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Largest Cities in Oregon (2020)

Largest Cities in Oregon (2020)

Want to know more about the largest cities in Oregon? Here’s an updated list of the most populated and the biggest cities in Oregon by size and population in 2020.

Oregon is ranked as the 27th most populated state in the mainland United States with a total population of 4,190,713.  The state is ranked 9th  largest state in the U.S, covering an area of 98,378.54sq. mi (254,799sq. km). Oregon has a total of 241 municipalities officially designated as cities and with only five cities having a population of over 100,000.


Portland is the most populous city of Oregon and 25th most populous city in the United States with a population of 653,115. Portland has been recognized as one of the world’s most environmentally conscious cities due to the use of bicycles, a variety of public transport options and numerous parks. The most famous nickname for the city is “The City of Roses.”

Technology is a big driver of Portland’s economy with nearly 1200 companies operating in the city. Moreover, marine terminals and the steel industries are also major contributors to the economy. 


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Salem is the state capital of Oregon and located in Marion County. Having a population of 173,442, it is the second-most populous city of Oregon. The city has a democratic Mayor elected since 2016.

Agriculture is the main source of Salem’s economy. Salem Saturday Markets are the tourist and local attraction from May till October. The annual Salem Art Festival during summers is the most attractive event of the city which is witnessed by thousands of visitors every year.

Other places of interest in the city are the Salem First Methodist Church, the Reed Opera House, the Minto Browns Island Park and the Waldo Park (smallest city park in the world).


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Eugene is the third most populous city in Oregon with a population of 171,245. It is famous for its focus on the arts with the city slogan being “A Great City of the Arts and Outdoors”. A fun fact about Eugene is that the sportswear giant, Nike, started its business here.

The industrial backbone of the country includes the industries of the wood products and the recreational vehicle makers. You can find the oldest bar (Luckey’s Club Cigar Store) and the largest library (Oregon’s Knight Library) of Oregon in Eugene.  


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Gresham is located in the Multnomah County of Oregon State covering the area of 23.43 square miles and having a population of 110,158 making it the fourth largest city of the state. The economy of the city is based on farming.

Most of the city is flat but it has hilly areas towards the eastern side. The city is full of numerous parks, recreational facilities, and the historic buildings. The most important ones are East Gresham Park, Red Sunset Park, and Gresham Pioneer Cemetery.


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Hillsboro is the fifth most populous city of Oregon with a total population of 108,389. Major stays of the city’s economy are the banking and the health sector. Retail sales and agriculture (Grapes and Wineries). The leading employment sector of Hillsboro is manufacturing.

The city is very rich in culture and has numerous cinemas. Other important places that seek attraction are Gordon Faber Recreational Complex, Shute Park Aquatic & Recreational Center, Meriwether National Golf Course, and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club.

Hillsboro city in Oregon

Photo: Sevenmaps/Shutterstock


Beaverton is located in Washington County and has a population of 98,962. Beaverton formed part of the 100 best places to live by Money Magazine. Automobile dealership started in this city in the 20th century with a Ford Motor Company Dealership as early as in 1915.

The city is also known for its presence of the Headquarters of the Fresh Prepared Foods and Phoenix Technologies. The city is the part of the Silicon Forest in which it has the Oregon Technology Business Center which offers coaching and guidance on various technology platforms.


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Bend is located in Deschutes County and ranks seventh in Oregon with a population of 97,590. Bend has been rated as one of the ten best places to live in by the Men’s Journal. Bend’s climate is typically related to that of the desert where it has the Cool Nights and the Sunny Days.

The largest economic contributor to this city is the tourism industry. However, the total contributors other than tourism are healthcare and social services, professional, scientific services, wood products manufacturing and recreation and transportation equipment.

Numerous parks and recreational activities are the focus of the tourists in Bend. Some important places are Cascade Lakes, Drake Park, Lava River Cave, and Tumalo State Park etc.


Photo: Mike Albright Photography/Shutterstock


Medford is located in Jackson County covering 25.74 square miles with an approximate population of 82,347. It is located 27 miles away from the California border. Alba Park is the oldest park in Medford.

Bear Creek Park, The Commons, Eastwood Historic Cemetery and Medford Carnegie Library are the other areas of interest for the tourists in this city. Alba, Italy, is the sister city of Medford.


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Most Populated Cities in Oregon

Here’s a list of the largest cities in Oregon, ranked by their total population. 

1 Portland 653,115
2 Salem 173,442
3 Eugene 171,245
4 Gresham 110,158
5 Hillsboro 108,389
6 Beaverton 98,962
7 Bend 97,59
8 Medford 82,347
9 Springfield 62,979
10 Corvallis 58,641
11 Tigard 54,758
12 Albany 54,453
13 Keizer 39,692
14 Lake Oswego 39,532
15 Grants Pass 38,191
16 Oregon City 37,129
17 McMinnville 34,617
18 Redmond 30,914

Biggest Cities in Oregon

Here’s a list of the biggest cities in Oregon, ranked by their total area in square miles.

1 Portland 133.43 sq. mi
2 Salem 47.90 sq. mi
3 Eugene 43.72 sq. mi
4 Warm Springs 42.52 sq. mi
5 Bend 33.01 sq. mi
6 Mount Hood Village 26.14 sq. mi
7 Medford 25.73 sq. mi
8 Hillsboro 23.90 sq. mi
9 Gresham 23.20 sq. mi
10 Roseburg North 22.33 sq. mi

How many of the largest cities in Oregon did you know about? Leave a comment below!

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