formation located on the coast near Glyko Nero Beach in the eastern part of Ayia Napa. 

The bridge is approximately 6 meters long and half a meter wide. It’s possible to walk out on the natural bridge but walk carefully so you don’t fall. Jumping from the bridge of love should be avoided because it’s dangerous due to shallow water and many sharp rocks on the bottom. 

If you want to go for a swim here, walk carefully to the end of the rock formation and from the bottom you can get inside the water without getting hurt. Another option is to go here by boat, from where you can easily get into the water safely. 

Ayia Napa Love Bridge

Photo: Goran Vrhovac/Shutterstock

A popular spot for monk seals and divers

Many local divers come here, especially with beginners who want to learn scuba-diving. They come here because of the shallow and calm water which is also teeming with marine life. 

The waters surrounding the Bridge of Love is also a haven for the endangered Mediterranean monk seal, and if you go diving here, you might be lucky to see one of the seals swimming by!

Mediterranean monk seal

Photo: zaferkizilkaya/Shutterstock

How to get to the Bridge of Love

By Car

If you have access to Google Maps, just write “Love Bridge” and follow the directions. There is a small free parking space to the right of the Bridge of Love. If you’re coming from the city center, just drive towards Cape Greco along the coast on Kryou Nerou street. Drive past Atlantica Sungarden, and you’ll be there within 1 minute. 

By Bus

If you don’t have access to a car, you can take the bus to the lovers’ bridge in Ayia Napa. The nearest bus stop is located within walking distance. Take bus 101 from Ayia Napa towards Protaras, or the opposite direction if you come from Protaras. 

Hop off at Kriou Nerou Avenue 3 or Kriou Nerou Avenue 4, which are both within walking distance to the Love Bridge in Ayia Napa. 

Love Bridge in Ayia Napa location on the map

Do you have more questions about visiting the Love Bridge in Ayia Napa? Leave a comment below!