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Guide to Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Guide to Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Bohinj is mostly famous for its beautiful lake with the same name (“Bohinjsko Jezero” in Slovenian) and of course the hiking trails nearby. Bohinj is a part of the huge national park called Triglav, where one could try canyoneering and water rafting.

Lake Bohinj is situated about 20 minutes from Lake Bled, which is the most famous tourist spot in Slovenia. According to me, Lake Bohinj is even more beautiful than Lake bled, and there are way fewer tourists here.

Isn’t it just beautiful? Check out the pictures below and see if you agree or not. 


bohinj lake

bohinjska jezero

More info about Bohinj

A small tourist town located in the Slovenian Alps, which is particularly popular among camping enthusiasts and hikers. The surrounding nature is stunningly beautiful, and for every year that passes, more and more people find their way to this beautiful gem.

Unlike the nearby Lake Bled, one gets more peace and quiet here. There are not as many tourists but still a few hotels and guesthouses available. In the city of Bohinjska Bistrica, which is “the main city” await a cozy little town.

In Bohinjska Bistrica, there’s really not much to do. But there are a couple of restaurants serving traditional Slovenian food. There is also a church, a supermarket, and houses where local people themselves live in. This is an excellent starting point for exploring the Triglav National Park and Lake Bohinj.

How to get to Lake Bohinj


The train station is called “Bohinjska Bistrica” and you can go here from Ljubljana and Novo Gorica.


Buses from Ljubljana depart once every hour. There are also international buses operated by Flixbus from Berlin, Stuttgart, and Munchen in Germany along with Rijeka and Pula in Croatia and Zürich in Switzerland.

Rental car

Renting a car is the best option if you want to explore the surrounding area of Lake Bohinj. Then you can go to Triglav, Lake Bled and Slap Savica and other places as well. You’ll be free to choose for yourself when and how you want to go and leave.

Flights to Slovenia

In Europe, there are flights to Slovenia from Belgium, Copenhagen, U.K, and Italy. The flights go directly to Ljubljana, where you can switch to the bus, taxi or train.

Recommended accommodation in Bohinj

Apartments Mencinger

A cozy little hotel that used to be a big family house. The couple that runs the place is a cute elderly couple who do everything they can to make you comfortable. Their English is not the best, but the language barrier is compensated by a genuine hospitality.

Wi-Fi works well and the location is good. Free parking is included and there is access to the kitchen. Apartments Mencinger is perfect if you want to stay at a cheaper hotel with friendly owners and spacious rooms.

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Hotel Jezero

A deluxe hotel located right on Lake Bohinj overlooking the water. The hotel also has an indoor pool and a large breakfast buffet each morning. The staff is pleasant and the location is perfect. Hotel Jezero is the best option if you want to have a little better stay and “spoil” yourself.

Click here to see photos, reviews, and current prices

Things to do nearby Lake Bohinj

Slap Savica

A little bit beyond the lake Bohinj area one will find the waterfall called Slap Savica inside the forest. It is possible to drive here. When you arrive at the car park you’ve about 10-15 minutes of walking before you come to this natural beauty.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen and the water has exactly the same color as the picture. On the way in or out, you can also fill your water bottle with spring water which is said to be a “fountain of youth”, whether it is true or not, you get to decide for yourself, but one thing is certain – Fresh and healthy water directly from nature.

slap savica vattenfall

Triglav National Park

If you like nature and adventure, you should definitely explore the national Park of Triglav. A vast natural area with many cool places to visit. Some of these include the Soca River, Tolmin, Kranjska Gora, Krn Lake and of course the mighty Triglav mountain.


About 30 minutes from Lake Bohinj, one will find Lake Bled with its beautiful old monastery in the middle of the water. The swans are an iconic part of Bled. Visitors can also spoil themselves with luxurious spa treatments and massage.

svan vid bledsjön


The capital of Slovenia is one of the European capitals that get the least attention, which is quite a shame since it’s such a cozy and nice city. If you go to Bohinj or Lake Bled, you shouldn’t miss out on a day trip to Ljubljana.

There’s something special about the vibe here – just like a small charming town but in a bigger format. And also, lots of beautiful old buildings!

bledsjön Slovenien
Guide to Lake Bled in Slovenia
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