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Plansee – A beautiful lake in Austria

Plansee – A beautiful lake in Austria

Want to visit Lake Plansee in Tirol, Austria? I have been there, and it’s one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve seen in Europe. 

It reminds me of the fjords of Norway, and besides its beauty, the fresh air and peaceful environment make it a great relaxing holiday destination, especially if you like to spend time outdoors.

Here’s a complete guide on how to get there, recommended hotels, and other useful information. And, of course, a lot of photos from Plansee. 

Lake Plansee Swedish Nomad

Things to do in Plansee

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Picnic
  • Boat tour
  • Swimming (only for the brave ones)
  • Nordic Walking
  • Fishing
  • Bicycling

Plansee Austria

kayaking tirol

More information about Plansee

Plansee is a lake in the Tyrol area in Western Austria, near the border of Germany. The lake is famous for its outstanding water quality as well as its turquoise color and scenic views of the mountains in the background. 

It’s the second largest lake in Tyrol, and it is connected with Lake Heiterwang via a 300-meter long canal. It’s a popular place for hikers, cyclists, campers and basically anyone who loves beautiful nature.

With a maximum depth of 78 meters and a visibility of 15 meters on average, it’s also a great lake for divers. 

There are several fish species living in Plansee as well, such as the rainbow trout, chars, European perches, and whitefish. Fishing is one of the most popular activities around the lake. 

  • Location: Tyrol (Tirol)
  • Country: Austria
  • Maximum Depth: 78 meters (256 ft)
  • Surface area: 2.87 km2 (1.11 sq mi)

Lake Plansee

Picnic by the lake. A good way to spend your day with friends and family. 

Plansee picnic

How to get to Plansee

The closest international airports are in München and Innsbruck. The best way to get to the lake is by car, but there is also the possibility of getting a bus to Schwangau and from there hop on another bus to Plansee. 

Going by train is not a very convenient option as the closest train station is Reutte in Tirol, which is 9 kilometers away from the lake. 

From München to Plansee

if you’re driving from München, it will take about 1 hour and 35 minutes. The journey is 114 kilometers, and it’s pretty straightforward. Just drive on A95, and continue on B2 before you take the exit to B23.

From Innsbruck to Plansee

The journey from Innsbruck is 103 kilometers and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Drive on A12/E60 and take the exit to B189 and continue to B179. Follow the B179 until you can take the exit to L255 to Am Plansee.

how to get to plansee


There are many trails to explore in this area, but here are some of the most popular hiking routes. Depending on your fitness and previous experience, there are different trails to choose from. 

The easy trails can be done by almost anyone with decent health and good shoes. Intermediate require better fitness, and some hiking experience is an advantage, and good shoes is a must.

For the expert level, you need very good fitness, sturdy shoes, and previous hiking experience. 

  • Ruine Ehrenberg Loop from Reutte (Easy, 1 hr 10 min)
  • Heiterwanger See Loop from Fischer Am See (Easy, 1 hr 35 min)
  • Heiterwanger See Loop (intermediate 2.5 hours)
  • Stuibenfälle from Reutte (Intermediate, 1 hr 20 min)
  • Hochschanz Fort “Claudia” Loop from Fernpassstraße (Intermediate, 2 hr 25 min)
  • Thaneller Loop from Berwang (Expert, 5 hr 10 min)
  • Säulingshaus loop from Kappl (Expert, 4 hr 45 min)

Plansee Hiking

Camping sites by the lake

If you’re traveling here with your campervan or want to stay in a tent, there are several designated camping areas along the lake. 

  • Musteralpe
  • Camping Sennalpe
  • Camping Seespitze
  • Plansee Camping

camping plansee

Recommended hotels near Plansee

Other nearby attractions

Have you also visited Lake Plansee in Austria? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.


Monday 1st of August 2022

The hut photography is amazing, is it easy to find that hut location?

Swedish Nomad

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

Thank you! Yes, definitely, it's in the "center" by the lake.