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Largest Cities in Wales (2020)

Largest Cities in Wales (2020)

Want to know more about the Largest Cities in Wales? Here’s an updated list, ranked by population and total area in 2020.

Wales is a sovereign country in the United Kingdom with a total population of 3,139,000. The small country features an elongated coastline of 1,680 miles and is mostly comprised of mountainous regions with high peaks in the northern and the central part of the country.

It covers a total area of 8,023 square miles. Wales holds a unique position as the only country in the United Kingdom to have two official languages, namely English and Welsh.


Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It has a total population of 447,287 which makes it the most populous city of the country and also the 11th most populous city of the UK. It covers a total area of 83.44 square miles.

It is the most significant contributor to the economy of Wales making up 20% of the GDP. One of the main attractions is Cardiff Castle, which is one of the most visited castles in Wales

Cardiff city in Wales

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Newport is located in Monmouthshire County in southeastern Wales. It is the second-most populous city in Wales with a total population of 306,844 and spans a total area of 84.05 square miles. Situated to the northeast of Cardiff, Newport became a full city in 2002.

Some of the historic landmarks in the city include Newport Cathedral, Newport Castle, Newport Bridge, St Paul’s Church and many more within walking distance of the Newport city center.


Swansea is a city and a county in southern Wales. It has a total population of 300,352 which makes it the third-most populous city of Wales. It covers a total area of 150 square miles. Swansea gained the status of a city in 1969. 

The city was originally established for the mining and copper industry but it’s also known for its golden beaches and surfing. It has a range of activities like sailing and hub of the water sport activities.


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Wrexham is located in the north of Wales and is the largest town in the region. With a total population of 65,692, it is the fourth-most populous city of Wales. The history of this area can be traced back to the Mesolithic Period where this city was developed for the metal industry.

Recently, the city was declared as the 5th best in the UK for the success of business start-ups. A significant number of retail and sales shops are found in Wrexham. A few important ones are New Look, WH Smith and Claire’s. Bellevue Park, Acton Park, and Erddig Park are the most famous parks in the city.


Buckley is the town in Wales with a total population of 63,576. It is located in the Flintshire County in northeastern Wales. The history of the town traces dates traces it back to its Anglo-Saxon roots.

The town currently consists of many small industries that contribute to the economy. Buckley Jubilee is a 200-year-old traditional festival celebrated in the town. Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon are the nearest airports to access Buckley.


Tonypandy is located in Glamorgan County in southern Wales. It is the sixth-most populous municipality in Wales with a population count of 62,545. This town was famous for coal mining and is also known for the 1910 Tonypandy riots.

The city has many prehistoric sites like Mynydd y Gelli, or the Rhondda Stonehenge, a mountain that is home to the Iron Age burial site. Writer Rhys Davies is the most famous personality to hail from the town.


Bridgend city is situated in Bridgend County and has a total population of 58,380. The town has seen a population growth of nearly 8.2% which is the second-highest in Wales. Bridgend has many shopping centers like Rhiw Shopping Centre, Adare Street, Caroline Street, Queen Street, Dunraven Place, Market Street, and Cheapside.

Bridgend is an alcohol-free zone according to which the alcohol is restricted to pubs and premises with a license only. There are a number of notable people associated with Bridgend. A few important ones are Gerald Battrick (Tennis Player), Jonathan Brown (Footballer), Lee Byrne (Rugby Player) and Mark Donovan (Actor).

Bridgend city in Wales

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Barry is located in the Vale of Glamorgan in southern Wales. With a total population of 54,673, it is the eighth-most populous town in the country. It was once a small village and has grown up significantly since its beginnings in the 1880s.

It made significant development of the Barry Docks, which was the largest coal port of the world until 1913. Barry is currently the administrative center, a manufacturing center and the service center of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Most Populated Cities in Wales

Here’s a list of the largest cities in Wales, ranked by their total population. 

12Merthyr Tydfil43,820
14Colwyn Bay34,284
15Ebbw Vale33,068

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